13 September 2018

FISH Helps Make Art? | Pet Picks My Art Supplies

IG: spectrum.insta Today my fish helps me create art by picking my art supplies. Then I draw him.

hey everybody welcome to this video

today my fish is gonna be helping me create some art I'm gonna post some options on his tank and see which one he swims to but before we get started with that let's talk about the fish himself [Music] hey everybody welcome to this video today my fish is gonna be helping me create some art I'm gonna post some options on his tank and see which one he swims to but before we get started with that let's talk about the fish himself this is ramen I named him ramen because of my love for her cup ramen noodles there he is um oh sorry you can't really see him but he's right over there right there and since he had darker scales he kind of blends in with the black background but you know what that's okay and he is a betta fish I got him about six months ago so he is pretty adult by now but he's definitely not old he's a veiled he's a veiled tail and he's like blue red and purple pretty much he lives in a two gallon aquarium the filter is not on right now because I turn it off what he eats and there's some blood worms floating around because

he eats blood worms and pellets and he has a little betta hammock over here um that is they lay on that and they can sleep and stuff and he also has a little plinth and a little dragon while I know two gallons isn't very huge betta fish can't be kept in pairs of more than one so it's just one fish in here and their tank should be at the minimum two gallons and they should never be kept in at anything smaller than that but my fish is happy and healthy and he's enjoying his two gallon but I don't really have room for anything more but you should never have anything less than two gallons for a betta okay the first option that to give him his black paper and white paper depending on which one he chooses I'll give him more options so I posted them on his tank and he's gonna swim over to one of them there we go he swam over to the top one so he chose white paper and I was hoping for black paper because I'm gonna draw him my fish and when I draw bettas on black paper it looks a lot nicer than on white here's an example of a betta on black paper this is just a rent random betta I saw on the internet this isn't any bad I've

seen before and I know the fins are absurdly long but it just makes for a beautiful drawing of a fish so because you chose white paper I'm gonna give him two options for different kinds of white paper and I have copy paper and Strathmore mixed-media you can't really see them because of the camera angle but the papers are here and here so now we wait I'm gonna reposition the papers because I don't think he sees [Music] where you gonna go baby oh come on just choose one looks like I'm gonna have to reposition the papers again cuz he really doesn't see them looks like he's linked to the top one again okay so that would be strapped more mixed-media and that is not bad that was my second choice after the black paper so this is better than copy paper so I can't ask him which medium because I only have one medium that works for drawing bettas I have two mediums in total I don't have any paint I only have copics and prismacolor pencils and Cris my color pencils are the only ones that work for drawing bettas so instead I'm asking him should

I do it in color or greyscale looks like keep going for the bottom one I see how it is lastly we're asking him what reference picture he wants me to use so does he want me to use this one or this one the first one I showed you was 1 and this is 2 [Music] he stayed by the bottom one for longer and he's like looking at it for longer so that's the one he chose and that is pick two so that's this one okay so on Strathmore mixed media paper we're drawing a grayscale version of this image the way I drop this usually is I start by drawing kind of an almond shape for the body with a little square on the ends because that's kind of like where the tail connect I don't know how to explain it then I draw the gills face which is basically just the eyes and the mouth and I draw some little bubbles sometimes and make them heart and yeah then I draw the fins and this sketch looks super terrible like it looks like a three-year-olds drawing actually four you can probably draw better than this but that's enough self-doubting because it's now time to outline everything with pencil and by the way that was just a

joke you should always be positive about your artwork because that will help you keep improving don't be overconfident but be positive next I go on with my prismacolor markers and since this is a grayscale drawing I didn't really have like grey pencils so I have like warm grays and cool greys and I didn't know what to use and what not to use so I decided to just use both and the black ended up actually looking pretty blue so I don't know what happened there but here I am just laying down all the base colors [Music] then I take the medium tone I used and not the highlight or the shadows and I kind of just color over everything and here's where the black actually shows up that is blue so I went in with some more like dark darker grays and stuff to kind of blend that out now to create the illusion of scales because I don't really want to draw scales that would like mess it up I just do some little lines and that panel looks like the shadow of scales I find that it looks very realistic when you're drawing fish for the fins I did a very simple shading technique which is do the outside darker

and the inside lighter and then I drew some darker lines through all of it thin lines to look like the fish is going [Music] [Music] [Music] and this is where I realized that my fish didn't have an eye so I colored that in and I also colored in the bubbles but they don't look like bubbles anymore cuz they're actually darker now and here's the final result ramen what do you think look it's you it's you it's you see it's you oh you're scared of yourself [Music]