18 September 2018

El Paso Animal Services Pawcast - September 2018

In this edition of the El Paso Animal Services Pawcast, find out how close we are to making El Paso a no-kill community, and ways you can help our lifesaving ...


hi there and thank you for watching this september edition of the animal services podcast this show is designed to give you an inside look and all the events and activities taking place here at animal services but before we get started let's take a look at how we fared in the month of August last month Animal Services had a live release rate of 88 percent this is an increase from July where we had a live release rate of 82 percent now just a reminder our goal here at Animal Services is to have an average annual live release rate of 90 percent or higher by 2020 while our biggest annual adoption event happened this past month and thanks to the community we were able to save hundreds of lives are clear the shelter's adoption event was a big success with a total of 273 adoptions during the one-day event our staff and volunteers worked hard to pair our pets with great homes and we can't thank the community its volunteers sponsors and partners enough for helping us save more lives and speaking of adoptions for the month of September we are putting out a challenge to area high schools with our high school adoption challenge from

September 10th through September 29th we are asking high schools to encourage their neighborhoods and communities to adopt a shelter pet we will be reducing fees to $5 during this period and each adopter will be able to vote for the school of their choice at the end of the month we will tally up the votes and award the high school with the most votes with the inaugural animal services high school adoption challenge trophy for more information on this adoption campaign feel free to visit our Facebook page just search for El Paso Animal Services in other news Animal Services recently gave a 12-month update to City Council and the community and there's good news we're getting closer to our no-kill goal Animal Services director Paula Powell presented data from the past year which showed the department adopted 2400 more animals during this recent 12-month period compared to the previous year during this same period the live release rate has increased 14% sitting at a 12-month average of 82 percent the presentation also allowed animal services leadership and City Council to acknowledge the hard work of

staff volunteers and Fosters August was also a big month for one of our biggest partners the Humane Society of O Paso the nonprofit held its annual telethon on August 4th where they shattered their one hundred and fifty thousand dollar fundraising goal by raising more than a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars we want to congratulate the Humane Society on another successful telethon and we also want to thank them for being an amazing partner well as we get closer to our no-kill goal one of the easiest and most simplest ways to help us reach that goal is to simply keep your pets at home and out of the shelter which is why Animal Services will be waiving all reclaim fees for lost pets during the entire month of September the only fee pet owners will have to pay is a registration fee if their pet is not already registered now if you recently lost a pet we encourage you to visit the Animal Services Center in person to see if your pet is at our facility while also recently some of our shelter pets recently partied with a celebrity party animal at one of our favorite off-site adoption events minor Palooza celebrity

DJ and TV star Pauly D took some time to meet several of our animal services and pets before he took the stage to perform at minor Palooza our pups volunteers and staff took photos with the star and we want to say thank you to Pauly for being a friend of O Paso Animal Services and the pets of the opacity well that does it for us on this edition of the Animal Services podcast we like to thank everyone that helped us out this month in adopting so many animals and also returning animals to their owners and if you want to get involved by volunteering we encourage you to visit us online at EP animal services comm to learn more again we want to thank you for being a friend and a partner told Paso Animal Services because together we can save more lives [Music]