08 October 2019

Explosive Detection Dogs: Part 1 | Pets | Great Home Ideas

Dr Harry's gone AWOL! he's on his way to Port Augusta to meet some very special members of the Australian Defence Force: explosive detection dogs. Used for ...

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site today and with these guys out front they've got a much better chance of the troops making it out alive [Music] we're here in Outback South Australia on a major military exercise and I made a look at the fantastic fund that exists between these explosive detection dogs and their handlers guys let's get over come on this is a northern tip of Spencer Gulf for more than two thousand Aussie troops from first Brigade are preparing for battle among them in camp a team of combat engineers or sappers [Music] and right alongside their trusted mates the explosive detection dogs or Edie Dee's they're everything around here's covered in camouflage but there tell me the dogs are inside here and I'm right how are you gentlemen hey hey Ozzie Kieran yes hey love the accent what right are you might put a thing introduce me this is Wilbur he's a six year old New Zealand short head colleague this is Scott so she's 4 going

on 5 she's straight border collie hey boy just water collie he could kill the IDI DS are a vital part of military life they and their predecessors the tracker dogs have seen active duty in Vietnam East Timor and Afghanistan where they still currently serve every either with ever seen any service are they still in training yes a what was deployed in 2012 and 2013 to the Middle East to Afghanistan okay what about her she isn't me no she's only done the g20 last year but hasn't left us why it takes a year or more to train these dogs and in this start of work Hillary doesn't count they just need to be at going have a high retrieval instinct and work well with their handler [Music] so how classy here - you're good you get pretty close so you spend a lot of time with him you're sleeping maybe the truth most times you yeah you do gets a Kiwi special and cold nice - you can't let them freeze up together 24/7 they are so over the first into a war zone you know they're just another mate not a soldier really pretty much and you know you feel the same way if they

weren't if I when your own friends were hurdle or killed putting your life in the dog's hands and the dog's putting his life in your hands and it's not just AIT's your your friends your mates behind you as well who were trust in his nose what do you think do you think the dogs feel that there's much ability I personally think they do to them it's just a game it's a big game when he finds the explosive he gets a reward so to him it's it's hide-and-seek you actually show me what you do that's right a convoy rolling in and a search is about to get underway EDD bunny in a handless ever Andrew are on the job yeah in Afghanistan IEDs or he provides explosive devices are a major threat so here in training a small amount of explosives have been planted on a vehicle bonnie has to sniff them out yeah it's not long before her Harley issued sense of smell detect something just just try and she sits and stares yeah this is called a passive response before Andrew recorded a safety and a well that was pretty exciting hey yeah it's I'm glad we started in the tennis

ball what was it that your fan got in some in-service explosives that we use to train and this was the genuine article this wasn't any fake material it was feeling completely lousy yes the real deal can't turn or anything less a completely different search scenario is an urban environment EDD sky and handle akane a methodically sweeping every room of this derelict government building good job [Music] [Applause] [Music] the parole officer I wonder if I left any yeah he tell us so since behind get all she's on channa something yep we have hit pay dirt surround the dish summer is just time pinpoint no yeah we're gonna tell and she's really happy about this engine she knows cuz the Bulls coming [Music] [Laughter] we take them away from the area we do that for their safety as much as else once again that amazing canine nose has done its job she found that very easy especially dark on earth explosive what sort of damage

would that do if it were to go off cure black he was sitting at the desk yes easy Jason effectively what they don't have so much life exactly yes over here incredible stuff and there's more to come a little lever you get to see a dog's award in action in a battle exercise right from the front line [Music]