11 September 2019

Fake Service Dog Complication.. Part 2

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[Music] yeah what tasks to be performed what tests to zero perform so emotional support so under the ABA emotional support dogs don't aren't service dogs are not the same if you go look out on that it's a little crack outside it says no dogs allowed like no pets underneath it it says emotional support animals aren't service dogs okay so somebody who has a dog with them it's getting an inch in it for that in the dog yeah because it's not a service dog and that some of these service dogs allowed so that bothers ya because he can hurt my dog or distract him this is a twenty thousand dollar not my dog's been attacked three times by pets who aren't supposed to be in here so next time just don't bring them in is not allowed yeah because they can't do anything because there's too afraid that you're gonna sue Walmart but the dogs not allowed in here all right so that's ha no well I have a service dog that's been attacked three times in the same Walmart because your dogs on a service dog so take it out of Walmart okay thank you

check out with her [Music] [Music] [Music] do you know what does this emotional support doesn't fall under the service dog category in the ABA no it doesn't Thanks [Music] you know give me something about service oh yeah that's not a service but like he's not behaving like a circle it Yanis been professionally done with like I work you'd be perfectly fine if you went up to him a touch soon then he couldn't be in public if he doesn't he's aggressive or doesn't like people touching him he's gonna bark at someone that he shouldn't be out there [Music] so you know those you got it online so what is he test trained to perform like one of his tasks to do so he's emotional support dog then they don't qualify under the ad a as a service dog they don't have public access so he shouldn't be in public [Music] [Music]

[Music] they are they have trained over 400 hours to do what they do [Music] it wasn't a service dog I asked you those friendly okay okay well usually it's gotta been since when is it friendly I was going to she said finish the service only yeah [Music] yes and it's very first because it's not an actual service on but and then jumped up at mine when you came well we have a district person but I don't care okay if you consider or you all day put it well if you know if you want to make their daughter one day it'll go fit on this knocker if I want to forget about an emotional support animal that's not a service dog service console never bark and emotional support animals are not service dogs and they Campion pets and start thinking they can't it's illegal it's a felony it is alright it's illegal see real service dog fake service dog she's not gonna bark and here's his growling in mind [Music]

yes not telling anyone [Music] [Music] and it's done it why are you doing it because he's not trained [Music] [Music] I mean you're like tested [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you know what I started allowed in there right [Music] [Music] the Cosby's [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] just trim white target in today today wait dear [Applause] [Music] maybe to to be great [Music] [Music] Oh

[Music] [Music] Oh [Music] did your dog [Music] what tasks does he perform what so like unless you support [Music] so it's not a circle [Music] you know that's illegal I have a service dog [Music] pigma okay focus [Music] you [Music] you [Music]