09 January 2018

Emotional Support Dog vs. Service Dog | What Are the Differences?

What is the difference between an Emotional Support Dog vs. Service Dog? What laws and training are applicable to both? Connect with us on: Facebook: ...

today I'm talking about we're discussing

some differences between emotional support animals and service animals hey there welcome to talking about your community for mental health my name is john and on this channel we give you more control over your mental health with videos just like this one so if you're new here you haven't already please go ahead and subscribe join our community see and never miss any of our latest updates if you don't have any questions about something I talked about in an episode I always push the nose the description box you can check those out anytime for cool and interesting info all about this subject let's go ahead and get into today's topic the one subject that's probably calls the most discussion on my channel is the that of emotional support animals that's by far my most popular video it gets the most comments than those questions and I'm seeing a lot of similar questions and a lot of similar things that people are kind of being tripped up on and so what I thought I'd do is just make this video to kind of answer some of those more common ones and give you maybe a broader picture maybe clear up some things that I

misspoke on or didn't explain fully in the other video so let's let's dive into that the biggest thing that I'm seeing confusion on is the difference between an emotional support animal and a service dog okay these two things are entirely different and let's talk about what each is and let's start with a emotional support animal an emotional support animal okay the SAS are animals can be any animal does not have to be a dog to be a cat it could be a bird could be a reptile any animal that provides you with love companionship and emotional support okay they are not specifically trained they do not undergo any sort of advanced or special training all they do is be their lovable selves and give you support for whatever it is you might be going through okay that's what an emotional support animal is now the unemotional support animal is protected in two ways in only two ways number one you cannot be denied housing because of an emotional support animal that does extend to college dorm tory's you must be allowed to bring an emotional support animal into a college dormitory

but rent pet free apartments if you're renting a townhouse or something like that you cannot be denied housing because of your emotional support animal okay that's protection number one protection number two is your ESA must be allowed to ride with you in the cabin of an airplane okay they can't force you to put it under they can't deny you seating because of your ESA as long as you have an emotional support animal you must be allowed for those two things and only those two things okay how do you get an emotional support animal well what you need is a doctor's note saying that you require the assistance of an emotional support animal too as a reasonable accommodation which is which is like the legal way of saying that something you need and something that improves your quality of life okay doctor's notes it could be from your primary care physician more often than not however it's from a mental health professional a psychiatrist a psychologist a therapist somebody who can write you and think of it like a prescription so well most likely a psychiatrist would be the person to write you a note saying that you need an

emotional support animal and as long as you have that signed note from a doctor you have the right to an ESA okay so there are services that you can go to like you can type into right now how to get an ESA and you can take surveys online and they will connect you to a doctor that gets you a note to have an ESA those are fine but I would encourage you if you are at all able to go talk to an actual person sit down in their office and talk to them about what you need and do it kind of the old-fashioned way because it it's nice to have that one-on-one interaction it's nice to have that in place okay so that's what an emotional support animal is a service dog or a service animal in general is something different service animals are specifically trained to do a specific task okay they do go through advanced training whereas an ESA does not service dogs and service animals in general go through much more rigorous training okay because of that because they are highly trained they perform specific tasks and often these tasks are more vital to the immediate survival of a person they are provided with more protections than an

ESA okay they can be taken more places they can be taken into schools and doctors offices in all kinds of places they they get certified and they have vests and they are given again for something specific okay so I've had people comment saying they may quote the ad a saying that an emotional support animal does not qualify as a service animal yes that is correct they are different things ESA s are not service animals I've had a bunch of people ask me well can I take my ESA into school no perhaps your individual school will allow it but the law does not provide for you to be able to do that now again the one difference there are the one exception is college dormitories okay again with doctors offices again with that people have asked do i what kind of training does my ESA needs none it doesn't need any specific training ok these are all I think brought on just by the confusion between the two so what I want you to get out of this video and it was important that you understand is that ES A's and service animals are two entirely different things okay just because you have an ESA does not mean you have a service animal and you do not

need to go through the training your well your pet doesn't need to go through the training it's much much easier to get an ESA than it is a service animal okay and that brings me to my last point because I've also had a fair amount of people who are essentially are asking me how to gain the system and how to get an ESA even though they might not need one and I'll tell all of you watching what I've told those individual people I'm not going to tell you how to do that I don't think that's right I think it's wrong and hurtful for you to get an ESA if you don't need it it's something that for me and for a lot of other people is extremely helpful and I wouldn't want it being taken advantage of so please please please please please only get an ESA if you need it remember that ESA s are not the same as service dogs I look forward to answering as many questions you have please feel free to leave them in the comments I will do my best to answer them and what's awesome is we're getting community here that can help you answer those questions too so I hope you found the video helpful I hope you have an

amazing day I hope to see lots of pictures and stuff of your ESA and all those things I'm between essays right now I guess our our family pet the the the one that you saw in the last video angel she passed away just before Thanksgiving of 2017 if you're watching from the future and so we are waiting to get our new puppy and we miss her dearly but until next time I'll see you later have an awesome day check back soon for new videos bye everybody