10 January 2019

Feeding and Grooming Pet Care PlaySet with Cute Plush Puppy and Kitten Dolls!

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hey everyone welcome back to awesome

orchids today I'm super excited to bring you this feeding and grooming pet care set it comes with all the supplies you'll need to take care of your furry friends it even comes with two adorable pets we can wash fluffing trim serve them up some meals give them a name and then train them pampering your plush friends will keep them well-fed fluffy and feeling fine with realistic feeding and grooming accessories keep track of daily responsibilities and arrange for grooming services with a reusable checklist add a personal touch with collars nanites and stickers for your precious pooch and cuddly kitty [Applause] here's a box of dog food it says mouth-watering meaty morsels that dogs love to munch here's the reusable daily responsibilities we need to feed water walk knuckle train and play with our pets on the other side is the grooming services there's wash and fluff trim and style nail trimming and a full pet spa day here's the treat this is a can of cat food let's see if anything's in it nope not yet here's a match put under the bowls check out all these names let me

know in the comments which names we should name our pets here's two colors and tags - sick names on this is the dog food we get this cute brush to keep our pets fluffy and this is the cat food here's a blue bowl in a green one this is a nail trimmer here's a shampoo and clippers when you pull the string the Clipper vibrate [Music] and last not least here's our puppy and kitty come on over here guys let's pick out your needs out which one do you guys like I think I'll go with Sadie and Oliver Sadie will be for our cat and Oliver will be for the puppy let's put their colors on [Music] yeah here's Oliver alright in this one CD let's see what our tasks are first we need to feed and water them I'll get some cat food for Sadie and some dog food for Oliver there you guys go enjoy yay they finish the whole thing let's give them some water now let's see what's next we need to take them for a walk let's do it nice we got walking and playing done it's knuckle time aren't you two just adorable all right it's time to train

them speak Sadie yeah good girl and now you Oliver speak all right good job everyone now let's try roll over that was perfect and definitely deserve some treats [Music] here you two go and now the last thing we need to do is groom our pets I know Sadie hates water so we'll have Oliver go first let's give them back [Music] can't forget the shampoo time to rinse all the soap off okay buddy you're all done we have to dry you up now and I'll give you a little trim [Music] [Music] [Music] nice looking sharp I'll brush you and then you can go play oh what a handsome boy you are ok run along now I'll give cedia back in you go Sadie sorry girl but you have to get clean there oh good let me just dry you off [Music] ooh save your nails are looking a bit long I'll trim those real fast and we're finished

you're so soft now [Music] you two were so well-behaved today that I got you these I'll help you open them first we have a little woodsy baby's inside of this crib is an adorable baby animal if we're lucky we could even get twins I can't wait to see which one's inside here's the collector's guide oh we got a little Hedgehog how cute it has a pink diaper and a yellow bib you could put her in her crib like this she also comes with a baby bottle oh let's put her to bed next is a Care Bears fashion which of the Care Bears is your favorite who are Bears yellow which means of sunshine bear she has a Sun on her tummy and a smile on her face she's ready for a party anytime or anyplace check out this PJ masks collectible figure these heroes go into the night to save the day we have catboy owlette and dick oh [Music] [Music] here's a list of all the characters we got our Matt Dillon he has armadillo base powers and he's super strong he's even stronger than Gekko he's so strong that he can even cause earthquakes this

is a wreckit-ralph final figure the size of the box show you the characters [Music] let's see who we have [Music] here's the baseplate [Music] we got knows more he's the mascot of knows more calm like any real search engine his numerous functions to assist net users one is search history in which he keeps track in his record books another is an aggressive autofill function that allows him to finish people sentences well this was a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoyed this video hit that like button if you did and don't forget to subscribe to see more thanks [Music] you [Music]