29 October 2014

Fixed: Not Registered on Network / No Sim Inserted: 6 Possible Solutions

This should work for all Samsung phones (s2, s3, s4, s4, note 2, note 3, note 4, etc. This may perhaps work on other brand phones as well.

so you guys having an issue with your

SIM card and I'm gonna show you six steps or six different solutions and it's the easiest possible solutions before you go the extra route where you want to try to route your phone and download all these files and whatnot so they should work on it's not gonna work for all of the obviously but maybe a good maybe 50% of you guys this will work one of these six steps so I'm using Gauss es5 here but pretty much any Samsung phone and this should work as perhaps any other phones as well this this may work too but you're basically getting an error not registered on network or are you getting the insert sim card error so I'm going to show you six possible solutions okay so the first thing you want to do is you want to go into your network settings and again it's the Galaxy s5 I'm gonna go into more networks and then from here I am going to click on mobile networks and then I'm gonna click on network operator or actually I'm sorry I'm gonna click on a network mode first click on this now what you guys want to do is try this ok try the the CD CDMA only click on that or if your phone is GSM try GSM only I know that's work for

a lot of people according to those some of the forum's I've been reading this was a big issue people were having so instead of leaving on like auto connect I just try one of these is a GSM you just simply just click on the GSM ok so that's a step number one hopefully that's sobs your issue step number two is go back into network settings and then this time we're going to do instead of clicking network mode we're going to click on network operators and then we're going to do is click on search now okay so I'm gonna click on search now give it a second here okay and then from here what you want to do is you want to select your service provider now that should help a lot of you guys as well okay now let's move on to step possible step number three step number three is basically what you want to do is you want to try to restart your phone from within a device so we simply do is just hold down the power button does menu pop up click on restart and hopefully that's not your issue not if it doesn't another thing you want to try is what you want to do is while the phone is on you want to go ahead and pop the back cover off and pull the battery

out while the phone's on let it sit for one minute and put the battery back in and power back up and hopefully that side for problem if it doesn't then you want to go to the next step the fifth step is basically what you want to do is you want to go into your date and time so go back into settings here and go into date and time date and time and you want to make sure that you're on Wi-Fi and then you want to click on automatic date and time make sure that's selected and then hopefully that will bring your SIM card back to the way it should be now that doesn't work the last and final step that you could try to do is this and this will work for a lot of you guys as well basically what you want to do I mean a lot of you might have an issue where your SIM card is not not touching the pins enough so basically it doesn't have enough pressure what you can simply do is pop your send out a pop your sim out and get like a business card or something and try to shove something in there like a piece of paper or something like that slide that in there and then restart your phone hopefully that helps another way if you can't put nothing in there

another option what you can possibly do is just put your battery in just like this put your battery in and then hold down this SIM card put enough pressure on earth pressure on here as if there's like something wedged in there like a piece of paper or business card and then power on and then see if your keep your SIM card is working properly now these are basically six steps I give you if I'm gonna I'm a postal increment below this didn't work for you then I know a lot of the people had success like rooting through their device and downloading all these files and what I hopefully don't to go to that point but I'll post at other youtube video on the bottom and another thing - your IMEI number could be blacklisted so anyways if any of these uh any if any of these six steps will work for you guys if you guys can just comment and put down what step works for you guys and that's pretty much it thanks guys bye