10 October 2018

Family Guy S17E02 - 'Dead Dog Walking' Review

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hello and welcome it's time for the second part of Brown story to be reviewed but first let us go back to the cutaway account as well and it's hit a nice solid total of seven a mixed bag this time a couple outta cabbage a few middling and sunlit a pretty good so of course I do have a pic this time and it's probably the only laugh out loud moment I had in the entire episode that I can remember so no sorry wake up alright we're out of here okay Stewie's going to the party yeah but where's Chris going I have no idea he's completely off the grid forever dead dog walking is a continuation from the fairly solid Premiere married with cancer which saw Brian get married to someone with cancer only for it to be cured which causes him to be stuck with her yeah it did have a weak final third but the majority of it was pretty good too which is continued here and I hated it I really did Family Guy has been on a pretty good run going all the way back to last season sure there was the unkindness cut but in general even when it dropped the ball it was at least

somewhat entertaining but this that this was just a powerful opening with a meta joke where it positions this episode as being better than the pilot but worse and the star story which isn't even true this is much worse than both of them and I bring this up as it is the kind of lazy winking self reference you'll attempt that lets us know we're with us something quite bad as it's a glee centers on brand yes but without any direction our structure to focus it and not helped by it routinely cutting into its main story with some horrendously placed scenes from the B plot to be more specific it's sort of revolves around Brian gaining weight just having to take care of him you know reversing the situation from the last episode yielding very few left outside the amusing al pacino recurring gag and the comparatively shining light of Peter letting Brian in on being a husband speaking of Peters presence in this episode is easily its best assets as well as jumping game with the kind of goofy amusing husband defecation of Brian he also seems to be the only thing moving things forward as it devolves

into Brian becoming obese treating Jess like crap barely any semblance of pacing our direction with even it's more notable moment like Brian breaking his leg are just taking brain to the pound feeling incredibly random even something as simple as the good old-fashioned montage bit is tediously frustratingly put together with all the energy of a wet fat if you haven't guessed this by now it's all just so very disconnected it barely honestly feels like the second part of the story there was potential to jazz trying to look after unconcerned and overweight Brian before taking him to be put down but there's very little to it because nothing else really backs it up making it how to muster any sort of reason to care that Brian's being put down once again it falls to Peter to create something momentarily worth while as he pops up with a pretty funny moment when hearing that brands being euthanized come on [Music] euthanize euthanize euthanize all in all it just starts a plug long pizza appears every so often injecting an amusing line so sort of direction that's about it there may well have been something in

Brian and Jes deserving each other when Brian confronts her about putting him down and she confronts him about her choking which also doesn't even work as a comparison anyway because they weren't the same but it's so standoffish in general that it just felt insulting when it asked me to be invested in it and it's done wrapped up just dies nothing is really gained here disappointing waste of time um the subplot side of things they aren't really any better as it involves Stewie and Chris vaping outside of a few again mildly amusing at best moments like Chris first trained vaping are his end realization that he is in fact a douchebag it's a typical Family Guy subplot attempt to go in on a subject poke at it and its surrounding culture like say a Peter and bingo from a couple of seasons ago so it is very case by case maybe you will get something from it but for me much like that episode it mostly just struggles to get enough out of it even managing to hit on something particularly terrible it might not be as frustrating impact as the main but it is it's certainly more boring dead dog

walking is as bad as family guys been for some time it drops all sense of structure early on and barely feeling connected to the previous it very rarely registers a laugh and it has a dull be plot that I'll very quickly forget Peter provides some fun but it's far from enough complete right off yeah never watching this one again thanks no more like this please what did you think of whatever this was let me know till next time [Music]