10 December 2019

Don't Give Commands To My Service Dog - Handler Struggles!

Myself & I am sure many others are tired of people trying to give our dogs commands. It gets frustrating & can cause many problems! Don't forget to Like, ...

hello and welcome back to another video

if you are new to my channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button down below if you want to follow me on my social media I will always have those social media links linked down in the description box below let's get started with this video so I've been very very frustrated with a lot of people who think that they are allowed to give my dog commands and my dog is a service dog in training is they miss Angus if you don't already know but this issue happens to a lot of people and a lot of us handlers and teams lots of people just don't understand that a service dog only has one handler besides the alternate handler of course but even then the service dog is supposed to be focused only on one person only listen to one person that is that is their handler so it's frustrating when you have somebody trying to give your service dog commands and it can be frustrating for anybody really who even has a dog that's not a service dog or any animal that is not someone's and they're trying to give them commands so what I'm trying to say is if you're watching this and you aren't aware of these things then make

sure you ask permission before you start getting someone's animal command because it can be very frustrating especially in some cases I have been trying to get anger to settle down I'm looking off camera at him can't see him because he's behind a chair but that's fine but I have for example try to sit down and then of course I have to tell Angus go under tuck you know make sure he's out of the way and everything but lots of time and not as much as you know I used to have issues because I'm like growing a pair and saying you know don't do that but a lot of the time people will try to give him commands as I'm trying to give him a command to do that so he gets very very confused and he you know listens half most of the time because he's still in training so he's still gonna be a little distracted and everything but it really really messes up his training when I'm trying to give him a command at the same time someone he barely even knows is trying to give him a command and it's just like I could only imagine what he's feeling he's probably very very confused and thinking Who am I supposed to listen to both of you are saying so many things at different times

and doing it in a different way and that brings me to the second thing is trainers all have different ways of training different handlers do different commands a different you know hand signals different you know everything so when I tell Angus to do something I do it differently than someone else most of the time and I use different words so you could only imagine my frustration when I'm trying to tell Angus to say and I'm going like this or I'm saying look at me and trying to touch my nose but he knows to focus on me and everything and then there's someone else like on the other side of them going sit down like this or going like this or just doing like random ass signals that isn't what he's trained to you know listen to so it's very very frustrating and it really screws up some stuff so sorry if this is like really really wonky and everywhere but I'm just trying to express you know why you shouldn't command someone else's service dog and if you are a service dog handler and you totally appreciate this video let me know by giving this video a thumbs up of course hitting that subscribe button sharing this video with your friends and family or other service

dog handlers it always helps but I mean that's just the basics of it is just please don't command someone else's dog unless you have permission from them I mean it's very frustrating it's very difficult to work with your dog especially if your dog's in training and someone's trying to do all this stuff around them and oh excuse me but it's it's it's very very frustrating and I hope you guys understand that so hope you guys enjoyed this video like I said before oh I don't know I awesome gasp there's something in my throat but as I said before don't forget to hit that subscribe button hit that like button if you enjoyed this share this video with your friends check out these other videos right here I will see you in the next one stay strong and stay positive later taters