08 November 2018

Feeding All My Pets

my dog's chance okay you can have it she

choose that cuz I haven't done that yet is this down okay so I'm gonna feed everyone [Music] okay I'll get right all right so okay okay so I have my two third toes so I'm gonna start off with my dearest food and no idea where that container I see angels all right okay I see two combinations for her of seed yeah two combinations and with DJ I do the Recon the nations of the food I just filled these containers okay I'll pick it up angel I know go for it stripper DJ whoa and also items and treats I wouldn't showing footage of me doing they're worn uppers they won't go to put it right away yeah I'll go there right now can't bring tables at the same time for this weird this is really awkward um I'm sorry but this is gonna be a bit weird this time hey wow what a surprise what a surprise look that's angel a mattress cage of toys has that eating for you like before what he doing you're not coming out you're not coming out every time I open this door Sean no you're not

coming out hey beautiful my beautiful she never steps up hey just doing that because of cameras there is a ghost in there so you have something so I'm gonna give the bird some treats this is not much meat it's just some like dry bed she's ever on top of it okay let's go give them to it that's good news let's go get an Angel's cage and she's eating I'm just gonna put this honey stick right there she will come to it eventually you're not gonna trap okay just a little bit easy huh yeah I'm just gonna write and show she she might yeah I get some Spanish so totally that love speech that's DJ but I can't really give these finishes okay I'm not going to show these guys unless it's kind of gross but does their messy eaters but yeah these are my two caps this is a polar hey Kiki maybe whiskers hey buddy really golf fighting fish I used to have a fighting fish in this tank where do I place the lid okay but I get to here just remember look above the tank sorry you can't see sorry I'm just trying guys food me then I'll get ya

okay I'm sure he's a little bit tricky [Music] and goldfish named iguana it wouldn't know I also need to give him his medicine so just watching eat it yeah just shaking off his medicine okay now I need to open it if you prayed with him above everything so I'm just opening it this would be so much easier right now okay I'm sign kind of see it this is better than I'm not saying yeah oh yeah where the heck is the syringe out there it is okay so I need to do that I need to get the measurements to and I'm sorry this is so good okay now I'm just reading it around just Hank oh cool okay and that is so that guy is flying that's robot and that little white one is kamikaze so yeah right with one flame little one purple much fish so I've little special cats they put one in that back corner don't eat it it's not your food hmm my god that's so cute when I can just put their thing yeah and that's my poppy all right this is one of the fun fishing up in this tank yeah so that's predator I'm just going

to do like one panel of each cuz really for you hey this is you know hey this is the make the favorite eater watch this isn't gonna do you've jumped out the water get let me give him one pillow you didn't get right this don't you dare pop me don't hurt like this focus all right and that's ash okay I'll show you I'm feeding them bloodworms in just one second don't right there dad got a blob right yeah go drop it already kind of hard hey go check the eats it night dragon buddy that's right there yeah I try now you know boom here you took it under enough II ashes blah blah so just wanna get it over here oh you got a good point yep and that's them eating that but that's a lot of these guys always the trickiest feed show you why you didn't company now I'll show you the other one oh okay no longer the blind now don't say nothing so pretty alright if you wander along as a water world is before the bus this video and if you didn't go away if you had hit that like button and subscribe that would be great yep see

you next time bye