07 April 2018


Today I'm playing more of the Granny Horror Game since you guys loved the previous episodes, watch until the end to see if I finally end GRANNY! SKETCH ...

what what is this this is not acceptable

no no I'm putting that on there there we go much better [Music] how we doing fellas welcome back to another video friend I'm sorry I mean I'm just in a very murderous mood which is fitting because today we're playing more of the granny horror game that everybody loves now last time we played the granny horror game you guys actually really seem to like it which is awesome because I had a lot of fun playing it but we didn't escape the house and we didn't kill granny but this time it's gonna be different okay we are gonna kill that old woman she has got to be put out of her misery she's ridiculous we're jumping into the game by Davey looper lopper whatever it is all right here we go granny I'm ready bring it on I'm ready for you this time you thought last time that I was a pushover you're mistaken okay I'm not a pushover I just happened to not be very good at the game last time whatever this time it's a whole new ball game grandma so first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk out of here and run downstairs really fast oh no she definitely heard

me knock those paintings over oh no there she is dang it I just didn't see you that time okay day two okay day one didn't go as well as I had hoped but you know what day - day two new day new me that's what they say I have to leave this house yes that's pretty obvious the thing about day two and you'll try to escape and it just doesn't work we gotta go over here we got to hide under the bed huh we gotta wait for this old woman to come in the room come on hurry up but I got I don't got all day we do this is you think I got time to spare I got to get out of here and go to my recorder recital I've been practicing the recorder for quite some time if I'm late to that recital my career is over come on dude what is dank here's no log you're so boring come on hurry up I'm gonna knock some stuff over maybe that'll wake her up okay I knocked over the vase so that should be enough to get her to come in the room hurry up please just come on dude what are you waiting for there she is it's about time you showed up No Oh granny granny granny granny granny granny I hate you so much okay we

have to find the hammer I feel like I've searched this entire house and I haven't found the hammer once so go over here maybe it's in here I don't know let's search the drawers or something nothing in there nothing in there all useless no hammer how about in here what is this this boxes that's not gonna help us non-buddhist biro right here maybe there's something in here no nothing of course not why would there be anything useful over there that doesn't make any set is this door lock you serious alright looks like we're gonna have to go back there's no there's cheese okay we're gonna hide into the bed now I'm not under here cramsey no get away from me that scared me but I didn't scream because I didn't want to seem like a whiny baby alright here we go here we go we're just gonna run straight down the stairs I know I've tried this before but we're gonna have to try it again sneaky sneak sneak sneak it's just gonna sneak around gonna move real slowly she's kind of like a t-rex if you don't move she's dead she sees you okay day five the last day starring granny and me

her grandson she hates me but you know it's tough love I don't know why there would be a hammer in here but there's way there's a melon that's good it's nice something is inside his melon what what do you mean there's something inside the melon that what maybe it's the hammer dude alright she's gonna throw me downstairs I've already seen this I am done here granny granny you look fantastic I don't think I can say that enough day one again for the six hundredth time alright I got this it's in the bag this time for sure we're gonna go over here I'm gonna shut this door so she doesn't know that I even left the room grab the water there's no watermelon why is what are you serious are you kidding me I thought there'd be a watermelon nope there isn't cool good stuff well the watermelon must be downstairs then anything in these cabinets I feel like I'm Jack what are you doing grandma I was just checking the cabinets I hate day to do day 2 gets on my nerves why is the door start locked it's like I had to sit there open the door I gotta wait 20 minutes for Grandma out of water or stupid thought up the stairs so that

I could actually leave the room I'm just gonna keep opening I'm just gonna keep trying to open this knock I'm gonna make a bunch of noise open the drawers I wonder if the water only shows up in the bathtub on day five that could be a possibility I don't know grandma you're dumb as a bat get out of your dumb as a bat blind as a bat stupid like a bat I mean that's pretty much the first thing I said yeah go ahead go go on a shoot why do you move so gosh-darn slow when you crouch dude it makes me mad she's back with the bear traps baby you can't stop this crazy maniacal woman from laying bear traps in her own house she loves it that's just a favorite pastime watermelon yes no no watermelon cool all right let's get out of here oh hey hey dude I hate this game I'm playing it anyways because I just really I just find the hammer if I could find the hammer that I can do what I want to do walk around that excuse me please say there's a watermelon it's only on day five that's the only day there's a watermelon I should have known granny I'm gonna take a painting off the wall knock oh there she is here she comes come on granny come on

let's go to the attic I want to try to trick her into falling through the floor right here but the only way to do that is to break this and I need a hammer for that get in there she's not gonna know him here all right we tricked her she's stupid we've already been over this granny your teeth they look great how do you do it how do you keep such great oral hygiene please can you share with me that secret you're looking fantastic you never looked better what the heck is this my dude what is that right here a piece of a painting what the heck am I gonna do with this okay I just fell alright hopefully she didn't hear that that'd be bad cuz then she'd know where I am oh we're in the bathroom no way okay so what do I do with this piece of painting oh no close the door run there's nowhere to hide in here I don't know what I'm gonna do dude I'm screwed she's gonna come for me no bad grandma no come on we got a piece of the painting though so I mean good I don't know how that's gonna help me I feel like I'm finding all the tools that I can't use you know I mean like oh okay day five let's go and find the hammer it has to be in the watermelon that's the

only place I can think of it being it actually makes somewhat sense no hold on hold on run run run under the bed she can't get us high graham-cracker it's my little nickname for her she's so cute so adorable what he's gonna stand outside he's gonna stand outside and walk into the okay she's going there she goes okay grandma I have a good day she's gonna go check the Attic how she does that we can sneak to the bathroom get the watermelon hammer go ahead go check your stupid attic I don't know why anybody would be up there dummy here we go secret agent man secret hey where is the watermelon why was there hmm okay okay okay she's upstairs in the Attic which is good we finally can explore the downstairs area which we haven't really been able to do the hammer has to be like in the basement or something man it has to be somewhere like it's not in here I don't think there's nothing in here there's nothing where's the painting that we had pieces to what I can't even see anything dude so dark just a stupid couch oh yeah yeah there's nothing in here okay cool sick stuff is that the

painting we're the missing pieces oh I'm not in here oh she didn't see me Oh idiot what an idiot dude let's check out the cellar this is the painting with the missing pieces in it okay cool there are pieces missing yeah I know that alright I just said that and what is this what is this thing I've no no no okay I made noise dang it why did I do that why did I do that that was stupid what is this now man what is this where am I gonna hide quick push that push that to the side let me in oh my gosh what is this place what is this place what is this what what is that I don't know what it is get out of my face is it a hammer no that's a handle alright we're just gonna keep exploring the house now we're gonna go through this I don't know where this is going what the egg what are we in where are we right now man what the heck where does this even lead what is this where am I I don't know oh gosh the watermelon no way drop the hand over right now we're gonna hit the melon something's inside the watermelon break it break the watermelon please don't say she's following me if she followed me here I'm gonna be so upset because I've never gotten this far before how do I

break it just let me break the melon can I break it please what the heck oh no she'sshe's right there where am I gonna hide I gotta hide somewhere go in the well no grandma no stop stop it stop it stop it hide under the thing hide under the know how did you get me to I got so far I've never been that far before oh no this is the last day I thought the previous day was the last day okay the watermelon is gonna be in the bathroom this time for whatever reason all right I don't know how that helps us because I don't know how to break the watermelon at all but we're gonna get the watermelon I have no idea why the watermelon was in the bathtub that one time but oh no please please grandma grams grams grams you don't want to do this you don't want this I don't want this nobody wants this the piece of the painting isn't even here I swear they just put everything in a different spot every time it makes me very angry Oh what how did you pick this ah god I hate you you really get me hot and bothered by your shenanigans your shenanigans granny that's what I can't put up with I can put up with your disgusting face

your crazy ramblings I just can't deal with you alright it makes me very mad every time I try to beat the game and you're just there you are again right in front of my face of course you are course come on up grams this way upstairs come on push that aside please okay whoo she definitely has no idea where we are stupid grandma so dumb oh my god you're so stupid quick gotta go to the hidden area well hidden room you moved so slow when you're crouched it makes me so upset what is this right here what is this thing I feel like this is something it's not it's nothing okay this is different dude this is not the same room I was in before what is this what is any of this mean where am i this is so different this is not what I wanted I need a weapon key what is a weapon key man what are all these secret compartments I had no idea this was part of the game okay we're gonna take the handle I don't know what we can do with this can we open this thing with it no that's not that's not what that goes to okay where are we now we're in what is this I didn't know this leads here I didn't know there was a secret compartment in that part of the room can

we please jump over these boxes thank you gosh man okay granny is definitely looking for me she's not happy there she is okay we're gonna put this on the door okay I need a padlock key that's that's not good okay I don't know what this goes to I don't know what this handle goes to man get out of my way gallery oh this is the secret room I was in before okay I wonder if granny can get me in here I really hope that's not the case this is my fifth day in this house she chases me wherever I go I'm quite injured and my body hurts the only thing I remember before I woke up in this house is that I was driving when my car suddenly broke down I went out to see what the problem was when somebody suddenly hit me in the head I have managed to open a pair of locks on the front door but that's all why does she do this if I do not survive this and if someone finds this message I have noticed that she sometimes hides things inside fruits of course the watermelon man it all makes sense the hammer is definitely inside the watermelon I just don't know how to open the watermelon I

need to break it somehow but I don't know how to do that they don't exactly give you instructions on how to break watermelons stupid makes me very upset where am i right now dude what is this place what is this right here this is locked I can't go in there I can hide in this box though did that bell ring when I walked over that oh no oh no hide here whew I feel like if we get the watermelon and bring it here we can put the watermelon in the guillotine and then it'll open the watermelon I think that might be what we have to do I'm not entirely sure though okay she's right there graeme crazy woman crazy old bat what are you doing is she gonna come in here or not man are you coming in are you gonna be a bum I can't open that door okay that's not very good is it what is this the guillotine of course instructions to the guillotine I bet you this is the round that the watermelon spawned in the bathroom I guarantee that's where it is because I don't see it anywhere around here I still don't know what I have to do with the stupid handle man what the hammer oh my god no no no no please no I need to escape

let me out thank you oh my god we did it we got the hammer guys where is grandma she's around here somewhere she has to be around here somewhere where are you there you are come on up here granny come on right here are you serious you serious you don't see me dude look around you thank you there you go it's about time you stupid elder don't nothing here we go here we go this is it we're gonna kill granny once and for all open that I can't open that why can't I open that drop the thing open it's not opening no oh okay she didn't see me she definitely assumed no no no no I'm good don't don't do it don't do this don't do this come on oh all right guys I'm gonna have to end the video here I'm so sorry I didn't really get that much done but we discovered some things you know we discovered secret passageways in the house I didn't even know that that was a thing but apparently it is I promised that next time we will kill her I promise I will do everything in my power to end this woman's life you crazy all the woman thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did playing it if you guys

want to see more on the channel let me know down in the comments section like the video subscribe and hit the notification bell if you actually want to be notified when I upload because just subscribing doesn't do anything anymore unfortunately but besides that we'll see you guys in the next video taking [Music]