12 March 2018

Embarkation Day on the Disney Dream Cruise - Disney SMMC | beingmommywithstyle

It's cruise time!! We have a quick Star Wars themed breakfast before heading to the buses to go to Port Canaveral. We are so excited to be back on the Disney ...


good morning it is pers day we have our crews gear on and all of our bags are set over here to go on the cruise we're gonna head down and go get breakfast and then it is time to take the bus over to go to Port Canaveral and board the Disney girls are wearing their Cruise Line dress Bella main is snowflake out of the Mickey towels we've got our tags on all of our luggage over here so it is all ready to go for them to come pick it up to go on the cruise and we're gonna head down and go to breakfast it's a beautiful morning they're still working on that building over there I bet by the time we're back you're next I've had it's done that the rates are going you can show kylo Ren what's going on Luzi hyeju bawk bye-bye-bye come on girls if you I'm gonna try to take a selfie real quick and that is got a pile of stuffy Corinne we've got yogurt bars he's got a seat peak of all the different galaxies edge items 2019 there was a pastry bar and drinks in the center and really super cool table like a show the names for everything everything has got cute names there's a

horse bacon that's Texas diner sweet bacon there's great making roasted potatoes mr. Farr vegetable frittata and indoor Condor eggs which cheese [Music] vanthu yogurt parfaits is instant bread multigrain croissant [Music] really there you go yeah that way only about seven miles [Music] [Music] [Music] you know torture and in the parking we had the last time or not we go let's go check in I know it's a big ship we're gonna go get checked in the Bahamas [Music] rustling ladies Julian welcome people in the Navy in the boarding process [Applause] there we go okay here we go you're ours and they're off [Applause] any landlords girls [Applause] okay yes burglar head is not ready going

down to the ocean air flow join Oasis that's great and we're here this is the one that has the story stuff wouldn't remember that for the last time this is the one that got the starry ceilings good and different stars was there the girls have already found Pixie Hollow this is Natalie favorite it's got ratatouille on the screen - already set up and ready to go can you leave it here in his lucky dog tunnel yes dear you want to go over to the lab alright let's go over the lamp here's rep ah yep I got a video going bernard see around dragon Millennium Falcon and the restrooms are right over here they've got the fun mirrors your Nikki shape and then this is rare they can eat it's like the little mess hall they're here for the different meal times which are kids definitely will be they've even got the movies going over here hand-washing stations s would you like crafts and stuff like that back here where they need those tables careful slow down and then this connects to the ocean air lab and over here they're playing

Meredith at different games that can be here play games please go down the slide there's the aqueduct you can see going over along the side of the ship we're gonna go down to cabanas and get some lunch it's me a stripper at cabanas so much so dr. Port Canaveral let the pizza some french fries for the kids cucumbers we got some villainies shrimp we've obviously already EMU and crab and they've already had their we're good ice cream cones are off to a good start here which is Sydney reading about this midship Detective Agency which I think we're gonna try this time okay here we are at her stateroom for this trip this is our stateroom we got a social media mom's thing on the window too and they left you a treat let's see some fruit which is perfect because that's the one thing we didn't find at lunch that's awesome another veranda we are on the 10th floor so I'll do a quick room tour you guys can see the room you [Music]