24 April 2019

Feeding my Service Dog on Vacation

To clarify - *I* am on vacation, NOT my service dog! Well, I guess in a way, we are BOTH on vacation since SHE'S with ME ... but, well, you get what I mean!

I'm walking through the parking lot of

lows in Layton Utah so we can get to target to buy Navis some dinner huh if you want to eat some dinner luckily it stopped raining it was raining but we got to go over there the target and our hotel is this lucky that behind us somewhere over there in the dark wait [Music] [Music] dinner okay you hungry you hungry you hungry do I eat so can understand back good girl you go wait yeah I got your chicken huh starting trouble turn to slobber oh I'm so excited really don't want to get this all over my fingers wait you just corrosive Elvis spit nasty nasty nasty toward leg quarters just about right not leg quarters thighs wait okay good girl [Laughter] [Music] doesn't taste like home mommy girl [Laughter]

parking lot empty parking lot at Lowe's everything's closed down the target was just about to close luckily we got in there just in time to get her some food and I thought you know I'll Peter out here just rain the ground looks pretty clean it's better than particular back into the room and having her slobber chicken goo all over the bathroom floor no one will even know she was here five minutes from now like big Street up there target's way back over there deserted so I thought this was a perfect place for her to eat her dinner good job good girl that's how he feed service dog on the road we don't feed kibble bad for the dog ah good girl so sometimes I pack chicken bring it with us but the chicken that we had at home was starting to smell kind of funky and I didn't really want that in my car so I thought you know what I'll just buy fresh food on the way it's almost easier that way cost more but all right heel good girl did you like that that was

yummy huh hang on let me see your collar I can't see ok I got it alright ready happy girl yep all right so we're taking a bag of ice from the hotel we're on the third level up here but we don't care getting down to our drum and stuff out the window oh so come here ready all right all right three two one oh yeah it was so close you don't catch babies