13 December 2016

Executive Pet Resort presents Our Secrets to Making Each Dog Smile

We take you on a tour as we prepare for arriving Guests at the Resort, including tips and tricks you can do at home to make your Dog smile.

hi everyone we are here at the resort

and we're preparing for three visitors return visitors that we've gotten to know and the advantages to knowing the dogs is that we can then tailor the experience that much more we try to tailor it based on initial observations and then we can deepen it so having returned guess really makes a difference so what we've done is a few things and i'm going to chronicle a little bit so that we can give you a sense of the experience we have that that we're going to be providing for these return guest so the first thing is is they like to sleep together so we've got several different beds they'll be using the great room tonight we think that we'll see how they how they enjoy it today we're going to do a lot of plan here so they feel that it's quite comfortable and a joyful place that they can sit and we also we plug in some Zen music in here so after their bedtime stories and their Zen music we're really going to have a nice restorative sleep we do a little bit of massage or brushing depending on the dog and how well they like to be touched so as we go into the session room you'll see we've got a couple things set up this is the warming

room so when we go outside to play as you can see we're going to be out in that beautiful snow no prints on it at all yet but what we're going to do is have a lot of fun out there and one of the dogs is a little dash hound and it's it's got dash hounds have a very thin fur so we need to make sure he's kept warm and he does have a coat and but we do like to have him run in and have a chance to get warmed up so when we got a little place for him to not so he'll come running in and he'll be able to curl up there and stay warm we also have our towels all set out so we're going to put some of those towels into the dryer to get them nice and warm and if you've been following our Facebook feed you'll see that that we've had Wally in those tell us quite a few times he really enjoyed them so we've got all our toys sent out ready to go we actively pull different toys out and engage them in mental stimulation game so those baskets are very important too so our kitchen is this kitchen is set up just for dogs this is the only purpose we use it for with the exception of our Christmas cookie exchange which we had a great time with so we have water placed

out for the dogs in advance because when they come in they're very stressed well not very stressed these dogs have been here before so they won't be very stressed but dogs need to have water when they're undergoing new changes so we've got some water there for them and we've got we do have some cookies that we baked that will provide because these guys have particular allergies and we're going to check with their parents to see whether any of these sound good to them treats are important but they're not essential treats can also be toys so we've got that ready for them and we're really looking forward to them coming in so now you've seen at the kitchen I'm going to take you into the reception area if you haven't been here before it's quite quite lovely it's got a very Christmassy feel to it we've got all our Christmas gear out as you can see now Wally who's a little bit older he actually has to has to be managed carefully because his energy level isn't as high as boxers so what we do is we manage very specifically different games for him and mental stimulation is so important because what we want to do is to get him to the point where he has

mentally tired and physically tired but not to the point of exhaustion that's really critical a lot of places may not manage the different energy levels of dogs if they do have multiple dogs together there's no way of monitoring it so what we try to do is to create an experience for them that they always find comfortable making sure they always have fresh water making sure they always have a lot of fun but not too fun to the point of exhaustion so if your talk is coming home absolutely stressed out absolutely exhausted it's probably not the best experience for them now I'm going to take you into the Zen room a Zen room is a very special room we really find it to be exceptional and the reason that it's so exceptional is the fact that we can actually help a dog to relax completely here this is also great spot for when we're doing our bedtime stories so every dog gets a bedtime story we usually read from the classics so don't be too concerned about that and we make sure that the dog really settles down we give them massages and cuddles we have a whole pile of tools hidden hidden just behind her our Christmas

presents we have all sorts of brushes and things like that that we bring out we also if a dog is really stressed out we do have several different aromas that we use and we allow the dog to pick the aroma that they want which is very important and it's an amazing transformation that you see if they if they smell something and they get that instant relaxation now we don't use that that often but on occasion if we have a dog that's really finding it difficult to be apart from their owner we do we do introduce some aromatherapy it's it's quite pretty I'm going to turn it around and I'm going to show you the fireplace you how early morning here but you know it's really quite stunning the I'm going to turn it around and just show you how beautiful it is this is where the dogs are going to play today it's really quite amazing it's you know even on video it it's not quite as impressive as it is in in real like when you're standing here it just doesn't feel real it feels like you're in the center of a Christmas card and how amazing is that for the dolls ok so I have to go we're going to get ready to greet our guests

so I'm going to run upstairs make sure i have another coffee and and we're really looking forward to having them here it's going to be a beautiful day good [Music] so we've been outside and we've been playing out the snow there's a lot of fun and what I'm going to do now is just take a towel put it into a dryer we have a separate laundry facility in here and I'm going to heat up a towel for dogs so that when they come in they have a wonderful opportunity to get warm quite quickly so look at that star [Music] [Music] they're really gonna enjoy those towels they're really going to enjoy them so I'm gonna go check on them now work allergy oh oh kisses for two it's more too much for you guys do after our guest Lee's we like to just spend a few minutes to appreciate the beautiful outdoors and where we are this is the beautiful countryside found only in Muskoka one of the interesting things about this property is we're also the international school for canine psychology and behavior and that's a

school that's out of the UK they have 26 countries with students involved in them it's really remarkable because back in September we were offered to be the is CP Canada who are so delighted and the reason that that occurred is because all our values the way we treat dogs the experience that we come up with for the dogs is all based on the values and principles that the is CP puts forward you can check that out actually on the is CP com now the is CP Canada is going to be offering practical workshops and so forth that will allow behaviors to truly understand how to engage a dog and that's what we feel so proud about is that we give these experiences that are amazing for the dog in this stunning spot you [Music]