26 October 2014

ESA Dog Pet travel-Emotional Support Animal [travel by plane]

Take your pet with you !

hi everyone today I'm going to show you

how to prepare your little pet to travel with you by air and this fat is real special it's ESA animal hot dog Chihuahua miniature Chihuahua and I'm gonna show you stage her tag there is hot dog and so she can go on a flight for free the rest of the animals must be you'll have to pay but of course you can still take them and that's how she goes to her travel bag special travel bag and it's really really cool a small bag cuz she's so small do tons of room inside she can turn around even stand and she sometimes even half of hotel and so yes oh hi little pets even though this bet there's a pet it came with a pet but I put at extra plastic but she never there's no never accidents with her she always only ghosts when she goes on the grass and she's waiting and there's never never any accidents with this smart little chihuahua and so that's how I carry her and she's got this tab now and we have like a letter document from a doctor that it's ESA and she is required to be with us all the time so of course she's teeny tiny she goes for free in a cabin of the

plane the rest of the animals can go but you have to pay for them and only you say animals they go for free and yeah and here is her tag with her picture and there's access required by federal law flights and a housing there's a name of the owner of this dog and call ID a coward and so yeah there is her picture and that's how she travels she travels a lot we travel a lot she goes to Europe she goes around the United States and she loves her bag and so yeah guys if you have any questions just write your comments and I'll answer them and subscribe and yeah maybe you'll see this little beautiful girl Hana one of the floods Donna business trip that's how she goes with us oh now she wants to sleep there are you tired Gigi's loves her travel back because you know she's used to it okay I guess that's about it and so and it's like really really easy to fly with your animal so yeah just guys take your pets with you don't leave them at home it's okay you know to take your pet with you especially when it's small big dogs they go in a cargo section and I feel so sorry for them how those poor dogs in a cargo section but

because they did you know you can't take them in a cabin of the plane but this one though this purpose fits under the seat and that's where she sits quietly and nicely and sleep while it's flight and everything is just fine say hi to everyone hello everyone I'm going to fly again like soon next a few days and I if you see me you maybe recognize me I'm kind of famous Chihuahua cuz I travel with famous people okay and what's your name well you forgot your name I'm kind of so sleepy I'm sorry guys I'm just falling asleep