11 November 2017

excuse me Mr wether man, my Service Dog looks like a drown rat (10/20/17)

WE didn't expect to have to swim around the block )- option 1 the weatherman sad light rain but well when you can hear it in the background and my dog looks ...


no you look like a freakin drone drop this morning dude if they call that showers I would hate to see a downpour dude she looks like a drone right I sure do you're gonna drown yeah what the look on your face is epic I would hate to see what [Music] [Music] it is [Music] you know and I think justice thing my grandma doesn't understand because that to my grandma who encouraged a couple years ago but probably does that she would always she was one of the people that always helped me with stuff because she's one of those people that it doesn't matter it's horribly horribly ill she has to get up and get dressed get up you know go to a cool shower and wash her hair but if she's too sick to do that she doesn't go to the doctor it's like um that's the point of going to the doctor it doesn't make sense and I'm trying to explain that to her but a lot of times I run into a lot of times I run into issues with her where if I tell her something she blows it off as as the child has told her but if her son who's

an amputee tells her even if we tell her in the exact same words and I don't mean say hurtful and upsetting it just [Music] however which I've done in the past which is going into busy they don't want me using basically are just when I am able to stand and stand and mom kind of balances having the bigger plate health but now that I can't I just sit on it so that'll be nice because of course most doctors you know want me to get way in every appointment unfortunately that is impossible when they don't have the ultra skill and it's too dangerous for you to try to see though so yeah the pharmacy we have figured out what's up with the patches my gosh patches apparently the box scripts that I got was a generic so they can't fill them again obviously until 28 no I did the other part I've got a few of the good ones left a problem we can call they will fill them what's the ones I'm fine yes and then we can always have my doctor send in the next script what's the name branded for such emergencies I had to peel the one I had all that off at the doctor's office because oh well

there's no nice way to put this I was itching like a banshee that actually feels like it's a sore or something I know I hadn't seen one on them previously what does that look like I mean see what I meant by it because it feels like a sore or something okay no listen I just took off would it would it work but are using a piece of gauze because there's the boss right there [Music] you