10 January 2019

Dollar Tree Haul Prepping Supplies

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dollar tree store haul prepping supplies prepper emergency survival items to stockpile

hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I've been to the Dollar Tree store and I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful products that I was able to stock up on at the Dollar Tree store for prepping emergency 72 hour kits Dollar Tree is a great place to stock up on household items items for your pets pantry items that can be good for your food storage and your emergency kits it's also a great place to stock up on things like first-aid hygiene supplies and some miscellaneous items like batteries and things that are helpful around the house the first thing I bought was a big ol package of paper napkins you can get 160 napkins for a dollar keep everybody's face and hands wiped clean at a meal I like stockpiling the Dollar Tree napkins because I find that they work really well the Puffs brand tissues are like Kleenex tissues I think the puffs tissues are a nice quality tissue and so when I can get them at the Dollar Tree and in a color that I like I bought a whole bunch of them I had to stock up on some things for my Maltese rescue dog AlaskaSammy my dog Alaska Sammy loves the healthy Max dog treats one healthy max dog treat is good for skin and coat and the other one is for hips and joints my dog loves Healthy Max vitamins dog treats he's happy to eat them and I'm giving him a vitamin treat which is win-win for everyone I also found some bags of Cesar dog food it's a dry food in a bag there's a little over three and a half ounces filet mignon flavor dry dog food and these are great to have to stash in your bug out bag go kits 72 hour kits if you need to evacuate in an emergency you need to have some little shelf-stable food along in a small size for your pet I also found an Iams grain-free double pack of moist cat food it's a split pack of moist Iams cat food that's in a shelf-stable package that is an individual little serving so that cat food is easy to take along in an emergency add to your pet's bug out bag or in an evacuation we've had so many things going on in our world lately we've had forest fires mudslides hurricanes earthquakes have a few emergency supplies on hand for all the members of your family including your pets should you have to evacuate in an emergency situation grab your bug out bag some of the food items that I found at the dollar tree were the shelf-stable milk shelf-stable milk is a very convenient food item to have on hand the shelf life of cartons of milk nonrefrigerated milk is over a year and so it's great to have milk on hand if you can't get to the store or if you run out of money before you run out a month budget friendly food item to stockpile for preppers you have the shelf-stable milk you

can still have cereal or give your family milk or use it to make your favorite recipes an item I've never found at the Dollar Tree before is the Nestle Media Crema it's usually sold in Mexican food type stores it has a shelf life of about a year and a half it's actually cream in a can ready to use you can use it if you want to have cream or you can blend it up and turn it into butter so this could be a food storage way that's an inexpensive way to have butter on hand for emergencies for your long term food storage butter that we try to buy in a can is extremely expensive so one alternative is to stockpile the nestle media crema and then canned cream make butter from it when you need to have butter I also found a variety of sardines in a can the Beach Cliff sardines they're from Poland so it's a very good price to find them for $1.00 sardines aren't my favorite canned food to stockpile but other members of my family enjoy sardines them one strategy to adding to food storage is if you see a food you think you might like buy one take that food home try it out see if anybody likes it if they do like the food go back and stockpile more of that food item don't buy a whole bunch of a food you don't know if you like it you don't even like it that's a waste of your prepping long term food storage dollars and your storage space I also found smoked oysters they're not my favorite but people in my family like them however these smoked oysters are from China so be aware of that before you stock up on foods look for the sell-by use by best by dates and the countries of origin whenever you're shopping an interesting canned ready to eat meal entree I found was a can of dumplings with chicken I have never tried this dumplings and chicken Comfort Creek Foods dumplings and chicken so I bought one can to try it because it's a different kind of a flavor of say a meal that you can open and eat you can only eat so many cans of chili and ravioli maybe a can of dumplings and chicken would be a nice change of pace a variety of different meals to try I also found the healthy choice soup the healthy choice chicken and rice soup the difference between the chicken and rice and the dumplings and chicken is what order you hear the ingredients so chicken and rice is going to have more chicken and dumplings and chicken are going to have more dumplings that's one way to know right away what kind of food ingredients things you're getting buying in your canned or packaged foods for food storage look on the back of the canned food for the ingredients the serving size and the calorie count so that you know what you're stockpiling and how far your food will go check the sell by best by use by date I stockpiled a few baby necessities supplies things for my grandbaby I have some

Pedialyte pediatric electrolyte if your baby has things like nausea diarrhea or fever you want to make sure they're getting the proper nutrients the proper hydration and Pedialyte pediatric electrolyte is a terrific option for babies and small children check the label for the expiration date I found boogie wipes the wet wipes with saline solution designed especially to clean up little noses and kids don't like to have their nose wipe so that's a nice little handy packet of 10 boogie wipes of a handy item I found some outlet plugs plug covers for electrical outlets if you have a new baby or a baby comes to your house please make sure that you keep your home safe and ready for any child that would come and visit cover over the electrical outlet plugs so that your baby can't be harmed in any way baby proofing is just an important element of having a baby involved in your life next at the dollar tree I went to some personal care items hygiene supplies first aid I found some Epsom salt Epsom salt has all kinds of uses so stock up when you see it you can use it for everything from first aid to soothing sore muscles making your skin feel better it's handy to use with your plants and all kinds of things I'll put a link to a video I made about all of the uses of epsom salts and even how to make a soothing spray from Epsom salt to spray on sore muscles vitamin C drops are nice so if you get a cold extra vitamin C is handy and in case of a long drawn-out emergency where you can't get the variety of foods that you need your body can't store vitamin C you can take a vitamin C drop or make sure that you have some vitamin C vitamin pills on hand to keep your nutrition up to what it should be I got some cough syrup a tube of udderly smooth hand cream it's extra nice hand cream it's in a nice sized container you could put it in your bug out bag drop it in your purse keep one in your car keep your skin smooth and nice I like the yardley bar soap and they're only a dollar at the Dollar Tree I've seen them for a two packs of Yardley London oatmeal and almond bar soap for nearly $3 at other stores so it's nice to stock up when you see them at a price that's affordable one little treat I got myself it's an age defying dark circle puffiness serum it's only a dollar so I don't imagine it's going to work too well you can see you remove the cap it has a little metal ball and some kind of sear a minute and you rub it under your eyes to help your dark circles go away so I'm going to keep using it see if it

helps I like to pick up batteries at the Dollar Tree I picked up some 9 volts to make sure I have extra batteries for things like my smoke alarms an area of concern no matter where you live could be bugs and insects roaches mosquitoes a Dollar Tree store is a great place to buy those kind of supplies there are all kinds of situations where insects and bugs become problematic if you've ever lived through anything like a hurricane or a flood even a turn of the seasons bugs and insects can come be invading your house or biting and stinging you so it's nice to have some supplies on hand to keep yourself protected and safe I found some flying insect killer spray traps for cockroaches and these also work well for pantry bugs you open it up it's a sticky surface bugs crawl in them they stick and that's the end of them you've lived your traveled where mosquitoes are problematic look for the mosquito coils I'll put a link to some of the videos I've made about the mosquito coils how to use them how to separate them and the benefits of using them just know that you want to use these in some kind of a ventilated area these were great on places like your patio in the summertime in your tent when you're camping if mosquitoes are a problem for you look for the mosquito coils a more natural repellent I found are the Bugables mosquito coil bracelets bands you can put these on and that helps to keep the mosquitoes from biting you especially if you don't like spraying mosquito repellent on your skin these bugables mosquito repellent band bracelets are a nice option they are citronella which citronella doesn't necessarily repel mosquitoes what it does is it overpowers your scent that they enjoy and so then they can't smell you over the citronella and that's how it protects you if you've ever used citronella candles you know they work really well but you can't always be sitting next to the candle so a citronella type mosquito repellent band bracelet is something that helps keep them from stinging and biting you those are the new things I picked up at the Dollar Tree store it's always fun to go one dollar each you can't go wrong it's a nice price point to try something and see if it's what you want if you like it get some more if you don't you've only spent a dollar and learned some new information

leave me a comment on your favorite Dollar Tree products and finds and the things that you like to stock up when you go to the Dollar Tree learn more at alaskagranny.com and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel