05 February 2016

Dr. Becker Discusses Bladder Support for Aging Pets

http://products.mercola.com/healthypets/bladder-health-for-pets/?x_cid=youtube In this video, Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness ...

hi this is dr. Karen Becker many pets

especially dogs and cats middle-aged and older experience problems with their urinary tract or bladder fortunately there are things you can do to help your pet maintain optimal urinary health and bladder health starting with of course a visit to the veterinarian if you suspect that there could be a problem symptoms requiring a call to your vet include a cat that is urinating outside the litter box or making frequent trips to and from the box a dog that suddenly starts urinating in the house or blood they is visible or if you see a dark or cloudy urine a pet who can't pass urine or is straining or crying while urinating urine dribbling and a pet who is drinking more water than normal and in some situations even healthy pets can benefit from extra bladder and urinary support especially exotic breed cats indoor only cats pets that are living in a really stressful environment overweight animals male cats and older female dogs pets who don't get much exercise as well as spayed or neutered pets actually your pets urine pH can also affect the health of your bladder and urinary tract because as a carnivore your dog or cat should have a

slightly acidic urine pH actually in the six to 6.5 range however when pets eat starch including grain free potato based diets or green based diets which is what most commercial dog and cat foods provide the urine pH can change and rise to fall into the alkaline range alkaline urine means the bladder loses its natural defense mechanisms against infections and certain types of crystals and stones are actually much more prone to form in alkaline urine cat's fed dry foods are also at risk for bladder and urinary problems because they require a moisture dense food to stay hydrated and actually kibble provides only about 1/10 of the moisture that they require from their food if you're a dog parent then you should give your dog plenty of opportunities to go potty outside throughout the day usually every three to four hours is really ideal it's best to not allow urine to sit in the bladder for long periods of time also make sure that your dog and cat have a constant supply of clean fluoride and chlorine free drinking water good hydration and frequent urination will help keep the bladder health defenses up to par and in good working order

if you are still feeding processed dry pet food I recommend transitioning your pet to a balanced moisture dense food including gently cooked or a raw diet which is the biologically correct food that your dog or cat was meant to eat this will dramatically help reduce urinary stress and inflammation as well another step you can take to support your pets bladder and urinary health is providing d-mannose which is a naturally occurring extract found in cranberries that actually bowls bladder defenses against certain bacteria today i'm very excited to introduce a new product that i've formulated that is an exclusive and very effective blend for promoting bladder health and urinary tract health for both dogs and cats my bladder support for pets contains both organic cranberry extract and d-mannose along with seven other herbs and nutrients including glucosamine sulfate and n-acetyl d glucosamine now glucosamine is one of the building blocks of the protective lining of the bladder so it's really supportive for excellent bladder health MSM which is a really important source of bioavailable sulfur is a natural antioxidant that actually

reduces urinary inflammation and promotes healthy tissue structure marshmallow root is an herb that is very rich in Musil egde properties and organic corn silk contains very soothing polysaccharides corn silk is actually one of those herbs that can be really beneficial in helping to tonify the external urethral sphincter for animals that begin dribbling urine later on in life Organic nettle leaf nettle leaves are rich in antioxidants and have a long history in herbal medicine for supporting bladder health as well bladder support for pets is a liver flavored powder that you can add to your pets food you can pop it on a treat or you can actually mix it with broth and feed it as a liquid if you were the guardian of a middle-aged or older cat or a dog and you want to help that pet maintain healthy urinary tract and bladder function into his or her later years I hope you'll give my new bladder support for pets a try