07 November 2018

eye care for dogs

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and drugs worldwide delivery how many of you have used face moisturizer and eye cream and this for me do you think the skin around your eye is different from the skin on your face you have different products for your lips face and body then why not understand that your under eyes need special attention to skin around your eyes is much thinner and delicate and has no oil glands so it can get dry much faster than the rest of your face today let's talk about mistakes that are causing more wrinkles and the right way to apply under eye products and massage techniques welcome to blushing not wearing sunglasses wearing sunglasses will prevent squinting and thus help prevent crow's feet they also block out UV rays so the fresher skin around your eye is protected from sun damage most common mistake I see when your plan eye cream you circle in wrong direction when you circle pulling your under eyes down you're inviting wrinkles by pulling them down gravity is damaging enough you don't need to pull them further down instead push them upwards also when you circle in the right direction do not

pull the sides of your crow's feet down I stop where my eyebrow ends and again start circling upwards from my cheekbone area continue this for 20 to 30 rounds I go one circle above my eyebrow and one below but never too close to my eyes this is how I massage my crow's feet without pulling them down gently open the eye area with two fingers and massage those deep wrinkles in circular motion massage 20 to 30 times in circular motion on both sides next mistake is using wrong fingers to apply the cream and massage your ring finger is the best to apply eye cream because it uses the right amount of pressure in this delicate area next mistake is applying too much eye cream or too close to your lash line you should avoid placing eye cream too close to your eye because the product travels when it warms up with your body temperature the product will spread within an hour or two so there is no need to apply cream on the soft tissue area when you're sleeping the ingredients can actually slope into your eyes which creates puffiness and itchiness the next morning if it itches

you will try to rub and if you rub your eyes hard it will cause more wrinkles next unlike the skin on the rest of your face the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help keep the skin moist this is part of the reason why it is recommended using a separate eye cream the skin around your eyes have pores - but do you see them like the pores on the rest of your face you don't see them easily because they're ten times smaller than the pores on the rest of your face so the active ingredients of the face moisturizer may not get absorbed easily around your eyes and the first thing that happens is every time you rub your face in that pillow it it it takes that moisturizer off of your eyes I discovered something revolutionary and it needs little common sense to understand why it works red onion feels acute care patches you apply them on a clean face before you apply any skin care on your face this helps it to stick much better it has liquid cone technology that melts lime defying peptides and hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkles for a more youthful appearance and you really can't

experience visibly noticeable results you don't even need to use every night for the rest of your life he used one set every third night for a month and then give a gap of two to three months this is not a paid promotion this is just a promotion and excitement of finding something unique and helpful here are some more results of acute care patches seen on other people I don't know while watching this video if you notice that my left lashes are looking longer and fuller than my right side lashes and it's because I've been testing lash boost again by redundant fields for the last four weeks and I can already see a big difference I have to continue this for another three to four weeks which is recommended and then see where it takes me and here is a picture without any mascara on my lashes but in the meantime if you are in United States Australia or Canada you can buy the / boost and the acute care patches from my website link in the description below this video