10 February 2019

Enormous Dogs Love Taking Care Of Their Little Sister | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend

Enormous Dogs Love Taking Care Of Their Little Sister | These giant dogs have loved their little sister since the day she was born To keep up with this ...

Ruby's always been the dog whisperer

[Music] when you first brought rivey home from the hospital they took her as his sister they just had this instant behind it ever since then it was a love affair viki's about 130 pounds he is no awareness of personal space Diggy's just the dude he's the brother he has the worst gas right it's brutal please Seymour takes on the weight of the world and we joke she's always worried because she has those soulful eyes Lucy is the motherly loving relationship Lucy knew that Natasha was pricey my whole pregnancy she slept with me every night we sometimes find her sleeping on Ruby's bad they have a really special connection she always lets me face fake who knows me and she asking Ypres when we had Sonny Sonny became part of the pack the dogs be instantly liked Sonny of course because when he's eating throws his food all over the place [Music] Sonny loves Ruby he does everything that Ruby wants to do [Music] creepy wants to give them treats funny ones to give them treats but sunny is

unpredictable you want ice cream [Music] Ruby are you gonna take the dogs exploring kind of dogs leashes laughs without the dogs leashes [Music] they usually like kids think they love it but they just lay there they are not retrievers they are lovers rubies for nurture she makes sure that the dogs are hydrated and fed she doesn't have a favorite dog she loves both of them very equitable if one dog gets a treat the other one has to have one she wants to take him on walks it took Ruby a long time to learn how to snap the collar on but one day it was just one of those hey just hold this and let's see how it goes she felt like empowering it was it was really special she wants to take over [Music] Piggy's gonna be up on the trail protecting us and then Lucille be making sure that we're all together [Music] we wish the marshmallow zones with old brown [Music]

I ate one they prepared doggie s'mores literally just dog treats with peanut butter Biggie's more no no you see always like snapples one ice cream please must promise not to fall asleep [Music] once the fire is going then we get copies going and then bear the pancakes coffee first mining everybody [Music] bzzz when you look at I just love and I look up in the hill and both dogs and both kids or just on some little adventure I think the dogs instill confidence and review they eat for our children growing up with dogs is all they know and I wouldn't want it any other way the whole relationship between Ruby and the dogs has been all about love I know baking Lucy loves me [Music] you [Music] you