11 March 2019

Finally Meeting Izzy: Confessions and Stories! 😍 (3/10/19)

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okay I'm gonna describe right now my

experience but she's a little bit too cool for me you don't I mean that's what I thought I am obvious in them is he literally realized I'm the awkward dork [Music] yeah oh my goodness it is such an exciting day I can't believe today is finally here so today my friend comes into town but what is special about this is the fact that we have been friends for over a year we met through the power of the Internet and we have Skyped and done phone calls and messaging and we've become really close but the thing is is he we love States apart miles and miles away from each other but we're finally gonna meet in person for the first time in our friendship and we're both ecstatic you know she lives in New York and she goes to college it's her spring break and her grandmother lives in Fort Lauderdale which is further south in Florida so she's making a pit stop here in Tampa Bay before staying her grandmother for spring break we're gonna spend a few days together have lots of fun I can't wait and I hope y'all are excited to me is he - she is a lot like we're a lot like each other so it's kind

of like Double Trouble okay you don't even know who this is harlow this is the best thing in the entire world you're the whole reason she came over just kidding and so excited about happy I know my gosh and your hair looks like Harlow she's like feeding off our vocalizing how's your fire it was good it was actually kind of bumpy and I don't like that no that's fine but we are gonna go on some adventures now yes we are so I'm learning is he has a pretty sheltered place she needed to go to Starbucks and I took her through the drive-through she's mind blown didn't know something through one drive-through it was check play and that wasn't him oh my God look at wheat look they're turning okay well anyways we're about to get the car washed and she's so excited that it's a drive-through car wash she's never been through what I've been through and wants and it was like what the best and earful it's my life they don't have them in New York the coaster like they just don't have them New York no they on won't be his book there's no space for it like I'm from Manhattan you know like this is expensive real estate

oh wait they even try to make it cool but you geege colors oh my god oh my gosh you're more entertainment oh my God look at this she's like what's going on it looks like hair like come all the way to Florida to be and it's funny I think this is fun too I mean if not as like Melville to me as it is do I'm sure when you were five and you were like communion for the first time really when I was I would ask my mom to go through a because I liked it how kind thank you so oh did you get the other ones she brought them both over all weekend long how she shows affection I appreciate that okay I'm gonna describe right now my experience so I was like I have this idea like this conception kind of yeah I had this idea of what our house look like and it's accurate but also like a little bit worked you know so it's seen in the good I've seen in the videos and through our Skype calls and whatever but like it looks a little different it's a weird it's like it's good I was happy that is this here it looks really like hot like this dog is awesome what's that info we don't give it give

it do it I think she thinks it's for her now oh I'm guilty I got playing for jawed I got playing for Jackie and I didn't get anything for Arlo I'll give her oh she's my best friend when I sit and they're in the car sir you already know what it is but let's pretend that you don't hey all right I think now I'm gonna be for Harlow you know I don't know I don't think they have it in their mind that they're making a mess you know in fact I think she think she's being helpful watch my gosh isn't it cute it's like exactly okay it's kinda hard to see on this camera but Jackie I can't hurt it that way Jackie knew what it was it's like Disney Castle except wait okay it's wait how do I focus so basically it's a castle made out of words and it's like you're my magic est 2017 and that's Jackie and that's Jud not really but it's supposed to be you know amazing and the color scheme is perfect for it's the car theme is perfect because Jackie picked out the cars but I also got to add something he doesn't know what it is so oh my god I was like if y'all remember last time I went to Hollywood

studios I designed a magic man with a friend well this was that friend we are taking Izzy to Disney and of course she needs a magic man and it's I have a matching align it's with the castle and she chose the grey cuz it look classy I liked it you know because the other ones it's like there's a lot going on and ya know the great complements of Castle it it does and I think this and this is like a nice blue you totally got her gift this was yes you're welcome so y'all this is Izzy and I feel like we're very much so like we definitely are we're very similar personalities I feel like and like you're like organized the way that I'm organized and like mm-hm we're both picky in the same way yes and I'm just so excited this year so to give you a little info on Izzy we met through my youtube channel busy yeah like online yeah and before you actually don't know this so I say it's letting you down it's kind of funny so the first time I watched you on YouTube was when I was looking up like what can I do for like gastroparesis other certain foods that have like back and health and that

clicked on your video and it was you know sometimes and you don't yeah well like you get like like less like a motion on your face and you're like you know what I mean you know I'm talking about right like we're like you you clearly looks and like we're like in like you're not hyper I have had other people say they can tell in my eyes and face oh you can and knock oh oh you could totally tell I know when I'm not feeling well because I don't feel my face so it was like you started you're like hey guys like and honestly my first impression he was like oh my god this girl's such a badass like that like I thought you were like cool like I thought you were like kind of like edgy and you that's why you talk like that but it was actually just cuz he didn't feel well and then as the blog went on and like you started feeling better later I was like oh okay this feeling a few up and I was like okay I'm a little bit intimidated but I kind of like this girl but she's a little bit too cool for me you don't I mean that's what I thought I am the opposite then is he literally realized I'm the awkward dork I realized later on and I was like

not typical Jackie but it just happened to be the first video I ever clicked on it was a long time ago like you didn't have like a huge following like I well you had a pretty big fella bigger bellanger than I do but like it was like I want to say he must have had like 15 or 20,000 that's still blew my mind when we hit 20,000 followed by we never expected any yeah I mean yeah it's it's weird when you actually think about like how many people are watching it like the truth look like millions of people have watched you isn't that crazy it is that mind-blowing it is actually it's really nice to have this platform to express and stuff but yeah you mean like your best friend's girl she was meant to be in my life yeah seriously how are the internet brought us together though um for those of y'all who are making friendships online obviously just be careful because while it works out sometimes yeah times it can be like sketchy and ingress though yeah well use no I know the person like I like new Jackie really for talked on the phone a lot we've Skyped like yeah and we've been planning for us to be able to visit each other and they just

worked downward yes I'm excited eventually I will be visit New York that's like in the future I'm hoping to bring her back sometime later this year yeah I feel like I'm getting me surgery and then I'll be like able to do anything like physical really so like I'll be bored so I know I'm like the do fun things and Japanese fun so I'm probably just gonna come down here and yeah just recover for recover from you oh yes by the way um just so y'all can get to know is he over yeah I know put a link to her channel in the description while you tell them yeah I also have EDS it's like presents quite differently Lynne Jackie's it's similar in some ways yeah I have EDS and pots and I had gastric RINO you like I have it because it comes and goes now but it's like so dramatically better that like sometimes I don't even say it kind of like presents in the way that show Flair exactly like I'm going to Claire's I'll be bad for a week and I'm like oh my god I'm so nauseous I can't eat without having so much pain and then after that like i erm II went through that really long period were you really well so when it got that it was bad two years ago my

gastroparesis like to the point where I eat a carrot and I'd be hunched over in so much pain like that like one I know it's probably okay I was like you doesn't know what smart and they learned what I just show you didn't eat but like yeah so people talk in like another video yeah we're gonna move the videos how makes me think differently um just that she's here I will take advantage of the fact she's here and maybe make some fun videos for y'all but yeah yeah we're gonna spend some time together so this is Izzy oh also how old are you oh I just turned 22 like two days ago burn threes March 5th and mine is March 1st and we're like a day a year and four days a year I'm four days you're here in four days older than me and then my sister's name is also Jacqueline and it's funny because my sister spells it weirdly as well my own name is di yeah JQ ie everyone usually does Jas ck IE yeah and my sister looks more like you then she looks like she looks like me so it's like funny it's strange wait and reveal names Isabelle and my phone names is about yes that's weird everyone in the comments are like that's not that weird shut up so

anyways we're so excited as he's here we're gonna take you on adventures maybe make some other cool videos so yeah there's this and with that we will say goodbye and thanks for joining [Music] you