13 August 2019

Father cat Lion takes care of kittens?🐱🦁

Father cat Lion takes care of kittens? I dont understand the parenting procedures of cats and would really like to tell me if my male cat is mothering our kittens by ...

I have no idea what's going on I have

three of three kittens and I'm not an animal person so I'm just gonna start by saying that in kids I forget we have three kittens and a big cat I do kind of one I do like cats but outside but anyway there are three female kittens and then male cat can't see very well on the ones and we got their three females that's what we got so that way he apparently wouldn't hurt them but he might he would most likely kill male kittens and he's been since I just got home he's been acting super weird around them but he's not being mean he's just being really weird [Music] he's crazy and the other ones playing with a calf your tag thing just so you know I'm Izzy Joey anyone that knows cats oh I wish I could catch him wrestling with these calves like he was doing before I'm licking them but then also even when he was gonna bite them but then he didn't bite them and then he chased them out of the flower bed where I told him that he has to take care of them and make sure that they'd be good and also they don't get eaten by the Fox comes to our yard and he knows he's not supposed

to go on the flowerbed because he's got in trouble for it quite a few times but they keep going in the flower bed and I mean spreading it with water when they go in they are they the Calico in his Cali the one she's fighting with is fuzz ball or fuzzy and then the one down here and camera shaking is crazy he's she's climbing in between are what is he doing teaching them to fight looks like he's hurting them but I don't I'm sure he's not lyin Kelly get away from the flowerbed Cowie I probably have interrupted them they're just eating animals and teaching each other wonderful things and I swear it's like he talks to them well he does I'm sure but I can hear him talking stop them does anybody know what's happening I think he's teaching them but I don't know I feel like I should protect well I just missed that okay so Kali is hiding behind the deck box and she had screamed and went down around the deck and he came out by Mozilla and then she climbed

up crawled up behind the dive box or something and he went and lanka's gave her a kiss right now as if to say sorry if I hurt you it's just playing and teaching I don't know I'm just totally pretending I'm a cat here and I know what's in cats mind but what is going on [Music] I lion what are you doing what are you doing my boy lion what is the deal [Music] babies in a bad mood oh I don't know it's gonna bad mood it's not it then he keeps going to that spot and like smelling it or something what is happening I need to know you guys comment below if you know anything about animals should I be stopping this what is happening is he trying to kill my kittens alls Kipnis and else still sleeping I don't know if you can see my goodness if you find a kitten dead well like go blame it on the the Fox Leanne what I've named her the cat maybe the kitten is not alive I hold the kittens alive you see the kitten under the car

reading itselfand she looks to be okay what the heck is going on every time I go to get away and stop videoing this because I can't be that interesting forever they do something more interesting I thought they were going to but you know he's licking himself you're not paying attention to her well there's the other cat keep going pretty cat go okay make sure she goes away around Oh now her and Kali are fighting a little bit and he seems to have interactions more often with forget it's one of the gray kittens but I don't know which one how's it down look at wake up girlie wake up my darling sweetie oh I see your beautiful new earrings your teddy bear earrings wake up Bell it's not so that you should not go to sleep yet you don't usually go to sleep at six in the afternoon wake up love well that's good gum open your pretty eyes how will you open your eyes little noise hello darling do you want to go in the house are you hungry you didn't eat much at Grandma's camper we had sausages and and fees and you just had a little tight like one piece of an orange sweetheart wake up this OH

such big stretches oh no it's okay don't cry honey on that full body shake okay grab your platypus okay al I need you to watch it get you out you're on done alrighty i unbuckled you from your booster seat what are the cats doing the Lions over there he's not focusing there you go get you out