07 November 2018



it should grow up too much girls too

much and I'm back with another video in the in today's video we don't do a prank not just any print but was gonna do it friend with the dog lady come here I'd you guys so this lady right there my mom friend asked me to doggie sit last Sunday so ever since last Sunday I had this dog pretty much I'm gonna do it I'm gonna be like I want I'm gonna go outside like a dog I'm not gonna have her leash but I'm gonna have a leash like in my pocket right here she gonna be like don't you need a leash oh no no no leash so we're gonna go out to a fluffy minutes and then I'm gonna come back normally so I'm gonna do this somebody went up to God Frank but it's my mom my friend dog so it's gonna be even worse because just my mama friend yeah my mama friend trust me and my mama chose me to have a dog so the dog is pretty much my responsibility because I'm doggie sitting so yeah yeah my mom is so extreme like I wish I knew how if she is I just don't understand so make sure you subscribe to my channel give this video thumbs up and comment down below cuz I know you don't wanna see to see the yellow

[Music] [Music] I don't even think she knows of it so I'm just gonna go forward I'll stay out here if I love it the lady over there I'm ready come up I'm just gonna be like somebody ran her over but I'm actually gonna have her in my car right here so I'm gonna put her in the car [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what oh my god but not hurry I'm on the runway Miriam make sure y'all comment subscribe and like this video subscribe to and it's a too much boring showy [Music]