09 September 2019

Fireside Chat #01 House sit in Cairns

Hi guys, our first fireside chat from Cairns, a few weeks ago. We talk about Cairns, Queensland and, of course, house sitting ... Here some links to attractions we ...

hi and welcome right from the Great

Barrier Reef how about that yeah not not of Cannes Trinity Beach to be precise northern beaches of Cairns Queensland Australia this after five weeks we've finally managed is actually yeah it was yeah you know yeah yeah winter and it's chilly and stuff yes that's winter here too so and it's really funny when the locals start complaining about how freezing it was this morning when it had only 14 degrees 14 17 I was one morning when we were at the you know holding in their turn they were complaining so much I was like wow I think it's a lovely summer stay yeah seeing people in perfect record 25 degrees really funny it's really funny it's really cool now but winter it is amazing yeah so yeah like I said so we were busy we were doing yoga I found if you should ever come to Cannes please ask about this amazing they have three winners one is right by the beach one is an amazing beach hard sets we feel like you're in Thailand and the third one is in town really nice really beautiful first of the like or not and amazing teachers really really we would agree well two weeks ten

classes each we have an all-you-can yoga they have an all-you-can old yoga bus pass for two weeks if you want a ski is amazing so we were really busy and we were busy doing a few stuff around here and he of course we were busy with the houses this time because yes loads of anymore yes at times I thought we did a bit more than we could chew as they say was to large dogs so one Brahe hound and that's a small what this small and one must have great dane cross who was who thinks he's a and a cat who's really lovely and wonderful that loves to be entertained and then five chicken and this aquarium and another one over there so it was great it was a really great house I mean five weeks and tried to beach but that's why I think it was so this is the thing about our state or we're going to do a little serious soon about house it's in general about tips and tricks and how to do it and how to get five weeks here in turn the beach as a holiday with not paying any rent or anything so but seriously it is work at times because you it's a commitment I mean you usually you will live in someone else's place and you promise to

look after it and after the animals and that's what we do and we religious experience get you and sorry it's in the blood can't help it so it is work as in as in this way but you live for free so you know pay range or nomination and we had a look at what the apartments my colony night at the moment is school holiday what they burn and I'm like we don't want to afford that to be honest I mean I don't want to pay that no I wouldn't you well okay so it's better to to look after some dogs and chicken and then surrounded by it by nice neighbors yes cool yeah so yeah so this is general thing with the house and it's a commitment and it's a that's what it is it's fine but yeah don't underestimate him don't underestimate two large dogs yes going for a walk with one talk in one direction the other talking the next in the other direction and stuff like that it wasn't always yeah so this and then we went up north to daintree finally this time when is our third time here so we finally made it up to Dane for you and it's amazing I mean it's like I mean we have a New Zealand we do have rain forests but of course here is a bit warmer and closer

to really tropical beaches so it is different yeah yes few spiders some snakes yeah Sundra left a stinger Sarah yes yes mainly because I wasn't yeah and we made it up to Quran again we wanted to visit our last year's house that they had but I found her but thinnest um she talked about selling last year and going to her family Island and doing some traveling and she did so she sold her house a week before your life and off she went but we visited but what is obvious just one remark about not just Quran the house of the town there are quite some empty stores and shops here too so there is a change she going on but yeah yeah and again the euro was amazing Cannes was good yeah and when you want to see it anymore so try try around can so it's amazing butterflies birds whatever so it's the heaps heaps of different animals different parts and we made it this time even to the Cannes it's it's fun because you know the casino it's really green house like really because you know a you googling and you've got any more Sun on the bottom of it and then it is a suppliants and stuff for yes so you give your kids

to the guys yes and and then you can they're doing a sip line over over 4.5 meter long crocodile amazing I didn't do so we got to do some tourist system but again we didn't go to the regional jewelry and I thought the weather was too inconsistent yeah lots of rain as well yeah not not as bad as New Zealand currently proud every nearly every day some some rain in the morning [Music] yeah so and um yeah oh and another week we're coming back soon we're flying to Brisbane and Harvey Bay on Monday and then we're flying from Brisbane to told I have the Monday after the 15th so we will be back on the 15th and you please let me know if there's anything you would like to have to do as in courses for me to set up just let me know online class on Monday afternoon is still running all the time in the hour next Tuesday is mindfulness meditation master class we're looking into yes and no so how do you know whether it's a yes or no so we're going to the mindfulness and experiencing our body mindfully and just I'm gonna tell too much and you will find it amazing I I pretty sure you do so that's another thing so we're coming

back soon let me know what you want to hear we're planning to do a little series about house-sitting so if there's anything you're interested about that to know and let us know yeah Nerys yeah definitely it'll be cool yeah anything else that's it for today they will do another one from here from holiday or other places before we go back to real winter yeah anyway just nevertheless rain with a nice he said okay do something yeah it'll it'll change their lives okay in exchange for the 16th of true life definite more sunlight see you then bye bye you