02 July 2017

Dsquared2 Jeans Unboxing & Fit Review

Dsquared2 jeans unboxing & fit review is next up! See below for a summary of all the details of the Dsquared jeans reviewed in the video. Dsquared2 Skater ...


you're what's going on YouTube you'll play co-official back again today it's time for the d squared jeans unboxing I have done a robotics paint video for this as well that will follow this so look out for that today we're just doing a fit review on the d square jeans and just opened in the book I've opened it already so it's going to look a bit messy but in here you've got the receipt and all that stuff and then inside there you've just got the jeans so these are the distressed skater jeans the price in total was 450 that's the retail price on the d squared website nothing pounds for anyone else watching from another country and it's got the distress in here because it's the skater Jean it's got like a quite a slim fit I've already recorded the fit review but when you do watch it or be towards the latter end of this video when you do watch it you'll see what I mean by the scale fit I'd advise going one or two sizes up if you've got larger than normal legs time anyway back onto this the jeans have this kind of paint splatter detail going all over at different colors you've got yellow white blue and then you've got the distress and obviously here patches

here and more distressing here I'm not really a massive fan of all these little tears and stuff I've just got this one so I could show you and review something because a lot of people have been asking for this one in general like if I get jeans arrival just biker jeans or just normal on the back you've got dsquared on this little brown leather tag looks pretty nice to be for skater Jean on the back just some extra detail goes very quickly but that dsquared tag three buttons down there and then a zipper detail here via the nose seems kind of touching it now it feels really really solid and stiff and I don't really like the idea of wearing something like that and that's just me being honest with the feel like touching it now I will put it on and give you a better review but that's just my first impressions of it so yeah it looks wise I think it looks alright to be said but I don't like the feel whether it's worth the money or not I won't be able to tell you until put them on so yeah we made our head off I'm going to do the fit review now so you keep watching and yeah let's go for us our booklet dsquared jeans on pudding now these are size 24 and

normally I'm a 418 waist so obviously I'm going to style up and you can see that honey bees on 40 if you look kid that's all my boxes are and look at the genes are I'll if you come for the month and even if I try like a thong now walking up steps or something this is literally as far up as I think it must look my legs aren't even that big so if you are looking to buy a pair yourself I suggest going as sized up unless you look pretty skinny legs and you'll probably be a wrap but for me these feel way way too tight and on top of that like they just feel really hard and tough this almost like I feel like I'm wearing cardboard literally a lot of people asking me to review this I don't know if I just got back they're here but I don't really see what all the hypes about because it really really does not look that good to me at all you can see how the fire is they're just mad yeah so that's my recommendation if your legs are bigger than average which is not scary definitely both size at least for me if I wanted to get this platform you need to go in two sizes up but yeah hopefully that's useful mobile personal versus

fake either later this week or next week so they look out for that or select everything I wanted to talk about on the d squared jeans hope the video was helpful look more on the way as with any questions down below and comment or prior to watching I'll see you again in the next video