24 April 2019

Dr. Ruth Live - Why is it SO Hard to Feed My Pet?

Dr. Ruth Roberts is one of the nation's foremost experts on holistic and integrative veterinary medicine. Dr. Ruth Roberts is a published writer, and speaks widely ...

hello I'm dr. Ruth Roberts your pets

Ally I apologize for being a little late this morning technology was playing against me a bit so I hope you're doing well and I hope that this month's topic is helpful to you and and it is why is it so hard just to feed your dog or your cat for that matter II write you you go to the store and you buy a bag of food or you buy a can of food and you pop it open you dump it in your pets bowl so when I was much younger there were not that many choices and so you just kind of this looks good or this is on sale this week this is what will feed so the what's happened over the last several years and actually how did we get to this idea that feeding a bag of food was the best possible thing for your pet so I wanted to go back and review a few things for you there's a couple of things that are very interesting so there have been attempts at making dog food for since the middle 1800s really and but it was geared towards the very elite and the very wealthy for their hunting dogs so it was not something the common person had access to or could afford and so what ended up happening is over the time it got to be more doable and what really kicked pet food into

high gear was post-world War two so we all of a sudden America had this amazing machinery put together this industrial machine you know that had been churning out bullets and bombs and tank parts and personnel carriers and boats and you know destroyers and all this stuff and then all of a sudden oh wow what are we gonna do with this huge industrial complex now so we got into this love affair with automation and with the prepackaged and the pre-done so in the 50s and if you look for pictures of Auto mats what you'll see is literally a coin vended fast-food restaurant for lack of a better thing there's people in the back of the kitchen they're making sandwiches they're making a you know they're making this and that in the other so basically things that you put your dime in the slot because this is the 50s right so if a sandwich cost maybe maybe ten cents maybe a quarter so you put your dime in the slot at the automat you open the door you pull it out there's your sandwich you you know you pay for the cup and you go down and you get your coffee and there's your lunch right a sandwich and a cup of

coffee so that love of the sort of mass-produced the simple the easy the done for you this is when kitchen appliances took off things of that nature that transferred to our pets as well so right during World War two the US government was actually considering mass euthanasia of pets because there simply wasn't enough food to feed us feed our pets which is what our normal thing was at that point there remember there's no bags of food or cans of food readily available back in the 30s and 40s plus we just come through the depression so everybody's like scraping to make it all work right so here we are we're entering World will post World War two in the 50s and 60s America is booming we're a wealthy country we've done good all of these things and now it's like okay this is better I have a dishwasher I don't have to wash dishes I wish I could go to the pets to the grocery store and buy a bag of something for my dog that would just make life so much easier so this is where the pet food thing came from but before that the government had worked with Mark Morris who ended up founding Hills pet food to develop an emergency

ration for pets so you know I mean war time was bad enough and people were being asked to scrimp imagine the US government having to come through and say I'm really sorry but we're gonna have to take fluffy with us today and that's kind of it for fluffy because we don't have enough food to feed you and your dog and this kind of stuff so what horse did was developed this emergency ration made of highly processed corn and beaks and feathers of chicken turkeys that kind of stuff does that sound familiar does that even can you see those ingredients still on a bag of food yeah you can and in fact the new hot hypo sensitization diet for Royal Canin is precisely a protein derived from chicken beaks and feathers and guess where they got this idea from they're using this for children to treat immune disorders so they are making baby formula out of hydrolyzed chicken beaks and feathers because children are becoming that food sensitive as our pets are as he's crazy isn't that crazy and then you know ten years ago the FDA decided to start monitoring pet food for Salmonella because that was the single highest risk of exposure to humans for

Salmonella was opening the bag of food scooping it out dumping it in your dog's Bowl dumping it in your cat's bowl rolling the bag back up putting it away and then going on about your business so seven years ago the FDA said all pet owners should wash their hands immediately after feeding their pets to avoid the Salmonella exposure so we've got that and now nobody trusts the pet food industry because of the first massive recall in 2006 and the continued recalls that go on every month nobody trusts us veterinarians because we stuck by hills and we're actually getting screwed again because of this vitamin D recall Hills has been very retie --scent in addressing the issues they've got and they're getting a premix from some company that's supplying 50 other brands of food and this is what's happened in the pet food industry there isn't hills making its own stuff there's hills buying this from China this premix from this manufacturer getting all of its canned food produced in the same plant as 30 other manufacturers but it's just a dirty nasty industry it didn't start that way

mark morris wanted to keep pets alive and he developed an emergency ration his desire was to help pets through nutrition but you know the concepts of nutrition then weren't so so fantastic so this came out of a desire to keep us connected with our pets but here we are with this insanity just insanity and it's our own insanity as well the way we eat McDonald's Burger King I mean Burger King's coming out with veggie burgers how about that so things are starting to shift has to shift for our pets as well but I think it's important to understand the history behind something before you understand why we're in this mess and how are we going to move forward and that's what I'm going to keep talking to you about all month I've got a great 22 page PDF that includes some nice history about pet food which will give give you this in more detail and also my whole feeding philosophy and some information about why I believe cook food is better if you'd like to get that just hit the messenger button or just respond actually the easiest way to do it is hit the messenger button and you will have this bot pop up and say hey what do you want click get started and then there's

several options there's a ton of information that we've made available to you in our BOTS we also Jenna who's watching this today also monitors messenger to make sure that if you're asking a question the machine has no clue about you don't sit there like well what's going on so Jenna will get back with you if you have a specific question but anyway go to messenger sign up get started in there get the free pdf called the truth about pet food and I think you're gonna be surprised kind of what's in there now here's the other thing that's made pet food so hard we have gotten to be so dogmatic about everything you know the vac serves the anti-vaxxers there's nobody in the middle the they're raw feeders the dehydrated feeders the you know no you have to feed the hell it's pet food there's nobody in the middle saying what's really best for the pet what do we need to do to really make this better for this animal and let go of our dogma and recognize that hey this isn't working for this dog or this cat we need to try something else and that's where our dogmatists becomes a very very

frustrating the other thing I see clients coming to me with are these diets that are formulated and they're basically nutritionally sound but they're so complex I had a woman that was really concerned about the calcium phosphorus ratio for each individual protein and beef versus lamb and you know and it's just like this is enough to make you nuts this shouldn't be this hard can you just eat food and it's all okay probably not anymore you know you do but this is why we're working on organics natural farming things of that nature in for our pets why give you some very specific things like if you're feeding conventional proteins go for low-fat cuts because that's where the yucky stuff is do we need five different forms of calcium to balance the diet no just pick one that you can get you have good access to and it's you can do it easily do you need to get you know cook each individual meal no you just need to get something that you know your pet loves and that they tolerate well more than tolerate it actually supports their health and pick that batch of food and just go for it so let's make it simpler

shall we rock on you guys are you guys are Mari my choir and thanks for all the support back there so I'm gonna roll through you guys have got some questions in here I'm gonna roll through and answer some of those and then just let me know what other questions you've got in the meantime so Lily do I like lamb feet and chicken feet for dogs to chew on sure I mean that's what dogs do for a living right they chew on stuff and that relieves tension and anxiety and all those good things so whatever works you just you know cook steak bones not so much those are the ones that splinter and that's the problem but for Mona we get little two inch marrow bones cut and when she's a little stressed out she goes over and picks up her bone and bam she's good to go and that's you know that's awesome for her so whatever your whatever makes your pup happy to chew on and I think real animal bits are important I mean that's the whole idea of eating the whole animal is finally coming back into play which is awesome and Lily you're right what are the ingredients in the veggie burgers

and yes Karen everything is processed so it's you know it's just what it is it you know it's it's tough you have to really pick and choose and shop the exterior of the aisles if you can and yeah so Jenna it's got a question from Lily about the dental shoes and that's Andrea a spenny's company this dog's life Co and Lily in the she's asking about she's using the holistic pet vitamins in the recipe for each batch of food there's a specified amount of calcium in there and that's about two thousand milligrams per per batch and sherry I do like putting the calcium citrate in at the beginning of the batch for two reasons one is a so I don't forget it and B it actually helps to get rid of some of the phytates that are in the Brassica species so here's here's me going all specific right now right so but anyway it helps to take out the anti nutrients is the long story short what other questions can you think of we've got a couple of things going on so if you are not croc petting for your pet already this weekend let's see probably be about the 16th or 17th go to the store we'll take 50% off

the original crock pet diet membership area and ebook and cooking videos and all the pre setup recipe so I'll put that link down here for you in just a moment the other thing I wanted to mention to you I'm considering moving the time of this broadcast and so I'd put up 7:00 p.m. Monday and 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Eastern Time and if you guys would weigh in on that one more time let me know what time is best for you we'll go from there you know this time is fine if this is the best for you then let's keep it here 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursdays but let me know what other day may be better or easier for you to get to especially since it may be post work so unless you all have any other questions that is what I have for you today so take good care go to messenger sign up for the truth about pet food PDF it'll actually get downloaded to you through messenger and we'll talk next week a little bit more about why it's so hard and what we can do why why I've set up the Kroc pet diet the way I have and how it specifically supports your pets health so let's talk next week until then remember your pets best health starts in the bowl

I'm dr. Ruth Roberts your pets ally many thanks