13 August 2019

Former President's Service Dog Is SO Excited To See His Mom | The Dodo Reunited

Sully is a very loyal service dog who helped take care of President George H.W. Bush in his final months. Now he's about to start a new job — but first he's ...

I received a telephone call asking if it

would be possible to train a dog that would be a perfect companion for President Bush and I said I have a dog Sully and he would be absolutely perfect [Music] President Bush and his wife Barbara had smaller dogs but he was excited about having a large dog that was his dog the family was very welcoming everyone wanted the absolute best for Sully and there are other dogs there and he had a lot of friends that he could play with President Bush's passing there's no question that Sully felt the power of the moment and I'm sure he absorbed or understood some of the emotions that the family were going through she was about 18 months old when we got her she really it was just a mellow very chill dog July 14th 2016 Roxanne went into labor that morning and delivered throughout the entire day 11 puppies puppy number 2 is known now as Sully [Music] President Bush had said he really liked the idea of Sully going to Walter Reed Medical Center to carry on the mission of serving veterans and wounded warriors [Music] right now Shelley is living with me

he'll be back about two and a half months until he gets placed at Walter Reed I think it's fair to say that Sully is in more relaxed mode he spends a lot of time with my dog just being a dog we do do some training selling leash today we're super excited some unite mom and pop to have a little bonding time Sully hasn't seen her since he was about six weeks old it's gonna be nice to see [Music] [Music] [Music] I had somebody mixed emotion and I tear it off if I think it was it was fantastic to see them reunited I just think it's a sweet little mr. hippo I wasn't sure that they would really engage because they're both be pretty mellow dogs [Music] without any positive treats or tummy rubs and that you will faithfully discharge the duties survived joy love and nurturing personal congratulations Sully and welcome the United States Navy I think Sully is a reminder of the work that President Bush has done you know he was the person who signed the Americans with Disabilities Act had it not been

for that law we wouldn't have service dogs so I want him to be a reminder to people of how beneficial service dogs can be and now he'll carry on the mission that President Bush wanted him to serving veterans [Music]