19 April 2019

Enter the Gungeon A Farewell to Arms #2: Pet that dog!

Man I'm bad at this game still...

what's up everybody yeah this is joke

okay sir stabbington onwards with the run I just spent a lot of money on something that I don't know what does I have I've read the wiki a little bit I have not studied it thoroughly I don't know all the secrets that's good don't know a little bit a little bit I know that on the last episode I messed up daggum and got hit with her which way the crest of the almonds falling something something I hate this gun I don't like this guy it says bullet and it does not do much damage it does not do much damage it's kind of annoying keep saying bullet it's a gun shaped like a gun all right oh yeah oh yeah oh I still get hit I still get hit that's what I do that's what I do yes this gun does not do enough damage for my tastes my liking oh yeah whoo y'all see you doesn't do enough damage laying into these guys those guys with super glowing eyes the lighter rubber bullets actually do damage ooh I've got a quest to kill those sharp bullets bullets sharks oh I'm not gonna I'm not not even wasting I got an old go

be for the discerning for this is for the deserted gentlemen I've got a lot of guns a master work shotgun cool semi-automatic this is where I needed to take the crest right here and it would have opened up and I would have unlocked the thing Knight not unlocked forever and I think maybe but anyways I messed up my cheese that's what I get that's what I get what can you do continue on that's what you need to do oh yeah it is it's almost Friday it's Thursday today and we're recording on Thursday messed up my my recording schedule a little this weekend I usually record on the weekends as you may have known if you've watched Tuesday's episode oops III haven't I'm not ready for the boss what am i doing am ready for the boss I've done this fight with the P sugar I've done this fight with the patient okay yes the gore gun turns he's a stone that was that was me won't even show you the trick to this out okay where you see the wave you got a turn away that's her like make turning you into whoops sorry I needed to get in there I

needed to get the thing chilly dungeon pepper the heat is on let's see what that does it's passive passive deals damage to nearby enemies Wow let's continue on with the exploring though what am i doing not not exploring that's weird oh I just walked into the fire that's right I'm bad at this game I'm very bad in this game have I told you all mave see I'm on the second second floor I'm not doing so hot this fire and it's loud this is a pretty good gun though do I get more bullets for it bullet yeah I think I'm gonna get more bullets for this gun it's pretty nice it's bareness oh oh I exploded that thing it didn't give me a thing just exploded whatever how else am I gonna unlock Junkin search Junkin it's a that's where you you get a bunch of treasure chests get a bunch of treasure chests and they you blow them up you shoot them and you get Joan a lot of time like a heart piece or something like that most of the time you get Garbo and Garbo I'm slowly whittling down this list and

it's now down to five hundo it'll it's something to do with the resourceful rat don't know what yet don't know what what am I supposed to do I don't know what is mmm wait oh fuck my little little guy stayed in the elevator oh yeah yes Booya give me that that blank blanket no I don't like this they go around and a fly all over the place and I don't like it please die there we go I did not get hit a lot of bullets in here bullets at the bullet Canyon pain in the butt do a lot of a lot of bullets and this this last one makes just explodes hey man man you want it you want to come over here uh just out of range got him Adam right D it be it yeah we're going to next what's what's new in the world what's new oh that new trick motor Dom the Cathedral of Palace Paris France means fire burned down pretty sad right a lot of lot of history in that thing history let's go back to this gun wooks advances oh that's a lot of yeah oh yeah yeah bounce up bounce up I can be in any cover and that's what covers all about

you got a lot of barrels around it you should you should get hurt by those jerks whoo bullets bullets for my good gun that one go back home Winchester hold go Dean Winchester this is not a Winchester die you got more bullets in the chamber chamber chamber that's gotta be the should be a name for like a character hey I'm chamber he'd never clear the never clear the fourth bombing room with out dodge rolling Prudie can and we will toward the end in return we shouted has hasten haste from V $21.00 about bullets as thy part of the wager prevail and I shall shalt return it ah popper as well returned with 21 oh I don't have enough money I'll be back I'll be back with enough money daggum go that guy kill that guy whoo I don't know how I dodged that bullet I think I should have whatever I sell my guns ooh I could sell my guns I don't I don't want to I don't want to sell to guns was it I am almost down to the wire I need 21 bucks just pay the king for his challenge this challenge dangerous

lasers lasers bouncing off of hats bouncing around oh no oh no oh no it's Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam ooh whoa look at that found a secret I'm so bad at finding those sequins I do not know when they go how they look there's the resourceful rat trap door - I don't have the super king so what the heck is that shadow clone jutsu it's an active item craze a temporary second you though the quality of this clone is debatable believe it or not this clone has been extensive scenic States a few thin the country not to be confused with them clone while the clone provides a second chance of life the shadow clone will really laugh at you well I'm at your device okay good to know good to know mr. shadow clone it first what we call it I've got five keys what do I do use the frickin thing and then get garbage it was bad I did that was a bad idea let's go beat the boss but know what I don't have enough money Munir okay let's let's get glass cannon him the tank his name tread not terrible puns there's a lot of bullets shoots a lot of bullets wish this thing would charge faster

you'll be hand-painted short high up high up high up man see that you need to die oh no I got it oh and then I died dang it no biggie I'll beat him on the next time I got PlayStation and buttons going and got a PlayStation buttons hmm they added this I think they added this yeah you could pet the puppy oh it keeps going at that puppy he's happy anyways I hope you all enjoyed I'm gonna go joy this petting the puppy for a little bit like a common end subscribe goodbye there