19 June 2018

El Paso Animal Services Pawcast - June 2018

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hi I'm Michelle Anderson and thank you for watching this episode of the Animal Services podcast this show is designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at all of our activities and events as we work towards our no-kill goal with that in mind let's see how we did in the month of me last month Animal Services had a live release rate of 81 point 99 percent not bad as the shelter continues to see an influx of kittens being brought in just a reminder our goal is to have an average annual live release rate of 90 percent or higher by 2020 and speaking of kittens we want to let you know some of the do's and don'ts when you come across kittens in your neighborhood if you come across kittens that seemed like they were recently born with no mama in sight your first reaction is likely going to be to pick them up and bring them indoors however despite this impulse you should know that their mama is likely nearby searching for food and in the process of relocating the kittens or even just watching from a distance the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the kittens and see if mama returns this can take several hours the mother cat offers her

kittens the best chance for survival so wait and watch as long as you can the best food for the kittens is their mother's milk you should only remove the kittens only if they are in immediate grave danger oftentimes people will bring healthy well-fed kittens into animal services which is a sign they were being cared for by a mama this then becomes a challenge for us to quickly find foster parents who can bottle feed these kittens so while you may be thinking you're doing the right thing oftentimes you may be hurting the chance of these kittens survival's the hot temperatures have made their way to El Paso and we want to make sure that you're keeping your pets safe first don't leave your pets in the car in just a couple minutes cars can heat up and cause major health concerns for your pets which can also often lead to death another thing to keep in mind is that the heat can create some very hot surfaces for your pets we recommend that you adjust your walking times to the cooler parts of the day to minimize pause being burned and reducing the chance of heat exhaustion we also want to take the time in this month's

episode to congratulate our student volunteers on graduating this year Animal Services receives tons of help from area high schools like the Clint high school vet tech program and silver magnet trained to adopt programs these students work and learn alongside animals there to staff and our key reason for a recent life-saving success from all of us at El Paso Animal Services we want to say congratulations and thank you looking forward to June we have an exciting event coming up where we will provide a hundred free microchips for the community the agro Park grand opening is scheduled for Saturday June 30th at 10:00 in the morning and animal services will take part in the festivities by offering free microchips to the first 100 pets who come to the grand opening in addition to the microchips pets are also welcome to enjoy the new dog park that is part of this new Eastside Park one of our partners also had a big accomplishment in May by way of a new strategic plan that will help save more shelter pet lives in the El Paso community the animal shelter Advisory Committee recently met for a strategic

planning session the group worked together to identify a vision and mission in addition to focus areas and services I very much hope that what we can come up with will pretty much mirror what what animal services is doing and that we can work together and just keep keep going and making animal welfare the best that it can be in El Paso what we want to make sure is that we have the best plan for El Paso every community is unique and different and it's a great opportunity for us to carve out some of that uniqueness everyone is niched into this process and if we didn't have everyone where they are we wouldn't be able to take a step forward at all for this community we need a road map we need a direction we need for the rescues the community the humane society Animal Services all of us to continue forward together in one direction and this document is going to be that direction for us well that does it for us in this June episode of the animal services podcast as always we want to thank you for being a friend and a partner because together we can save my life [Music]