07 March 2018

Dust Daddy Review: As Seen on TV Vacuum Attachment

My review of Dust Daddy, the vacuum cleaner attachment that is designed to get into nooks and crannies. Here's a short update 6 months later: ...

this is the dust daddy it's a universal

vacuum attachment that can get in any nook and cranny with ease that's the days of use so let's check it out [Music] all right just a quick overview here we have the suction tubes this is the tube adjuster that's what they call the instructions is the tube adjuster the universal adapter economic grip this is also a vent to allow you to control suction not much to it let's put it to the test first thing we have to do is attach the dust daddy to the ergonomic grip there's a notch right there that has to line up well that was well that was easy well it took me about two minutes I will put the tube a gesture towards the top and I've got to vacuums here my shark ion flux in this old Dirt Devil I'm going to try it with both of these and see how it works first of all most I'm gonna see if I can just attach it like this okay well that's a no-go so that means we have to try the universal adapter maybe that's so Universal come on I can make this fit I can make it fit you're gonna fit I did it there we go the shark eye on flex with a dust daddy

boom you got suction now I'm just gonna find something to test it with okay now let's try on the Dirt Devil once again got nothing there let's try this again huh two for two alright so that's the setup let's get started doing some tests alright so here I own my kitchen with my shark eye on flex and the best daddy attachment so what I'm going to do first is the silverware test now why am i doing the Civil War test first because I don't think you want to be vacuuming up a bunch of nasty tools out in the garage and then come out here and clean your silverware so the civil go first and then I'll do the things a little bit more dirty after that so how about take a look in here okay well have a pepper then that not enough about a little bit of coffee grounds there you go okay if this doesn't cleaned up my cameraman will be cleaning these later so I'm gonna adjust the tube adjuster I'm not sure how much to adjust it I'm just gonna take a guess maybe in the middle there somewhere and here we go they say you're supposed to be able to clean this kind of thing without moving

anything around together let's think I looked up anyways all right so here's the thing I'm first off I have too bad I had to pick this stuff up anyways I could have just used a regular vacuum attachment I don't need anything special for that because it didn't work as far as I wasn't picking anything else up but it's not I move things around so I don't know I'm not convinced yet we got more to do though one thing I wanted to point out about the dust daddy is the universal adapter do they that comes in the box is different than the one that's showing the commercial if you remember my Tiger wrench video I had the same problem with that one that affected the performance the shape of the universal adapter doesn't seem to affect it but it is different than commercial and I wanted to point that out and on my camera man's room aka my son's room we're gonna try that vent he's gonna try it while I film and narrate the whole time [Music] [Music] I did pretty well again it still seems a little gimmicky I think I'm regular - it

would have done the same thing but it did work I'm not sure if that's even better than it even as good as an attachment it probably isn't for something like that I would say no good it's like you're starting get a little bit debris in a couple of these the instructions say if that happens you have to use a vacuum to actually suck the debris out that's what you got to worry about you start getting the ends clogged up if it gets in there you're gonna actually have to clean this out all right let's try this again with some smaller items and see what happens a little bit more here it'll boom there okay dust any time with my shark eye on flex [Music] [Music] okay let's not pick up any of the small things that's good all right well I mean I have to give a credit it did it did work in that test none of the small pieces got stuck in the vacuum and all the pepper and all the coffee grounds got picked up so I think it worked I don't know how often you're gonna need that specific situation but if you do encounter a lot

this might be a good product we'll keep going now I'm going to do is test the dust daddy with just a regular attachment of my shark ion flicks and see if this a difference in how they perform was to check it out I have some dust right here and some dust right there I'll do this side with dust daddy and this side with the irregular attachment [Music] [Music] okay I mean not bad I'll take it now let's switch yeah okay I can use either one of these attachments I can use this or I can use this since this is similar to the death study I'm gonna use this okay not as good not as good now watch this I'm not sure that's worse and this came with the shark I on flex don't to pay anything extra for it and the commercial they showed the dust study being used to get crevices and car seats I'm gonna see how it compares to my trusted attachment again check it out [Music] I'm not blown away but it's working kind of all right I mean I think that was acceptable now let's try the next

attachment this one that came with a shark eye on flex so always try that as well you get some of the stuff up I don't know I don't see a big difference again I'm not seeing a big difference unless there were small things anyone picked up I don't see the advantage over the regular attachment if the design of dust daddy looks familiar to you there was a product called dusty brush several years ago as a Kickstarter idem I don't know if that ever even made into production off but the design of dust night looks a lot like the dusty brush one difference is the dusty brush had kind of an angled tip while the dust steady has a flat tip the angled tip looks a lot like one of these attachments so why am I out here talking about the dusty brush the dust daddy because the dust that he commercial shows the demonstrations I've already done while the dusty brush shows them vacuuming a dog and I got a dog right here Bailey's ready to participate in this review let's try vacuuming Bailey with the dust daddy I have no idea how she's gonna react to this you like that Bailey whoa

let's see she just she's more into her chicken than anything here we go good girl a little bit of hair is just an efficient way to vacuum a dog I'm pretty sure that well come on the chicken off me she doesn't care at all she just wants to play with her chicken get the chicken get the chicken get the dust daddy I don't think this is gonna work for vacuuming dogs what do you think Bailey well maybe Bailey maybe only wants me to do some more hey I found a use for it as a brush for Bailey she seems to like that now as far as any other use for it it seems a little bit gimmicky as far as replacing like crevice attachment or a brush attachment I don't think it's gonna outperform those if performing it as well but for those certain situations where you have small objects in a drawer or container and you don't want to move them before you vacuum it out it might work so if you see the advertising and then those specific situations the thing it looks good it might be for you if you're expecting it to be a nice new attachment that's gonna bring something new that you don't have already I wouldn't expect much really good

get whoa whoa whoa whoa brushing her actually picked up more hair than I did when it's attached to the vacuum you can find dust daddy in stores for about 20 bucks and if you want to pick it online I'll put a link in the description below have you used the dust daddy or something like it tell me what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow my social profiles at frequent views where you can see progress pictures and videos as I go and don't forget to subscribe for more as seen on TV product reviews Amin James White freaking of news [Music]