17 February 2019

Family Guy Theory: The Real Reason Not Everyone Can Understand Stewie

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what a night have you ever watched Family Guy and wondered to yourself wait a second who can actually understand Stewie am I talking to myself up there you're not alone my friend while it's clear that Brian other children and a few other characters always know what Stewie is talking about things get a little more confusing when it comes to everyone else in the world a Family Guy anything goes giant chickens fight adult men the kool-aid man lives among us animals can talk and date human beings without raising eyebrows and babies are secret geniuses with underground laboratories and British accents that seem to have come out of nowhere but really that last one really only applies to one baby in particular Stewie Griffin boom boom we've known from the beginning Stewie isn't like every other baby out there and that's what makes him so much fun to watch if it were a show about a baby who just did normal baby stuff all day we might not tune in quite as much to watch him sleep and eat and poop and cry and repeat but while we accept Stewie's genius it has somewhat shockingly seemed to a state a secret from everyone in the family except his

best friend Brian even his ability to talk seems to fade in and out as needed which leads us to wonder why is it exactly that not everyone can understand Stewie one totally fascinating theory might just have all the answers we're looking for this question has clearly been on fans minds for quite some time and one particular has come up with this seriously compelling idea it goes like this there is no clear answer because the entire show is seen through Stewie's eyes or how he interprets the world let's elaborate the reason that the world of the show is so completely exaggerated and over-the-top is because it's all being filtered through the eyes of a baby who sees things as bigger and more cartoonish quite literally than they are wonderful bribe we get that this might seem like a bit of a reach and it might even raise more questions like Howard's do we see things happening to other characters when he's not in the room and how could he possibly know all or even any of the constant pop-culture references that the show makes in its famous cutaways well sit back because we've got the answers for you we'll start with Brian we've long since

accepted the fact that Brian walks and talks and lives like a human being would and fact that he's a dog really doesn't bother anyone but what if he doesn't if we go along with a theory that what we see is through Stewie's eyes Brian does all of these human things because Stewie loves him and sees him as any other member of the family just like kids do with their pets if we were to step outside of Stewie's interpretation we'd see the family talking to Brian not as an equal but the way we talk to our pets and we know Stewie's a little possessive of Brian so when we see Brian going on dates and winding up in relationships with women that all seem to go awry it's actually just Stewie projecting the jealousy he feels towards his family dog getting attention from anyone other than him not only does this theory explain how Brian exists the way he does it also helps explain he and Stewie's numerous adventures Brian is the Hobbes - Stewie's Calvin if you catch our drift along with his bear Rupert Stewie creates elaborate and danger filled adventures for him and his best friend to go on together think about it

the time machine that Stewie has in his room is not only huge totally out in the open for anyone to discover but makes a ton of noise and light whenever activated not even counting the fact that Stewie is a baby and time travel has not been proven to exist yes but how would no one in the house grow wise - what was going on if it wasn't all make-believe babies aren't usually awarded that much privacy no matter how distracted their families are we're not saying that Peter and Lois are the best parents ever but come on someone might at the very least notice if their infant son and dog had completely disappeared for extended periods of time wouldn't they and speaking of Peter and Lois this theory has some interesting stuff to say about their characters as seen through Stewie's eyes as well Peter is the most over-the-top characterization of the bumbling beer-soaked suburban dad like Homer Simpson plus L Bundy times a thousand with a bit of Fred Flintstone thrown in there for good measure so much so that it's almost believable that he wouldn't notice that his baby is a time-traveling genius almost but this theory argues

that Peter isn't actually so exaggerated after all that again it's just the way that Stewie perceives him it proposes that because Peter is at work all day he comes home and does what most parents do with their babies acts silly and over-the-top in order to make them laugh so what Stewie sees is the funny faces crazy voices and funny antics of a dad trying to entertain his son and because that's what Stewie knows this is how he assumes Peter is all the time which is what we see all those times that we wondered how Peter could afford things like the Peter copter was just him playing with Stewie and Stewie's childlike imagination making it seem real but Stewie's relationship with Lois is another thing entirely we've known since day one that Stewie has it out for his mother no is this a dead woman but after multiple attempts at ending her life he has seemed to relax a bit about it in these later seasons but when she's not totally off the rails Lois is known for being strict and naggy with her running gag being about how serious she is about grocery shopping well this is all explained by the theory once again because Stewie spends all his

time at home with her she isn't the fun one the way Peter gets to be Lois has to keep everything in order feed him change his diaper and put him down for naps all the things that children hate to do so in his mind Lois is out to ruin his life fueling his totally over-the-top hatred of her and desire to take her out for good and the reason that Lois can never seem to understand Stewie when other characters can is that she doesn't listen to him and ignores his cries when babies cry and protest we still make them eat and sleep and get their diapers changed because it's for their own good and they need those things to you know live we've also seen a lot of Lois being unhappy with her stay-at-home status lately mommy let me mama and her day drinking is definitely a little out of control now while she might have a pretty serious problem it might also be another case the entire experience being exaggerated through Stewie's eyes as for Megan Chris whose ability to understand Stewie does seem to fade in and out as the story requires well that's just sibling stuff if you have siblings you know that you can switch from feeling

totally understood and completely ignored by them on a dime and while Stewie is a baby this still applies so when Stewie feels understood by either his brother or sister we the audience get the impression that they can hear him and when he feels ignored oh you get the point but what about all of those pop-culture references the flashbacks the cutaways movies and he shows that Stewie couldn't possibly remember from decades before he was born well the theory has some ideas about how to explain all of that so don't you worry first off we know that Stewie spends a ton of time in front of the TV just like the rest of the family we see him sitting there on the couch watching with the rest of them and then on his own numerous times so it's totally possible that he actually has seen tons of reruns of old TV shows and older movies just from that alone and we know that Peter is a huge fan of pop culture from his youth so like any dad who wants to share that nostalgia with their kids it makes a ton of sense that he would go out of his way to show Stewie Meg and Chris his favorite movies and TV that he then references all the time oh so

you're telling us that your dad didn't walk around the house shout at 1.21 jigowatts and then make you watch all three back to the futures when you were 13 so you'd get his dad jokes too we know he did so don't even try to deny it Marty and we know you took that Farmers Almanac too far we sang oh yeah so Stewie has been exposed to all of Peters favorite movies and TV but because he's a baby he hasn't quite figured out the difference between TV and reality it takes years for children to be able to make the distinction between what is real and what isn't just like their very real relationships with imaginary friends and their stuffed animals and so too Stewie those episodes feel like they happened for real which is why the cutaways are so detailed almost like he experienced them in real life and what about the things that happen during the day out of the house that Stewie couldn't possibly know about they can be explained by the fact that when the family comes home at the end of the day they tell each other what happened throughout it Peter talks about his day at the brewery and his time at the drunken clam with Cleveland Joe and

Quagmire Chris and Meg talk about what happened at school and well Lois spent the day with Stewie anyway so he already knows what went on there and then all of those stories get exaggerated by his childlike mind and imagination and what we see in the show is the result there is even evidence to support this theory in the show itself specifically in the episode back to the pilot in the episode Stewie and Brian traveled back to the pilot in order to retrieve a tennis ball that Brian buried in the backyard of course shenanigans ensue and things go awry but Stewie does mention that the pilot is his earliest memory which is exactly the kind of hint that helps support this theory clearly all the other characters are older than stewey with decades worth of their own experiences and memories so why would the first episode of the show also coincide with Stewie's first memory if it weren't all from his perspective it could have started earlier but the entirety of FAMILY GUY as we know it only kicks off as Stewie is able to recall things happening around him the theory also helps to explain why Stewie has the mysterious British accent that

he is so well known for I'm British Stewie I don't hear anything different he's from Rhode Island and yet sounds completely different from everyone else in the family in the episode send in Stewie he sent to a child psychologist to deal with a playground incident what follows is an entire episode where Stewie first attacks his therapist then pours his heart out to him before eventually letting him die of a heart attack but before that happens Stewie admits that he knows that his British accent isn't real that it's just an affectation put on to distinguish himself from a family that he doesn't quite connect with but it took until season 16 to reveal that information because Stewie himself controls how we see his world and after what happened to his therapist who appears to understand him because it is his job to communicate with infants and children by the way we might be better off letting it stay that way who knew that Family Guy could still surprise us after all these years what did you think of this theory do you believe it or not so much what do you

think the show would be like from another family members perspective let us know down below and we hope you had fun watching [Music]