27 June 2018

DOLLAR TREE HAUL ♡ Fun beauty & pet care

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hi friends my name is patty welcome to

my channel I'm glad you're here today I'm gonna do a small but fun little informal Dollar Tree haul I just wanted to share some of the beauty items and fun things that I found at my last little trip to Dollar Tree so I got this cute color it's a pretty color I like it it's like a summer light lip gloss by alley colors it says it's enriched with vitamin E oil look at the sparkly and it's really pretty I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and then I also picked up this color mate because it's a like crayon and I fell in love with that color as well so I thought those were good summer soft colors yeah I got that and then I also got this fun little washi tape by Disney it's a Disney brand it has all the Disney Princesses in there I usually pick up stuff like this for my daughter-in-law because she is a hardcore Disney fan and I know she would appreciate this whenever I see anything Disney at Dollar Tree I pick it up for her and then of course I always need I picked up these extra wide frame black frame glasses in the 3.25 their reading glasses I always pick up extra readers just to have hanging around I really

need to go to the eye doctor I can't buy prescription glasses but that's what I do for now then I picked up these poly envelopes from the Dollar Tree it's to to a pack for a dollar by John brand and I needed some of these for my notes is definitely a new job so I thought I better pick that up and yeah I really love the jot Brown and of everything day they offer and then I picked up this a little hello decor I fell in love with it I've been watching people haul these and I had never ran into him at any of my dollar please so this was the only one today and it's heavy duty and then of course I went for some hair dye because my silver crown was peaking mom picked up the light brown and I always get the dark brown I'm enjoying my dark hair color for some reason I used to be a blonde but not no more anyway I picked up this bucket for cleaning purposes they use you can usually find these in the auto area of Dollar Tree and then my staple the napkins you get one hundred and sixty napkins in here I always pick these up so I never run out you always lean em and then I picked up these kitty

well they say they're dog bowls but I got them for both are my cats here at home um Gigi my little Shih Tzu has this type of metal bowl for her water and mr. kitty really likes it because he's always getting into her water bowl so I thought well let me get him one and I'll get mr. kitty outside one as well and then I thought I would pick up these name-brand little flea treatment it's a ticking flea treatment by the brand and this brand has been around for a long time and because it's summertime now and you know this type of problem seems to spark up a lot more frequently during the hot time of the year pick up one for Gigi and one for Butchie I'm gonna do some research first before I apply them but yeah but I thought name-brand I can't go wrong with that and then I picked up the this Sun beam light chandelier bulb replacement and these you guys you probably if you follow me at all you've probably seen this as a repeat we love this PAGASA wine noodle egg noodle packages and this is also a repeat the reynolds wrappers it's the pop-up foil sheets the I thought that's a name brand another name

brand diet Snapple seems to go a little water bottle flavor thingamajigger anyway you guys you know what this is I have not tried it yet so I'm gonna give it a try let you guys know how I like it and I got it for work and I've been watching people haul these cereal boxes with the 20% extra you guys this is the Buy and a half you cannot beat its a name-brand you couldn't you know in the grocery stores you get these size boxes for five dollars and up Dollar Tree is carrying them right now for a dollar so if you find them and get them today was the first time I actually found them and this is also a fairly new find of mine the mandarin orange flavored fruit mist water by stars and stripes it's delicious I think this is like my third purchase on that I recommend it so yeah you guys this is my haul I hope you enjoyed my little fun little fun Dollar Tree haul it's got a mix of beauty and household needs pet needs and a little bit of pasta in there and cereal if you like this type of video please give me a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in the next one thanks for watching

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