26 September 2016

Effects of Stress and Anxiety on Dog Health

Discussion of the effects of stress and anxiety on dog health.

okay so I'm doing my presentation on

stress and anxiety effects on and we'll help you damage it myself stress and anxiety and dogs is often simply just caused by their five major freedom stopping met and these includes the freedom from hunger there's malnutrition discomfort injury or disease to express the normal behaviors and from fear distress other causes of stress anxiety can include just medical issues isolation post traumatic events that they may have gone through previously in life or just genetic disposition just meaning that there's certain trees that are more likely to be affected by stress or anxiety so now the other okay when dogs are anxious they may engage repetitive or displacement behaviors to relieve stress and the common ones will be the loss of appetite licking slow movement lower body posture of like this picture here hyperactivity trembling in when something's that's what happens to a dog its body falling to control the sympathetic autonomic nervous system or SaaS this is the part of the body that's responsible for the fight-or-flight response so I'm here with nobody falls under major amounts of stress the adrenal glands will signal signal a

release of cortisol which is half a vein effects on your body which include body pressure electrolyte balance immune function and body and fat metabolism there are also other neurotransmitters and stress hormones throughout the body that will trigger responses like dilated pupils or increase blood sugar levels and these will prepare the dog for the fight-or-flight response so the dog experiences chronic stress levels over time this can lead to an over secretion of of cortisone which will result in a series of health problems like the diabetes cardiovascular diseases are extremely hungry from burning all the extra glucose then you know the skin increased risk of infection and decreased muscle and bone mass so in severe cases of high levels of stress leading to these cortisone levels increasing can cause Cushing's disease efficient disease is common in two major forms which is the adrenal dependent in the pituitary dependent with eighty-five percent of dogs of well most kind of habituate are independent which will stimulate the adrenal glands to produce large amounts of cortisol okay so you're saying the Jewett air

opinion is where they're missing the pituitary is making too much ACTH yes so and the most common dogs that Cushing's disease is found in would be the Terriers poodles dachshunds and the american eskimo balls like we set the bottom so once that goes with cushion disease some of the most common symptoms include increased hunger increased panning of potbelly abdomen like this one here as well as this one here as well black of energy and hair loss as well as they will get fat deposits at the top of their shoulders and next a picture at the bottom is a textbook case that you would say because you know that bottom dog looks you know exactly what the textbook would say and there are a lot of preventative measures when you first see signs of stress and anxiety some of the most common ones are desensitization exercises and this is when you will introduce a stimulus to your pet slowly and you will try to get them to focus directly on you rather than me with I I contact or just I die Carl tech or just obedience commands that your dog will match you learn from being taught over time and once your dog gets more comfortable you

will increase the stimuli give them a treat each time so that way they will replace this sense of nervousness and fear with a calm relaxed state in also a tree also called environments really help dogs giving them provided or providing them with a fix routine a daily fix routine really gets them through their day without being stressed out as well as calming equipment dog appealing pheromones are quite popular for this type of thing which are basically just any corn dogs used to purchase a nursing mother hormones that they give off to calm their puppies and you can also provide your dogs with calming equipment like dogs and there's also calming music as well is it country western music Gordon what is it I think I'm trying to Kindle duct ok ok i just did doing does anybody know what music it is soundtracks down look I'm just curious I can't have to look that up because I have no idea what it would be that's what we play doctor named Charles really it's like dogs oh I shoulda said that it's like 30 dogs ears yeah okay okay they'll be interesting so there are some common medications that you can provide

your dog if they're going through stress and anxiety problems Anna Friel and flu exiting our common pills that you can get both they're also sprays and drop to contain like purple since that will relax your dog you can also provide them with stress collar that released these frequency modified ultra cogging music's coming to what we were talking about before and this is doing the double agent products is an ultra calmer and there are also Thunder shirts here which just provide a constant pressure to the torso which should relieve stress and dogs but it won't affect every dog the same some dog that they affect worse that you just have to do a childhood air case-by-case basis that is all any questions questions for Briana's there's one over here my friends she had she rescued a dog from the puppy mill and he has the worst days of separations I've ever seen in the dog he's about this little bit bigger than a chihuahua and he takes regular doses of pro that you can't even tolerate or going to the back not crazy anybody have any personal experience like new pet stores sell some of this stuff all of which meds gummies with some verbal things I should go to a

pet store whole section a whole section of calming stuff really more like walks a team can be really hard on their livers oh yeah so it's kind of like trusted first yeah where you got to remember all medicine in one sense is poison because it's always got those side effects so you know you got it that's one thing about this holistic medicine area you've got to think of all the diet environment other things not just pill pill injection too many people don't look at the whole thing so yeah it's a case by case I've had people tell me the Thunder sweater whatever it is words and others doesn't you know other comments questions here we go to weird comments 1 i'm read an article granted it was online so obviously i think it's true if you like hug a dog that actually makes it uncomfortable so I don't understand how the Thunder should win because that's kind of I know again it's a case by case I night with dogs that wouldn't want to be hug but I'll tell you I've stomach dogs love to be hug don't ask me how I know yeah yeah it's a case by case what else another weird coming yeah I've always been taught that I contract with

dogs is bad and you're not then because it's like inserting your dominance work for that another case of like I'm focused things like I in our training classes they teach you to have the dog is just not really you're not staring than the ice is just showing them to focus on you that they can watch me Amanda so they can be looking at your nose they be looking at your body doesn't have to be dragged by context it's just getting them to ignore when I think on the eye contact it's more than that how you're doing it yeah and it's that comment is more for intact male dogs that more likely are going to be dominant from my experience don't look a big dog in the eye because that's like that's a challenge yeah when it comes to the lease what I dealt with my dog it's what I call focus training and whether it's he can feel better about something or whatever even just focusing in an obedient section if you got it's kind of silly people may find me for a while but then and started working and then it's a funny anymore uh I would hold the tree away from my face and then my dog will first being actually looking at the tree and I called her name and I wouldn't

give her the tree until she was looking at me for a period of time and I would treat her so you know it's a trio yeah I would like I move it around to until she was looking at me than I would trigger than you were true i did this outright eat my dog because they have to sit and look at me first will they get anything have you ever seen the videos where the dog has to pray before it gets better yes that is cool okay