13 March 2019

El Paso Animal Services Pawcast - March 2019

Follow us on our journey to make El Paso no-kill by 2020! In this month's episode, we are celebrating another 90% live-release month, and give you a look at ...


[Music] hi there and thank you for watching this episode of the animal services podcast we have a lot of great things to tell you about this month but let's get started by taking a look at the live release rate for the month of February last month Animal Services had a live release rate of 90 percent this is our third month ever saving ninety percent of the animals that come into our care and remember our goal here our Animal Services is to have an annual library release rate of 90 percent by 2020 it's just some of the many new programs that were implemented since starting our life-saving journey in 2016 that we've been able to save thousands of lives like we mentioned from their shelter reform plan was passed in 2016 we've been able to save thousands of more lives and this video will show you how far we've truly come since then [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh and what's really great it's all adoptions are free we're trying to clear our show

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you we've made great strides from just a few years ago and we appreciate the community support but we truly can't do it without our amazing staff and volunteers we'd like to congratulate our first ever employee of the month Valentin who's our foster coordinators for his dedication to life-saving and for being a great support and guiding light for are hundreds of foster parents we'd also like to congratulate our volunteers of the month Cecilia and Breanna who are members of our 2d reading book club and at enrichment program for helping provide a stress-free environment for our shelter cats well that does it for us in this episode of the Animal Services podcast we'd like to thank you for always being a friend and a partner to animal services as we put closer to no-kill because together we will save my life [Music]