14 August 2017

First 5 Things To Teach Your Service Dog

Here I talk about the first 5 things to teach your new service Dog. -Sit -Stay -Down -Leave it -Focus/Look at me Check at our Instagrams at Service_Dog_Sammy ...

hey everyone so today I'm gonna talk

about five things that you should teach either a new puppy that you're bringing home or in my case I have a service dog and I trained her myself so I'm gonna talk about five segments and that is very important to teach either your puppy or your service dog in training so number one obviously I think this goes without a doubt most people first train their dog to sit so sit is a very important command obviously it gives good communication between you and your dog and let's be honest you're gonna be using it throughout your dog's lifetime so it's good to start fresh and young with a little log in so the second command that I thought my dog was look at me or focus I cannot stress how much this can has literally saved me countless times in situation so my dog she's a service dog and she's part Jack Russells so she has no attention span and is hyper hyper so when I use the command look or focus depending what you'd like to choose she'll look straight at me and she knows to look at me and to focus and then while she's focused on me I think every thurr a cusp or a command to walk on so if we're public or something usually she's pretty

good when she's in combat but let's say we're just on a normal walk we're doing a walk with new puppy and another dog comes by this is a huge issue for a lot of people the dogs will get distracted those tracking each other and they'll start like calling because they want to quit each other right and not everybody wants to stop at every single dog or some people don't feel comfortable with their dogs greeting each other that's totally fine but it's a good option to say focus or look at me and your dog you'll take a lot of practice but should be able to when the command is really ingrained in them you just kind of distract distract from the world around them and just be able to focus on you you can you can say leave it or sit or whatever command that you choose at that time so it's really important to teach that when it will help you tremendously throughout you and your dog's relationship and the time that you have it also creates a strong bond between you because it just is one more command that brings you guys closer together and gives you better to communication which overall will have a happier and

healthier dog and owner so it's a very important command now the next command I have is stay stay is by far probably the trickiest command to teach a new dog or puppy obviously because you know it takes patience like the biggest thing I think is just we need to have patience not every dog is gonna stay and I understand it of course your second time you're gonna do it's gonna take a while for them to kind of understand cuz dogs are pack animals they want to be with you so if you kind of just say stay and you walk away well what are you gonna do you're not gonna just kind of expect them to just know what that means right if you can have to teach them and my biggest tip definitely would be just do it in small increments if they stay for five seconds just reward them right I really really recommend starting with our training not everyone likes to go tiny it's kind of a person-by-person basis for myself in this saved me so much heartache and frustration with this one when I first got ready to have a clicker and the first puppy class we went to the trainers like with her especially for personality that clicker really works if she has no attention

span so when basically she does something correctly like you clicked right away so they know like that save the steps with the stay the second that they're kind of in that position you click so they're kind of associated with the exact time that's the biggest one you have to do it's the timing is everything with dogs because even if you're five seconds off or something or a millisecond off it could be thinking of something else you're doing something else and you don't want to reward them and they don't really understanding what you're rewarding them for so basically I really recommend clicker training and stay is definitely a great tool to use especially your downstate for service dogs if you're in a restaurant or you're on the bus or something you want your dog to be able to lay down and stay and my next one is obvious but you want your dog to be able to lay down um pretty easy kind of like set it's probably what most we're gonna teach their dog I'm with my dog here sitting down with the first commands that I taught her um she picked them up pretty quickly she's a smart dog some dogs will have more trouble than others obviously

but it's definitely something you're gonna use a fair amount and your life with your dog and honestly it will make your life a lot easier but I know what it is so and you can teach other tricks while they're doing down so you can teach stuff like crawl and roll over and bow and those things are going to be a lot easier once your dog understands I'll lay down properly so the next command that I want to talk about today is leave it now this has probably been one of the hardest commands that I've had to teach her um a lot of dogs have a lot of trouble with this and like honestly like we can't blame club like you usually used to treat your toy like they just want that right they don't they don't have patience they don't have that kind of mindset right so we kind of have to teach them what the command means and it takes oh it's taken a fair amount of time with her she looked really stubborn so um it's just patience again kind of like they look at me and all that stuff this day so leave it is something that you definitely should use a clicker for I'd 100% recommend with their training so with her it's just if she left it for

two seconds I just I click and reward right away if I wait a long time I'll say I wanted to do a five-second because she did so good on two now she can do ten or five or whatever you can't choose and she doesn't get it right away and she goes for it you have to realize okay maybe that that was too long so you just kind of have to go back and just you have to work slowly you can't get ahead of yourself with your dog's training because honestly like it's gonna cancel it can lead to lot of frustration and just kind of be angry and honestly like my biggest fear in dog training is it is not your dog's fault if their training is failing it's probably on maybe your method that you're using or you're going ship quickly with them I mean even this kind of more difficult breeze to deal with like she's part Jack Russell and she'll tr8 so she's not an easy time to train at all but she does amazing and the big thing with her patience just remember this when you're training your dogs just think patience and I think that will help a lot like some dogs like I know some dogs maybe they'll learn a command like for me she'd get some medication

for me so I say go get my meds and she'll come she'll go and get my medication and bring them back to me but sound dogs like that may take it took her about a week to pick up I've heard of sometimes takes three months and that's working with them consistently and that's nobody's fault it's about your dog's fault and honestly if you're training you know your dog well it's not your fault either just some dogs learn at different paces and that's a really important thing to remember it is not every dog is equal not every dog is the same not every dog is cut out for that safe service dog training or tasks work or something like that um I believe you can basically train any dog to be a service dog but maybe they just they don't have it in their temperament or it's just not their personality to be able to do that for you I mean what that's completely okay they're like people not everyone is kind of to be a nurse or a doctor or you know work with animals for instance right some people just they don't have it within them to be able to handle that kind of thing and dogs are the same way you just have to remember that

yeah that's everything I have to say for you and thanks for watching and I'll see you in my next video please give a thumbs up if you like this video and comment if you have suggestions for my next video I'm gonna try to do two videos a week I'm not exactly sure what my schedule is yet since this is my first video but and before I go this is see me yeah she's just dreaming I laboum cuz she she is a hyper girl and always needs to have something to occupy yourself which is completely fine I just give her a Nylabone yeah thank you for watching bye