20 June 2017

Doing girls websites that everybody hates 😈

Girlygames and coolmath.

five tips and today I will be playing a

special game that everyone like I'm looking at a dice up in there I do that a lot my got my affinity me and I've been reading yourself fourth grade and I'm going to be playing a like 34 games or on a statistic I can't say right so specific website it's girly and I don't like it I maybe be playing on my tablet or that tablet but you know what the heck I know he's um and I'm gonna be yeah three a day wait is that does that look good deal shut it right and I'm sorry I'm adjusting it does that look good to y'all I think that looks good to y'all and okay so I'm always on YouTube but you can't look at this I'm sorry [Music] tada it's called game garlic I used to clean this all the time with all of them like when I was in fourth grade in second grade I used to love them so yeah I'm going to be playing um for five games of it and uh-huh wait I saw some Oh Lisbon um yes this is my childhood favorite show and you'll see it [Laughter]

y'all will hate me forever okay my hands are sticky because I just ate popsicles but - and I got my watch back and I'm starting to get my allowance like doing chores so hopefully only to that much as I'm hurting also good I am sorry if I forget I will make a point funny for more videos that they're gonna be creating like to four videos today and look you see baby did you disease my evil laugh oh my god level one [Music] yeah Oh nobody I am so like oh I want to play more games for the best right okay I do like puzzles but unlike Dark Queen uses what um look yeah hey you sir huh wait a minute guys I'll be is just the army okay I'm baked sorry just a little conversation ice cream nail spa oh my goodness Oh is he all right I feel so could you give a mouse alone of course what would you like a desire bananas oh I'm sorry well juveniles like that or I will give you money oh I'm sorry and I'm sorry man else s up guys he is funny

can one supposed to do hey oh I hate the soundtrack how did I torture me it's like an indie I still have a song from on that phone Nero died on the man community I still know it because my cousin watch watches it how did I do this [Music] dad better okay nine dad dad your nail I might have to do a date what's the carbonation cramp stupid since I don't know I have the right technology to do the right you do cousin thing I'm really disappointed so y'all so y'all have to watch this for like a couple years than just like high school or middle school and my mom will be funny stuff yeah yeah AB star if you guys hate me it's not my problem haters gonna hate oh my god what happened to her did she go all the way to like while she was building her castle did she go like like awesome Castle did you fall said I don't wanna fall she's beautiful look at her face never the face net wall on a nail clipping this is my neighbor I don't know no I'm not gonna do let me see that what when you want me to

do your face okay a clip gimme gimme that put the crap oh oh hey Janice kid on earth I don't really like I'm the only thing like this puzzle thing like to do all that oh look at my hamper it's weird how see moving it if you watched right here it's like she gets her arm is being cut cut off and stitch back on will because he's also a short oh no ok my start game will be what I want to slow the things will not be this website ha where do y'all need anything comment on their biz and I will do it but I'm actually not download anything on our computer because whereas I stopped this computer it was like 2016 I love you even on YouTube so I'm just doing like rolling gaming calm you - I can do things on my xbox like many games like oh oh you do minecraft and monopoly my thoughts monopoly I don't very know and let's see this is what I like I'm sorry as my things are like the dumbest things you have ever saw if you hate me then just Excel this video I'm three two one exit but if you love me but out like a smidge II know you picked

now to normal now flip that thumb up now with Clemente Magnum what used to be my face all like oh my god hunger and that's - I've been please and thank you for I want my real name your name Maya I look to your name up and you were actually a youtuber for a couple of days but like last you like it has the name dragon in it I'm gonna give a shout-out to you because you've been amazing to me you use hashtag rescue together and like all thank you and I was really nervous on the first video and you actually helped me a little bit or thank you okay I only do sorry boys first time so see watch this makes me down and and it makes in this my squatter girl die [Music] and I get out of it because I'm just showing y'all what happens and no I actually got a little scamp t train must choose Dolph up I got ya okay so you might think I have to jab like water war has to come but now look at me okay so I stay right here then water girl has to come hi-yah [Music]

Pam why thank you gentlemen now let it go where do you say this you know fire boiling water girl or actually sister and brother I skipping that out because I'm and why are they doing it with each other huh will that be just best thing but how is that fire and water best friend huh I don't get it I have the drain but not all of the bang yeah okay yo bad boy I can tell you then strong latch date why should get those can be standard the boys huh okay twelve okay [Music] don't you just pray I also gotta bury okay okay hey Dad know why Oh God why don't you spare a nester I'm the latest jumping but thank you Martha thank you and thank you whatever you said yeah I'm trying to be like where they do too is I get a lot of subscribers badges until I'm wear those because I just started so I see you posted a comment um shout out to you shout out please God I will leave your stuff in a minute I promise and I love doing a firefighter done water girl I'm I won't wear them to some and the Big O here your skin give me audio Jim

[Music] face me no I said see to my necro if you don't know that song please after that I become stuck in my head and notice me by Ali Simpson please look fabulous a hit song why thank you we're challenging to I special made fire boy back and water really definitely our best friend for as men dopers to turn see this is really easy for me okay [Music] crap quiet no this is really easy to me yeah yeah and even in a twisting I want a dick I will below your chicken man hey why okay that will keep scrap hmm and my lover [Music] okay so that was me a plane um um gang and is it it was weak if it it was recorded sideways like this okay this is great if it was look holder like this I'm sorry I just I'm just trying a hang of it and I'm sorry and I'm gonna explain take a look at my luscious an opaque thing wait those I paid for those shaking he epic then please I love you guys bye bye honey peace no love yo mom bye like subscribe and comment down below bye i supply bye