25 February 2012

Egg Osmosis (Hypertonic vs. Hypotonic Solution)

I made a mistake in calculating percent change. Percent Change = (Final Mass - Orginal Mass) / Orignal Mass. Sorry!] To test the semi-permeable qualities of the ...

what happens to a cell when it's placed

in a hypotonic solution versus a hypertonic solution a hypertonic solution is simply a solution that has a lower concentration of solutes dissolved substances compared to the inside environment of a cell for example water is considered a hypotonic solution since it is very low in solutes a hypertonic solution is a solution that has a higher concentration of solutes compared to the cells inside environment for example water with a lot of salts is considered a hypertonic solution since it is very high in solutes can we examine the effects of a hypertonic solution on a cell you might be thinking well I'm made out of 50 to 70 trillion cells if I drink this I'll know what happens to cells in a hypertonic solution but do not do that drinking salt water can be very dangerous as it severely dehydrated to nausea vomiting and even hallucinations are just a few symptoms of drinking massive amounts of salt water ask anyone who's been stranded at sea which is unlikely because people drink seawater eventually died due to kidney failure so what you really need is a lab animal to conduct your tests darn she's too smart

time to try your older brother well that was a bad experiment what's a better way to test how a cell reacts in place in a hypertonic solution some eggs like chicken eggs are surrounded by a hard outer membrane which protects the semipermeable inner membrane this membrane is semipermeable because it allows substances to leave and some substances to enter in particular the semipermeable membrane allows water to both enter and leave the cell but large molecules like salt or sugar are too big to pass through the question is how can you examine the semiprime herbal qualities of this inner membrane with the hard eggshell in the way solve the outer shell by placing an egg in vinegar vinegar has a chemical called acetic acid eggshells contain calcium carbonate when calcium carbonate in the eggshell comes in contact with acetic acid a chemical reaction occurs calcium carbonate will break down to form carbon dioxide water and calcium acetate thus dissolving the calcium carbonate shell within seconds you'll see bubbles form these bubbles are carbon dioxide that

are produced when acetic acid breaks down the eggshell within three days you should have a semipermeable membrane free of the hard outer shell to conduct your experiment for starting our experiment we will first match our egg using a scale egg a has a mass of 94 grams egg B has a mass of 103 grams egg a we will place in a hypotonic solution water egg B will place in a hypertonic solution thick and sugary corn syrup you okay now has a mass of 97 grams aka increased slightly to 103 percent of its original weight we can conclude when a semipermeable cell is in a hypotonic solution water will enter the cell egg B now has a mass of 59 grams egg B decrease to 57% of its original weight we can definitely conclude that when a cells in a hypertonic solution water will leave the cell in fact this is evident by the layer of water sitting on top of the corn syrup however 103 percent change in mass is not very significant so how about we try this Experion but switch the eggs this time egg a is going in the hypertonic solution which is still on the right egg

B is going in the hypotonic solution which is still on the left you after several hours mash your eggs again egg a went from 97 grams to 55 grams egg hey a has decreased to 57% of its original weight egg B went from 59 grams to a whopping 105 grams egg B has increased in weight to a hundred and seventy-seven percent from this experiment we can definitely conclude that one of cells in a hypotonic solution like water water enters a cell on the other hand when a cell is in a hypertonic solution like corn syrup or more realistically salt water water will leave the cell now that you're done with this experiment time to play with those shells eggs no no you're just gonna