08 February 2017


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but if you fall down there you were done

oh I'm falling down there no ladies and gentlemen today we are playing apparently the easiest Abhiyan roblox which is oh wow so where's the OH the ending is right there oh we can do that easy easy peasy lemon squeezy he's a lemon right here damn squeezing like okay anyways but if it was the easiest RB in the world when they're just like you'd spawn right in front of the finish line doesn't that make sense wouldn't that be that I to me at least I would think that that would I don't know also what's up this stuff going on in my inventory we got a mug with oh it's a Christmas mug it's hot chocolate oh I want hot chocolate so bad right now oh oh man steamy hot chocolate whoa okay that's a little bit tennis it's quite steamy look at the head oh man it's like I'm on fire okay well maybe I shouldn't be having that on chocolate it's probably a little bit too hot what is this right here I got a money bag as well can I drink this Oh Oh money's coming out of it oh-ho that is amazing I feel like I can really mess someone up with all this money that I go oh ho ho careful who I could totally do shortcuts with this by

walking on the money oh man now I'm flaking it around too well I want to try to I want to try to get some money I want to put some oh this would be good this would be funny this would be funny right here we go I'm gonna put some money all over this this area and then whenever this guest walks through and he jumps on the money he's totally gonna flip it's gonna be hilarious there we go and he just needs to do a little bit of stepping little bit of stepping and then boom come on come on here we go we got some money going everywhere no no okay fine it doesn't work fine Oh what do we got some chicken two wrong wrong oh no way oh now that he went I need to talk rate okay hold on I need to let him keep going a little bit he's lagging a little bit I don't want to start walking until hug that I really needed to sneeze there huh that was good and now we need to quickly see what the UH I caught up with the guests uh-huh okay it's okay I'm just gonna jump right through and now oh wait that means that he he's gonna fall and he's gonna die oh no I'm so sorry guests there's people falling and dying all

over the place okay well now that I'm up here you can see what this is you guys from blood shake old up oh I really want an energy drink right now - oh I want hot chocolate I want an energy drink combine those two and you get this oh man wow I really want that right now I really want an energy drink don't drink energy drinks they're very bad for you mm-hmm unless you show a little sunblock sure Cola right here oh yes of course oh there's some good stuff you want some bloxy cola sir meows lot Wow you don't have to be offended by that sir meows lot I understand you want to keep your perfect figure but come on I was trying to be nice okay final one if we can actually just walk up this oh you don't even have to jump this you just just go huh you just go I'm pretty sure this is the same ah be that sketch played whenever whenever his friend was getting his friend was getting oh no I died on the easiest are be Fred the French sketch that was a combination of Fletch and sketch to make French that doesn't even make any sense well anyways I think this is the ah be that that that oh we got some friendly actually going over

here hi pearl mmm don't even know why I think that's remotely funny they're just saying hi to each other it's actually very sweet okay what was I gonna say I was gonna say that uh yeah I think sketch this is the obvi sketch played whenever his his friend was getting pepper sprayed for dying in in roblox August I died in the exact same spot oh I actually hit my face a little bit there when I did that out what could have I like broke my nose on camera hey that'd probably get a lot of views who I should probably do that now all right here we go this time I'm gonna speed run through it I'm speeding through I'm doing good man even I'm dying here I don't sketches friend managed to do this okay here we go a little bit of dish right here well here let's see how she does on this part I think it's cuz she's taking it real slow I was going way too fast boom boom just like hair right here whoo a little bit of dish and then boom just like that and we on to the next pot right here oh yeah baby just like that and then you can't okay not through the middle one can't I shouldn't have no it's the one that you have to wear you

have to decide on the right one okay that's okay we can just do the cam or a trick that means it has to be this one and then oh there's so many of them oh wow there are so many of them so then we do dish one right here and then we do is your middle one again oh man so many middle ones no we do this one ready and and we go man if I accidentally die then I'm gonna have to do the camera trick on all of them again that would suck then we do the middle one once you do the middle one then you got to do dish one right here we gotta do dish I'll be right here here we go on here niche one whoo okay and then this he just walk through you don't even have to Ho Oh what is it what is happening here Oh what oh wow that was confusing oh man I had no idea what was happening there huh okay well now we should be good the rest of no no.you comes in other confusing parts and so no it's so weird I don't like it I don't like it it's making me really nervous whenever I'm there okay what is this here you are now halfway through the obstacle course well very good very good to hear I think this is a very good time to now check out this here game boy what happened

Oh quest for glory - oh man no way you were actually oh we're playing a game inside of row bar row box I just call it row box oh oh I just oh no they're shooting at me Oh hold on I need to I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying I'm gonna die no I have one heart left duh wow I got messed up okay hold on now I'm I'm almost an invincible this is not okay this isn't working how about we do this one adventure island that sounds wait here we go okay so move around here we go this is good this is so good this is so good oh man what an incredibly good gadget oh but I need to okay fine I won't be able to get that one I got to avoid the rocks out okay so that I can also enter I'm gonna can I can attack with enter we're gonna need a bigger jump enter plus a W man this is insane what so okay and I landed right on the rock again what's happening here this is a moving platform this is an RB inside of a nabhi this is crazy in awe be inside of an RB guys I've discovered a nabhi and a nabhi okay start next level here we go this is crazy all right here we go whoo

and a little bit uh-huh and some of that right there and we go Oh boom attack okay no I missed that attack fine why am i killing turtles and actually that's kind of messed up boom Oh What's Up B Oh No uh I'm about to die yeah take that you stupid turtle okay fine maybe not Oh Oh what are these one of these weird weird creatures are like snakes what is this right here oh it's a super fruit Oh No Cait I died I died I'm dead okay no that's it that's I want to continue with the RB now thank you very much okay this is just a little tight rope here I don't know if this was supposed to have some sort of opacity level not be fully opaque if it's not supposed to be fully seen untransparent translucent one would say yes quite a dubitable II so hold on this seems like a very repetitive pattern patterning up the pattern the pole here we go this is the translucent powder and I was talking about not a powder and this is just the path this time path isn't a pattern pattern isn't a path what am I even saying now I don't know in the description of this game they said the path is now easier to see I didn't know what they were talking about until just

now when I came into the obvious Cointreau okay well they said I was halfway through the avi how exactly were they measuring that where they is a theme and the amount of jumps you need to do is the amount of material that was placed is it the amount of time that it takes to get through the ah bu it could be that it could be that I think it'd be the amount of time that it takes to get through the AH people I mean obviously it's gonna take a lot of time whatever Oh what is what there is weight to these objects they're falling they start falling after a certain period of time that is crazy all whoa what is happening here oh ho ho okay I need to be careful so I if I fall on this one here this isn't this one actually go oh it goes all the way oh no did I fall to them I'm confused because it does it go back to its original spot well I'll take a look e leu here it does go back to its original spot that is crazy I didn't even know there were things why do I don't always have more things like these isn't because of how weird and unpredictable it is maybe I don't know I kind of like it I think it's kind of

cool oh but if you fall down there you were done oh I'm falling down there no oh come on I forgot that I was just talking about how the platforms fall oh wow okay fine we're gonna get through this now we'll do it gonna get throat hey are we doing pretty good you can't even see you can't see the bottom of my mouth now it looks like hey hey guys what's going on hey okay anyways I'm going through got this roommates are watching a movie right now I can slightly hear it I think they turned up the volume when I started yelling just like yeah well anyways that's okay that's reasonable all right here we go yeah yeah yeah we're doing pretty good right here just got to get through this part we are we almost at the end here I see a tree I see a can I climb this tree okay I can't be stopping on the platforms anymore because I know that I know that they they start to wobble whenever you're on the platform so yeah thought about that okay here we go we're getting through doing good just like can't just I can't and we're almost at the end I think oh it's kind of sort of kind of sort of almost at the end it's weird being able

to see the entire Aubie compared to your like the OO bees are within rooms okay that really got me right there I thought that that was I thought this was an easy OB and it's proven itself to be pretty easy but not easy easy okay hold on what is it what's going on here Rome maze what is this Oh more gadgets Rome maze oh this is cool okay what do we got here let's do a new but I'm Anubha to this game okay so I go to the end here a little very good indeed and then I need to oh man so it I am you with just one but what I can only control I'm controlling both of them at a time but with with just the one I'm not controlling them separately so I can control both them at a time that's very cool so that's a teleporter and I go there oh man oh here we go okay so I need a I need probably get him through there first like this oh no okay well I got it now I get it now oh whoops okay oh no that's how it works okay I go like this I like this except I need to make sure that that one is there I don't know that I can go all the way there I don't know if this is this content is any good oh yes I don't know I don't get it I

don't get it um I need to go up and that because they're they're both being controlled at the same time how do I make them go down whilst going because he's what how do I do this it's impossible they got myself at a stalemate here down down nope all right I've done with the role maze I can't do the row maze it's too difficult I am here to do easy things such as the easy obby but instead I was doing something very difficult maybe I'm just stupid maybe I actually was should have e very easily gotten that you see like that right there was pretty easy I don't know about you but how you want was this one though oh where am I going or am I going what am i doing I'm flying through space right now okay unless on am I supposed to be going down am I supposed to be going down where it's this whole time I think I was maybe supposed to be the only ow Oh what do I do oh come on come on let's go back down to the moon I don't know I had to have we really were we really going up for that wha-ho Wow okay let's try that so I was supposed to go down that whole time

here we go just and I can't just not care oh okay too difficult nope done with that now we go up and over the path behind me isn't even disappearing Wow oh how curious some kind good good this is good can I actually go like this okay just go I don't even have to move my mouse at all I just keep going around like that hey that's not too bad I don't do bad right there oh did we make it to the end oh so we did laser tag crossroads man we've got all these other maps going on he oh and they even have blue for a second I thought that they didn't wait what a super jump I don't is that my super jump oh whoa oh I see so you Oh double jump you can double jump now yep oh hey that is awesome I like that a lot I'm even gonna put on glasses fat now you can double jump okay unless even put on the gold for the were there okay perfect perfect ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you so much for watching the easiest RB and roblox if you did enjoy please do remember to leave a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven't already don't forget to check out my I love cats t-shirt I still haven't gotten it out of

the shirt pile but you can get it on Dennis Daley calm oh man I need to do my laundry okay here we go not do my laundry as in all my clothes are dirty and I should go wash them as and they are already cleaned I just need to fold them no I'm stinky I'm a very gross individual and I don't do my laundry that's not what I meant anyways you can get the Isle of cats t-shirt at Dennis daily comm or there's a link in the description below but other than that guys I will see you in the next roebling's adventure [Music]