04 September 2016

Fear The Walking Dead | 1x03 RECTION "The Dog"

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hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel so stay watching fear the walking dead episode 3 hopefully things that kick off a little bit more last episode Travis and his family stayed in the shop who's all going crazy outside while Madison another family sits at home so yeah people are dying going crazy I think this episode is called the dark and now let's just get started invis dad listen putting mr. Dawson geniuses he's gone what the hell did he get our station so dunno open that so it's all stuff that takes too long to absorb I'm not their ideas told me yeah the pills not to get home who's the expert on ten i move case i'll get on stay close to the truck going crazy for the sake of seen crazy no I'm like I was right in civilization and and fast so someone I can job here I wanna help or gonna help you I just saved you from that doesn't matter is it somewhere I can take you you will take us with you to my house yes I'll call my cousin who come and get us then stop came to score not the one to start nothing like that was a bit rude like he was like can I drop you off someone like yeah take the house they just like leave the dog

just their distress comical is it a fellow gonna go back to liza's house with you doctor zombies don't be funnin you just start time to talk too much about to the office I'm trying to save you be sure you've realized his crystorama suffice no my god Susan she's sick she can't tell he's not sick she's dead he's not like that mom not like that's not why would you say that cuddle stitches burnham if you burn him the sickness will not spread we don't know how it spreads okay so we should go with them tomorrow them know they don't know what's happening we can't handle this on our own I can handle that this is the wrong time to be in someone else's dead they are not family your family mine opens off tomorrow you know knows me you've never gotten Leslie I'm saying this fear as a mother we should support each other you and me the kids need it ever I end up like her I need you to take care of it don't make Travis to break him like you do these bets Valley do you don't know anything general if even there's a smallest chance that she can be out it's not your call until the guys that really hurt you from above the

other hand you could in fact she's a stranger's in pain so mine I'm gonna help I don't need you mom I need my medicine she needs it not so moline contagious the blends out how it happens you wouldn't want an assaults been exposed no you all already have the disease what's that well now what have your surround you on the way out but now that I'm surprised yeah that was really good it was so much more action-packed in the first two episodes it doesn't bother me if an episode is an action-packed it's just but it just kind of like set up models of story i guess just can't wait to see what happens next make sure you come back next weekend for episode 4 and yeah thanks watching you