11 October 2018

Family Guy Season 17 Episode 002 - Dead Dog Walking

Family Guy Season 17 Episode 002 - Dead Dog Walking Family Guy Season 17 Episode 002 - Dead Dog Walking Family Guy Season 17 Episode 002 - Dead ...


previously and now the currents better than the pilot but not as good as star wars episode of Family Guy pictures on your father's computer and she's blackmailing us she can do what she wants so we get some dirt on her I didn't know we're supposed to be hired before I took the bedbugs that don't make sense this isn't the Red Rock Motor Lodge in Montgomery Alabama please send the lawsuit to our lawyer whose address very just but it's awful I can't live this way hey relax you're married now you don't have to worry about nothing everything's done for you I mean we're gonna have a great adventure like the astronaut who thinks the lowest number is three and liftoff in five four I've never seen this place before is it new nope been here for 30 years you just can't see it until you get married watch take your ring off it's for a series of sheds I got a lot of sheds back home oh you have more than one shed of course you always need an extra shed those really Tom Arnold's sweatpants in that frame yep that's the husband's wall of heroes there are a lot of fat guys here

Wow that feels amazing now let's order some food Oh looks like they really want me to come that party we're gonna have to go you you have a pager do we wake up all right we're out of here okay Stewie's going to the party yeah but where's Chris going I have no idea boy this really is a high school party complete with the popular kid who's clearly going to die in a car accident oh I want to be a douchebag do you own 19 hats I only have one but it's a Stu C hat with a flat brim hey we have eyes on Chris he's had a douchebag vaping party sooner or later they all get sloppy no because I'm not a Skidmore freshman at a Lake George share house or am i fine I landed on Bryce awesome I'm starving oh crap Ryan you okay how's it look doc I'm sorry to say you have hip dysplasia what's that I'm not sure in the sky this thing will just drive out no for Brian ah well wouldn't hurt to lose some weight and he won't be able to walk until his happen Rapp and MRI yes adding that to my set and not go to the football part it smells like raspberry yummy watch this

you a liquid please anything that tastes like a fruit roll-up good all good good all good no worries all good we're good good had any in three hours it's so easy to vape more let's face it this is the most fun we've had since mom got hooked on coffee and bought that al pacino ah don't listen to her I'm so easy I do have to go to the bathroom though Jess really has been a minute what's this kind of like a pre-op or all these dogs having hip surgery [Music] look [Music] [Applause] mommy needs money for scratches what kind of brazen thievery is this no mom I'm not my brother's keeper babies are stupid like that [Music] I need to talk to you technically that was not my vape pen cigarette like frustrated mothers are supposed to do you're such a hypocrite at least vaping is healthy oh don't be an idiot it's okay Chris your secret's safe with me you know oh well anyway I was just

wondering sorry my mom wanted one too oh that's fine dammit now I have to do that whatever he did I'm warning you if you kill me the Internet's gonna freak out stop that's my dog Oh Peter thank God you got here just in time you want to make $200 I do let me choke to death okay fine I probably could have done more to save your life I was just so unhappy being married I maybe we deserve each other it does seem like we're meant for each other I mean gosh maybe that's what true marriage is nice funeral service yeah it's sad she was the love of my life my heart Chris you told him tell no I didn't Brian told me are you serious Peter you said you wouldn't say anything I promise yell mad you frigging town crier you're such a she's a bitch meg you said you wouldn't tell Stewie secret Stewie you told dad [Music]