11 August 2019

Found a cat taking care of it


we just found a random

[Music] [Music] [Music] all 1 through 129 and the next ones are 329 okay thank you the big one is 429 so we're just gonna take this cat home with this guys so yeah guys on the back of the store says my name by the way my name is Tran so I'm a Methodist I don't think they stuff yeah look they have my name right there I don't know if you guys can see it but my name is right over there on that red side my name is this trick guys just come on I'm leaving I biked so all they're gonna do is just stay with that cat so I'm just gonna leave and just go walk so now they're coming so yeah add me on snapchat Trent got swag 2 2 3 yeah alright guys walk this way guys walk this way I walked it I don't trust that man come on gosh it was just a random person I just said hey to me huh unless I want to bolt going go go go go go go Kyle look I look I look I look I look go right right come on so guys I'm running cuz I have not really getting that during meetings

don't forget that Jimmy was just looking behind guys I was really scared my heart beat but he does row he kept right buying this really so and then you just said he says he was talking to us he said Heywood hand signal CSA members sounds really sketchy and then he went down the ditch toward us it went real fast and it went slow and he just started riding around tripping fight us so me and my brother ran and then the girls the girls they ran how y'all feel about that one ball knocked up and but my hand is shaking so bad probably didn't seem that scary on camera four oh my gosh yeah that was really scary no it's not the other people had a ram so I guess we're about to go to the house right now and try to find some cat stuff or something so the cat can eat we're gonna see if my mom wants a cat because she's been talking about a cab I don't know if she wants this one because that's oh it's a wild cat so we might we might keep it but we might have to wash it and stuff so no you guys might be seeing a new member we've named him buddy we've named him

buddy so far [Music] nah bruh no I'm not sure but do you all want to get kidnapped that man just rode dude the man just rode by he just was riding up and down that thing like suddenly I know but I'm leaving but that just turns I'm good so bad I'm not even scared cuz I am scared because I'm not trying to kidnap mushroom backs I'm hobo breath but there is a lot of nice people on in this neighborhood this neighborhood isn't really bad but there are some weird people that ride on bikes anybody try to get at me I swear to god I'm attended to my didn't you kill me it man so I'm living it we're good we're just gonna do some random stuff down we're gonna get them down hi Merry Christmas people over there hi happy Valentine so I'm going to show you guys where we found the cat but it wasn't exactly in the yard it was just end the ditch right there over there I don't know why shed and it was in the ditch right over there so yeah that's we wish we started school tomorrow and I the with us a me and my brother we play football for the Titusville terriers and I'm running back

yeah [Music] should we've logged as being in the pool do you want to get back in the pool it is fun if you don't know what CP stands for in the intro it's it stands for cousin prank family because where we are all cousins so yeah that guy was just freaky I don't know like how he was riding right like how he was riding the bike around us and one thing he didn't even talk all he was using was just hand motions yeah he was like brother where's and he kept saying hey he put his gums up for some reason I don't know why oh yeah his name is buddy I don't know if I told you guys that he's got he's gonna come through just morning whoops machine you're almost there guys you don't think this way baby yes you're mine baby yes you're fine when I'm on the road do like I sure Oh so yeah we're walking back to the house to get like a refreshment or something subscribe leave a post notifications on so you know when we post we probably will be posting a lot but I don't know because we don't see each other a lot we

don't live together but we will try to post test frequently and as quick as possible just comment down below what videos you guys want us to do if you want to study videos so like like and subscribe turn on those post notifications and yeah so we're I don't know how long this video is gonna be based on the cat though still chasing the cat boo okay I can't even open my eyes fully that's how hard it is outside I think the battery of the camera is going low okay so we will film my parents reaction when we get to the house we need to hurry up cause the cameras done that is our house right there that roof that roof we're going to right now come on kitty [Music] okay so we are at the house I know we're gonna try to fill that reaction so I'm pick the cat up pick it up pick it up so yeah here we go okay see I told you I said you know okay so that was my mom's reaction that's it just running up the road there's nowhere it is hot outside mom you need to okay so that's been closed

today's video yeah okay guys that's that is it for today's video we are feeding the cat milk everybody come on everybody come on okay so that's it bye bye CP family [Music]