16 October 2017

Etsy Shop Critique #8 | Item Description Formatting, Photos & About Page Information

Today I take a deep dive into Fluff Pet Care's Etsy Shop. I talk about product photography, item description formatting, how to spice up your About Page and ...

hey guys it's Olivia I am so happy back

here today Etsy shop critique videos are some of my favorite videos to make here on YouTube it is such a wonderful opportunity for me to do a deep dive into one of your guys's Etsy shops and kind of get a feel for who you are and what you're doing and hopefully I can provide some you know great constructive feedback that will help your store grow and get exposure and you know be successful and kick butt that's the goal here on this channel and I love doing it if you like me to critique your shop in the future please leave your URL in the comment section along I think a little blurb about yourself and by your shop is an excellent candidate for this kind of series I hope to do these about once a month sometimes I get a little distracted but without further ado this is this month's video and I am really taking a deep dive into fluff pet care by Laura Campbell and she is someone who I see in the comment section here on YouTube quite often and I love I just that makes me so happy and that definitely incentivizes me to take a look at her shop so without further ado I'm gonna set up my screen sharing capabilities and start recording this so

give me one second okay so this is Laura as Paige this is what I first see when I look on it I love her logo I love the collars leashes pet toys and health and wellness those are great keywords for Google and for Etsy I think that's a wonderful start I love that you have your own image right there and that gives the customer already an automatic feel for who you are I also notice you don't have a banner image and that's something that I talk about often here in these critiques series I think if you do a banner successfully it can be really great for your store but I'm always a fan of just leaving a blank and then having you know your strongest environmental photos and product photos displayed here in the tool bar on etsy I I love what you have going on here I love that you have like a physical dog see people know it is for pets and you kind of have a whole feel I love that you have these fall foliage and just clean backgrounds it's very diverse and wonderful this is cool it's already giving me example is probably to help other people because you have some like a bomb type

products some other physical products it's really it should be oh there's my little dog laughs they're gonna back up Ramona quick like she's running away okay so sorry about that distraction that's just part of owning a dog so I'm going it to just take a look at these like fine details and then we can go through everything what I first see is that you're located in Windsor Canada that's wonderful you've had 39 sales already yeah that's great and you've not at sea since 2017 so you just started out and that you have eight five-star reviews so it's a wonderful the first thing that I see that I would say might wanna be tweaked is I'd like that you advertise this right here if you're in the Windsor area use code Windsor ship for free shipping I really really like that but I find this little this area I think you have enough for like two lines here you really want things to be eye-catching and have a ton of keywords that Google can capture it and that your customers can capture it I would probably modify this to be kind of more condensed and if you really want to keep this free shipping thing put that under

it or you could put this little blurb in all of the listings i I don't know I would just think about that as kind of how much of a party or that is most your customers are in the Windsor area then keep that there but I would also throw up some keywords and some you know a general more specific Laura about your shop and maybe condense this make this like lap you know pretend like you're on Twitter or something and make the character usage of that a little bit and they'll be great but yeah this this information is wonderful I see that you have an offense you website that's also great that you're advertising that oh I love that you're giving it the full URLs for these things I've talked about that in critique videos I might actually I'm going to test this to see if that works but perfect so it does work so that's something that I think is really really important and is a huge anyways putting the full links is super important so people can right-click select and right-click since he doesn't have the you can't like click these links because Etsy doesn't want you to leave at C's website it's something that they do that's a little bit annoying but I

understand it as a marketplace that they don't want people to leave the website but I find that putting the full URL with the HTTP you know back slashes and stuff is great for people who want to highlight and go to the sites it's easier from that thumb to do that I also love how you have processing time here and something that I do on my own shop and I really like that you tell people what your response time is like that's wonderful to manage expectations for customer service I really am a proponent of putting some policies in this announcement page because it is something that's really easy to access for the customers I know that there is like a you know full policy section Aleksey but I really like utilizing this banner as our this drop-down as a way to put some key information I think that it is really user friendly and helps people and shoppers just kind of get a feel for what's going on ok so you have a lot of items in your shop you have 47 items wonderful it looks like most of them are leashes South Korea as well I I am going to just kind of scroll and take a look at what's going on here and then we can kind of dive into photographs and

that kind of stuff sooo now let's take a look at the leashes it looks like what's making these guys different is what you're kind of wrapping the rope with and then little charms you're putting on there I think that's smart because you kind of can capture some different search engine and key words and stuff instead of having a biggest a full one listing you kind of had these different options I love that you have the dog's paws in it it's a really wonderful way to just kind of make people realize that yeah that is a leash I feel like it was just like I interpret that as being a leash but I think having the paws is really adorable and a wonderful way to style images I also love these you add in the leaves there what a cute idea okay so another thing I love to do is take a look at your listing and how you're doing that I noticed that you are running a promotion within your entire shop it looks like and it looks like it's a 15% off motion and that's something that see added recently is the ability to run storewide sales which to me it's like it took them so long to do that so I'm proud of IC for doing that and happy as a person who uses Etsy and

it's cool to see that you're running a sale like that something I might add just about the sale is maybe tell your customers how long that fifteen percent off sale is going on in this kind of lerm it just is good for like making people you know there's something about having a deadline on a sale because it makes people purchase things in an expedited manner if it's just like an open-ended sale type thing it can be a little bit I think it's just nice to have a deadline on a silk some people will hopefully make their transaction okay oh this is so funny I love how this has like a fall theme to it with the with the leaves and your use of keywords up here are wonderful I always try to make the more keywords the better up here and you definitely is going on and yay this is a perfect example of that I love your price point - I don't think it's - it's not like too over-the-top and I think it's really accessible for most shoppers oh my gosh your dock is so adorable okay and I like that you give people the options of different thread and stuff to put on the leash I think that's

something that when shopping on Etsy you really want because you're getting that customized handmade feel and that's really important the one thing I will say just off the bat when I'm looking at your images is it looks like you're a little bit underexposed nothing crazy but I would you see how you have shadows right here it's because you either using artificial light or your natural light source is coming in from an angle that's pretty harsh a way to minimize that is either get a lighting tent which I use when I take my photos you can get them for pretty inexpensive off em is Amazon gives you if I can link one in the description box if you have a room in your house that gets pretty natural light and that you can make it kind of a diffuse naturally this is a really great way to minimize not having these harsh shadows it doesn't bother me a ton in this image because you kind of have like the fall vibe but just let me think about I do like that you have these you know environmental kind of themed images and then you have these outdoors in places that you would walk a dog which i think is nice it's just something I might think about long-term that if you

do product shots you might want to invest in just a little bit more like this is a pretty clean background and it looks like you are getting you don't have as harsh of a light source so you can still see a little shot out here it looks this looks better for sure um I like the it's just a personal preference thing like if you don't want everything in your shop to be on a white background you don't have to do it it's just kind of when I was coming up on Etsy it was definitely the thing that you needed to have was light background I think with most ecommerce it's smart to take your product shots on clean white backgrounds but again I think that you're pulling it off these like more you know textured prints and things like that well especially since you are selling things for animals you're kind of the concrete and stuff I think translate well I would just say if you have a way to edit photos I think these could just be bumped up a little bit in the brightness or your exposure can be put up a little bit more and it will just pop a little bit better I I have a video kind of on adjusting the exposure and levels on a

photo but there's all types of tutorials on that online I love your the thing is like you're put you're using the concrete as a background which I think again is works really well for your product but you you in the details you see the quality of the rope you see the qualities of your charms on there I think it's working well it looks great I really love the dog paws I would love for you to do like a photo shoot with like in a photo studio or something with a full white backdrop and have dogs in there and I think this little pot this pot motif is something you should keep long-term it's just beautiful okay I got fully destroyed track so let's go back to your listing I just the photo for the photography for me is always the number one thing I'm going to talk about because it's something I'm really passionate about and I think it really makes a huge difference with e-commerce businesses you mean to have great photography and you definitely have great photography of so many different details and images I just think there's a you know the few fine details I would tweak in your dog using your dog as a model is so smart love it

okay so let's read your blurb there's something that I will just throw out there as kind of like a web design type you know rule is people are not when they're looking at things online they don't love to be these huge chunks of text it's just how we use the Internet this is why when I'm on my Etsy shop I try to break things into small paragraphs and use bullet points or line breaks as a way to kind of articulate the different stats and descriptions not saying that you are totally putting all your information here but it's just something where maybe you could format this in a way where it's a little bit more easy to read I love that you have this you 10% of all your sales will go to animal welfare and that is really really amazing I might kind of do like I'm not a fan of I've talked about some other critiques it's like doing banners with like spacing and stuff maybe you could do like note or donate or something like that and that have kind of a more header type format on these so I'm on my own Etsy shop really fast I'm just going to show you guys kind of what I mean by

that I'm just gonna click this listing that I have and see how I just kind of love my use more line breaks within my listing it this is mostly because I know people don't want to read a huge chunk of text I again there one thing wrong with this it's just kind of a personal preference and something I just would like to point out as a thing about how people interact with a website and web design I do really like how you list out all the different materials are using I'm that you signify that it's made to order and his ships from Canada wonderful okay I'm gonna just click on I'm just gonna scroll through and your products I love that you have you have really unusual products like the pas spray I've never I've never really heard of that before and it's something really interesting and something that I would be interested in trying out with my dog I would do these product photographs it looks like you're using artificial light like a lamp or something and you're getting kind of these harsh shadows it just might be something in the future to take a look at and just try to you know reshoot a little bit in natural light I

also I love the props I like that you have it on the pot I think that's really really smart I love your packaging - that's really beautiful I I like this so this I think is a great example this is a little bit more broken into bullet points and brought like you know smaller blurbs I think this is a lot easier for me at least to read which I really love and I like that you have the directions and for yourself I like that you have a note about how it's not great for cats I think that this is a better way to kind of read your products I'm I can you know I'm just like catching affirmation quickly and I really like that cool this does for noses too I put like coconut oil my dog's nose I always worry about that with her but this is really smart and you're advertising it as being a way to kind of help a pets anxiety which is really cool it looks like your feedback is incredible congratulations that's huge and they all look from you know you're getting it done it looks like your paw spray is a huge hit as well which is something I would kind of examine and see if there's like a really lacking in the market place for that and

if I always look boss you've sold a lot of colors as well that's amazing how cute is that dog awesome I love that you have it on the dog of the model that's wonderful I always think with new shops seem like what's trending in your sales is really interesting and then you can kind of maybe put some more time and energy into those listings and just really get those elevated especially with the product photography yeah and you're updating your stories with images and you have a Boston in there how cute I think that these updates can only help your shop and I try to update my Etsy shop updates when I remember to which probably isn't often enough but these are really really incredible and I love that you have your about page you have an image of you vending which is really mean I would add so much more information here about yourself about your dog's about your business just load it up with information I think this is a really great place to kind of have a ton of information about your business I can show you mine is super old because I'm not on top of all my stuff but I they have this whole like carousel

functionality and I would just utilize that and then I would just put as much information as you can again people might not read it but it's cannot hurt that's my advice your shop is amazing I'm gonna check one more thing to see if there's information just on your profile page there's a little bit which is great but you talked about a little bit more about your experience of pets and dog this I would just expand upon it if you can if you feel comfortable doing that again I think it can only help your shop and help your customers kind of see where your stuff is coming from I feel wonderful thank you so much Laura for letting us take a look at your shop I am going to and your Instagram is wonderful and it looks like you're doing a great job updating and so you do talk about your flash sale and stuff on Instagram but I would just maybe put that in the header on your Etsy shop saying that that 15% off shop sale was just for Friday the 13th so people know it's special for the day oh my gosh I love this Boston it's so cute I just love dogs dogs the best anyways this video is getting super long I thank you so much Laura for letting us

take a look at your shop today I hope this is helpful for everyone please comment below if you'd like me to critique your shop and if you have any feedback for Laura over at the shop in the description box and please feel free to leave her comment and leave her constructive feedback I'm sure she'll appreciate it and I'll talk to you guys soon hope you guys are doing well I