10 September 2019

Following the Master: What walking my dog has taught me about my faith in God

Walking my dog has taught me how my walk with God should look and that I can trust Him to always keep me safe, even when the path is scary. #ChristianWalk ...

hi it's Stacy and families of crazy and

today I'm talking about following the master he walking my dog he's taught me about my own faith walk with God back in July and he'll do about the new addition to our family a lot saw opto puppy named pixel in the short time since then pixel is going his way into her life and her even more he's also bad news in bacillus and being upstream on Monday out of this crate to take him for this morning walk got my son off to school when I stopped there the store for some medicine Teresa people and hurried home to get my battery cell then walk up and get started on my work that having a deadline basically it was going Harry higher it open pixels freaked or God is walking harness and leash on him and notice that he was accepted I had to make a detour through a usual route to the front door so that I could stop and get my sunglasses I realize the pixel didn't know they were going he was just excited to be going to America week he just knew he was going somewhere he trusted me that I wouldn't leave him astray he thought I'd be lonely and happily anywhere I said we needed to go you still along in that moment and for

those tips in my heart I bought up the turns I need the trust and power god no matter of life and not sometimes I get distracted or unsure sometimes one bullet incomplete and don't always go happily look an adoring look at the one who created me need to be a more like lipstick but here's the thing it's all awesome just like me is not perfect while on one day's walk he didn't have any issues when the Friday before he sat down in the road and refused to walk another step because there was a trailer parked on the side of the road it was different and he was very thin and even being on his leash with me he still wasn't able to move forward out of here oh I relate to that I get it sometimes we get little bummed but get anxious when the future looks unclear that with a path I'm sure I put on the brakes and slip in here I imagine though the dad does just planted the pixel it cooks then I saw that wasn't enough so I picked him up and carried him past the trailer he walked on the confidence and when we passed the same trailer on the way home he gave it a wide berth but he walked on that because he knew that it

was safe and showed him that I would take care of him on our path so many times that is carried you equip difficult time sometimes he's able to push me forward other times that you know you have to carry each time and then a meaning how painful it is and how strong I can be with him I learned that my master always knows where we go it means how to keep me safe when I'm unsure when I'm family plot riding along and work to learn someone in the middle well I want to always be like pixel music department and follow is master anywhere fortunately my master is the patient one I have seen God's trustworthiness so many times through the years we have this history that I can remember and we I'm sure I have his word that I think auntie's the guidance me is the master and I need only trust and follow them