31 May 2017

Epic Leg Day/Traveling to LA/ Puppysitting/Vegan Grocery Haul

My friend Adrian did a cool leg day edit, I traveled to LA to Film my Athlete video for Legion and for a photo shoot and I also puppy sat my friends dog! Please ...

to mine YouTube so in Friday's May 19th

and I'm Rosco to Jam I'm taking with me my friend Maggie and her friends are visiting some Australia so refuse from the chain with and y'all know I go to the gym sometimes so I'll keep a little early I'll take you okay I'm gonna put together some glutamine and proteins right I'm gonna give them some ones I just like strengthen an away by lesion and I'm getting some free workout that leads in poof the best I've only give them the best course alright so I see you guys in the car oh there you go here with Lucas over there introduces calstrs introduce don't know yeah hello hey y'all my we're going to take the whole screen out believe in Greece and are you ready for you oh you ready to the gym are you ready to change it I'm ready happy no way I don't think you ready thank you I got you a water in case the off water seasoning Chipotle for the very first time I got the Fritos black bean veggie rice and guac be on good morning guys so right now one day when I don't know what's the last and next box oh yeah just a part and then I had it go

to the gym and a meal plan she got ready for work so right now I am headed to gym obviously but I am working on filming something really cool for you guys something that everyone asks me all over social media I think I'm going to make it into like a video series but I mean formative see something I'm really excited about so I am optimistic that everything's going to turn out the way I wanted to and it feels great and after that so pick up the puppy I don't know if you guys have seen that German Shepherd a tsunami mix my Instagram and pepper really really does why I'm public sitting literally kotas in Vermont and so is it going to take him hiking or something the bees go do something fun with him take him out I wish I had a dog but can't right now obviously so I'm down to perfect what's up guys so Adrienne and I just feel super cool video for you and like I said not coming soon and I'm just excited to show you that because you're like it a promise but now we are going to so work out so if you're going to do so you can feel like an eddy or like there's no point everything so maybe we'll do a flooded anyways I

hope you enjoy this worked out so come and a Q and what [Music] [Music] there's chocolate vegan protein affable strawberry simcha Nana and some cereal I don't know coming from top I put a flash of cashew milk in there you guys go do laundry and he's chilla like there's a boy so I packed six meals in my st. mark six pair today he's running and I'll eat one at kelvins or two October's went tonight and one in the morning yeah are you ready pup you ready okay so I'm at kelvins and he is this cute little fuzzy oh yeah yeah keep China bang and so - the other room during my oatmeal we mislead people talking during my oatmeal and Ella here is Kelvin the other insane stop trying to bang her it officer so please little Mia is just like chilling being naughty oh so I think the last time I checked in was before my photo shoot or after but yeah I didn't really get any behind-the-scenes of that because it's special is special when what we're doing tomorrow is special - I've been like

ambiguous AF about it in my social media we're making breakfast going to the gym right and Wow oh no you put in the cup put him in the kennel huh oh yeah who's mean guy Wow Hey all right is a huge a shame to play oh hey oh I'm kind of dismal I'm afraid everyone we like never had a friend the boy Oh is he learning Mountain her because she was like spitting things like I'll just take your face instead yeah yeah you're stoked right now right what's up y'all so I am what I do I just have my chicken to make and then I am taking this guy where I go for the black thing where I go to the dump beach and play the famous like last day with him and then so I pay for posing and I'm not competing but I need to finish it so I have posing later today but it's fine because we know we're still got holes it's hard to do it in your off season stay on point and then I gotta go to grocery store and show you guys what I get cuz it's going to be different and I'll explain that later look how pretty is so so tired of course I told you is we never Lexie hello look to the plaza with it I know would have been hard to

tell on the camera oh my god I thought about bringing the camera to the beach but he was just going crazy yeah good boy he was having fun now around and look out whoops he is I'm so fine as a dog and as big as my hand and they were like sniffing each others butts and I was like so he said I wonder what those babies are over ha ha ha like for going everybody's red rush all right I'll get him some water and then turn my electric graduation yeah I'm so excited best night ever for coming graduation pipes and most exciting thing ever you to support you boo but yeah I'm going to go and I said earlier going to go to the grocery store after I dropped her off or hand lost - and then I supposing and I said it'll be an interesting grocery haul so stay tuned so I just ruled out that Braille you're not allowed to film in there but anyways I just time I check in dr. Mick we're going to keep my macros the same right now because you know it's not like I'm not eating a lot to not like him eating a little and we don't want some excess body fat so we should keep my macros where they are and he is really happy because you know like

the past couple months just mentally I just hadn't been my best like from like school and working people everything in just environment and I've just been in more like socially positive situation so I'm just happier overall and you know that plays a huge role in your physiology when you're happy so mindset mindset and mental positivity just just feels different you know just like your quality of life and then the actions you take from there when you're in a positive environment or what make you succeed so oh and he also gave me the okay to have balance and enjoy my 21st birthday which would be Friday and so let's go to it let's go get okay I'm kidding I'm kidding a couple drinks a couple drinks for sure if the tree well my roommate is little they were mostly so I brought them food into my room so I got some banana so the weird grocery haul is hainted mushroom and did you know that like 4 grams protein there is the same program of carcass the amount of gram protein so see if you know is a trend here strawberry edamame beyond chicken temptation next potato tofu and it's the firm one because it's easier to cook

with just sulk in one and not third one is used for made filling creams and like things like that creams could sing it in roots in fate in all of it so would you notice you're right remedies have animal products in them and that's because I am currently not buying animal products anymore and transitioning into a vegan diet so I'd love to have you guys foni along and show you how I have my protein how I get all my essential nutrients in and take you along into this new vegan lifestyle online so I just thought I'd start at the grocery saw as you have to run I am going to make my vegan protein assembly bull doll with somebody a stereo strawberries on top but you guys already seen that so and I gotta go posing and then I'm going to go hit a leg workout this guy what's up guys so it's like 7:22 p.m. and expelling them on to the gym in so it's going to be a little bit of a late session for me but it's ok still getting there still getting my training session in and it's late day so got a pee-pee still white I'm a little tired but my hand can't

seen all day because I don't know if I told you guys but I have been limiting my caffeine intake because I was like drinking so much coffee like pre-workout and just like different stimulants and monsters so now in about at school I wouldn't really need all that caffeine so I'm just sticking to pre-workout for now I'll similarly need the coffee but I love coffee I don't know so I would just like push myself old age not to have caffeine so this little hit me pretty good that just means if a workout works better so caffeine cleanse but I'm going to go kill the slave workout and I can't wait to eat with ya all right so it's time to mix up that pre-workout I got pulse my and favorite pre-workout I've ever taken it I'm not just saying that because I am sponsored by them it's because I have tried so many different companies and this backed by science proved I you that's their slogan and here's why everything is clinically dosed and you know other companies just say I will just clinically do or clinically proven ingredients that's the word the phrase well they can have ingredients in it but they may not have the right ml in order to have the

effects of it and then they sell that with their label on there saying that they have it but some enough to do anything so you're just paying for nothing so weak Legion everything is clinically ghost so it's effective that means that it has the right amount of citrulline has a right amount of data alanine the right amount of caffeine everything in here so you can take one scoop or two scoops you'd still feel the effects of it with one scoop I like to scoop in the Ben grill this one's green apple and you have been valued by legion calm plush it's best to buy you supplements I go on there and if you want to save 10% use code three punches for your first purchase that's because number one alright guys I really need to get going see you later