26 April 2013


HERE'S AN UPDATED VERSION : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hazuw3S6MoY I've decided to do a Draw my life Video, but since I can't say my age its ...

hey guys is made chocolate fudge 26 and

today's video is going to be a draw my life video but it's going to be AI pets Edition so I've basically had pets all my life when I was born we already have a dog and her name was Quinn she was a black Labrador Retriever and she basically died at 10 years old from cancer so for some reason I had become really obsessed with cats and I was little and I had begged my parents so much for a cat until they finally got me one and he was a tabby cat named Tigger and I loved him so me and my cousin were playing at my house and we wanted to go to our grandparents house so we asked my dad to drive us to there and basically taker had crawled up on the tire wheel because it was hot outside and my dad drove over him and we were really devastated and I really miss him so after taker passed passed I still really wanted another cat and so we had leftover cat food so I put it out basically around the house and a stray cat came and that but that cat was Cali and we took her to the vet to make sure she didn't have an owner and she didn't so we basically took her in this is me drawing drawing Cali and she is a tortoiseshell cat we named her Cali

because we thought she was a calico but she's actually a tortoiseshell so basically we adopted Cali when she's about two years old and she currently is now ten years old so she's getting pretty old so basically my babysitter had had a hamster and his name was Freddy and I that's when I first fell in love with hamsters so basically I asked my parents if I could get my own hamster so once I asked them they basically said I have to pay with my own money so I did it gathered all the money I could find and purchased my first hamster which was named Buddy he it was a long-haired sable banded I'm pretty sure he was a table band and he lived in a small ker trail and was doing moved to a really large aquarium tank so in the winter time my babysitter went on vacation and she had someone to look after her hamster um Freddy so basically she let me babysit him and I took a great care of him and I love so much and because I loved him so much she actually let me keep him so I took really good care of Freddie except he did living in quite a small cage and Friday was a creme banded Syrian han't long-haired Syrian hamster and he hack

Chile was really really cute and really calm and I just loved him so much so at the time basically I had Freddy and Buddy at the same time but in different cages obviously and because I was a little kid I got more attached to Freddy and paid more attention to him so my parents made me give away buddy to a lady so after a couple years passed Freddy had turned about four years old and basically he died of what till because he was so old and I was so devastated of losing him I loved him so much so I had still been wanting another hamster so we decided to go to Pet Smart because it had just opened and I was looking and they did have hamsters so I decided to get one so we I picked the hamster and we drove home I picked a cinnamon bandage Syrian hamster and it was short-haired this time because I had never tried a short eared hamster and his name was pumpkin while having pumpkin he went through lots of different cages his first cage was a small cage the second cage he ever had had two levels and his third cage he ever had had three levels which was fairly large and his last cage was a big

cage which was about fifty four quarts which is pretty small so basically when I had pumpkin and Callie I really really really felt like so many years had wanted a dog I have almost every single day please can I have a dog I'll do everything with it up they basically said no and is very difficult and my dad was at work and he saw a little article and there were four bulldog puppies and my dad said if we're going to get dog we have to get a bulldog so we contacted the newspaper to get the lady's phone number and she was actually able dog breeder so we went and picked up our very first puppy and she was the only girl out of all of the puppies there were four um three boys and one girl which was Isabella and this is Isabella and she's currently four years old so when I had pumpkin I basically wanted a second hamster and I was a little worried that my parents wouldn't say yes but I decided to ask and they let me get one so I had gotten a second hamster and his name was la sabe he was a creme banded short haired Syrian hamster and he is such a cutie pie

since pumpkin had gotten older he was about two years old he soon got a tumor in his cheek pouch so he pumpkin only lived about a couple months after he got his tumor and he passed away on May 1st which are so close to his birthday that I got him so I had wanted another hamster and basically I phoned everywhere I had asked all the pet stores and places do you have any black Syrian hamsters I had just wanted black soon so bad so when I found one pet store they actually did have one so we drove all the way there talked about us about two hours to get there so when we got there basically the black hamster had some type of a tumor or growth growing on it so I wasn't allowed to get that one but um they let me look at the other hamsters and I soon decided to get a little hamster that was a little um dove banded Syrian hamster so then we just drove back home with my new dove banded Syrian hamster so a few months later so basically me are my dad and me decided to build a DIY hamster cage for the hamsters there is two levels in both levels equal 450 square inches of floor space after that two months pass and

basically tofu had gotten a internal tumor right between his hips and basically tofu passed away and the tumor was from bad genetic breeding now one day I was on the computer and I was looking up on kajouji because I often do that I was looking at hamsters so I soon saw an ad on Kijiji for baby hamsters and they were so cute so I really wanted them so I asked my mom and she said ask her dad and my dad said sure so basically we drove down there and it took us about two hours which was a very long time when we got there the lady had a big play pin without least 12 baby hamsters there were so many in there so cute and basically I held a bunch and it was so small and I decided on a little baby that was only three weeks old and that little baby is peach and I got her at three weeks old and and she is currently now 10 months old she has grown so much since then so yeah guys that's basically the end of my draw my life pet edition and yes I've had quite a lot of pets but I love them all the pieces Dead or Alive I love them all so this is a very special video this video is because I had reached 6000 subscribers that's

amazing and I couldn't have done it without you guys thank you so much for subscribing and watching my videos and I hope you guys have learned some awesome hamster care see ya guys bye