08 May 2017

Five Star Dog Resort On Trusted Renovations

this is trusted renovation over 25

projects over 25 top companies in their fields all working towards one goal to turn a dated nineteen seventies ranch house into the dream home for one couple and their family it's just one of the companies who took on this amazing challenge Louie is a welsh corgi who is full of puppy energy so prior to moving into the new home Jennifer took Louie to a professional dog trainer let's listen in and see how Darren Hamlet of five star dog resort goes about reining in Louie without breaking his spirit now I hurt him he just said hit down here come his heel he didn't stop he was just a little wild shot my joy in life it's actually makes people got here happy go hawk one of the dog training it takes if I did teach a kid on a read you can't learn overnight so conditioner dog usually takes about three much conditioner dog really good training so they got the owners got to really follow up on the dog but as long as the owner to follow screw if he really just suspect for the next month or two he will be a rock star rock star indeed joining us now is Darin Hanlon he's every dog's best friend truly and the owner of five-star dog resort a trust

Dale partner Darin it does look like you're a true dog whisperer tell us why it's so important to properly train a dog the right way well train a dog proper way is it's up to the people so everybody's different so you got to really train your dog for the person you're the person that got to be happy with your dog to be trained but you want to be able to get your dog trained so he can go better places so you and him can bond together and join life together okay so let's flip that over how do you find the right pet trainer the best way to do that is what kind of method they use do they ask about the dog you do because it's more about you training a dog more about you than a dog because you got to really know the person to train the dog the right way for the person okay so I have learned by working with you that there are different ways of training a dog and different goals that you're trying to achieve such as obedience training behavioral training what's the difference well a difference is a matter of how you train a dog okay because if you get a shy dog like abused dog you got to fill this confidence up because

you shy but then you get a aggressive dog that's totally different way of training then if you are just kid of like a little puppy and just do like obedience and puppy training that's different so you got to really be able to versafine a training but be able to work with the people to train their way do you get the theme here the person involved is actually more important than the dog in terms of getting the right result I'm fascinated by this my producer tells me that when she was young her father's way of training the dog was with his voice yelling or with a water hose I think it's important to know the methods that you're trying to is using explain that well you don't want using water hose or yelling and screaming because then you got screaming your dog most dogs listen to men over women because they got deep voice so if you wanted that it's okay remember it's all about the owner but thing is is you want to keep the dog in a low voice like I'm talking to you and then have the dog respect that voice not your yelling voice it's like saying one two three with your kid what's one of two means dogs don't really understand that yeah

yeah that's a great point so whether as you're explaining in the video real success comes when you you match the right dog with the right pet how do you do that well it's like your personality who are you are you active or you're not active are your kids active or not active if you're not active you get active dog it's not going to it's going to be like a bad marriage Darren that's what I was about to say it's like it's like choosing the right mate for the marriage correct that's all great information for folks that are thinking about bringing pets into their family [Music] Jennifer can't wait to get her hands on Louie but first she needs to learn the basics you feel cute big boy taking Lois heel and stop arch at the beginning past Elise right off you yes sir nice nice to see the heel around the circle [Music] using the leash as a steering wheel it looked like they're off to a good start but keeping Louie and check takes consistency and a commitment from

Jennifer to stick to the training methods every time you well everyone will slip up once or twice it's up to Jennifer to maintain strict rules with Lois otherwise all the training in the world won't work with a bit of sideline coaching Jennifer gets the hang of giving Louie his command but there's still a lot to learn so Jennifer get some one-on-one time with Darin to promise dogger a trick the higher parts of training humans dog program since day your dog we go and so is the dance of training a human so she can then properly guide the dog now when we do stay right here great touch Ryan stay nice you looking ahead step out through your lap lots of fun where's the break up yeah good stuff don't break him up too much now he knows he is not suffering with my wonderful new home that I decided you know was going to be French Provincial we got a new baby this year little Welsh Corgi Louie Louisa Pembroke's but like all Pembroke's he's stubborn Welsh people are I've told stubborn I come from Welsh stock as well so we're a stubborn a lot of people as is my Corgi so we've had him trained by five-star dog resort and

I didn't think he could do anything with him but he has and he admitted he was stubborn but he said the dog was easier to Train than me because I was weak but you know what I had this great well trained Corgi at my new home now