20 January 2015

Front Door Leaking Water Every Time That It Rains Home Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows front door leaking every time that it rains. Update. This did make it better than it was but still leaked a little bit. I wound up adding a ...

welcome back to commands this one I had

a strange front door leaking every time net it rains the water would come right inside now a good situation right here is how I was able to fix it and here's what was going on there got a leak at the front door actually got the pound carpet wet tried those out and I was going to get a hose up here and test out figure out where it was coming from but today it just started to rain and noticed there it is water coming from the left side of the door so going to figure this out and fix it up before causes any more damage I had my door leaking here and looking further at what happened it's funny that this weather stripping is hanging up and notice well I mean that's just not going to work water's going to run down the face of the door and hit the stripping flat what's funnier is that then that is the install that backwards he installed it on the outside of the door where is this backing should be on the inside of the door that's so funny so what's happening is the water is just is running straight down there and of course ringg straight inside set but too funny anyway going to flip that around you'll be he takes it up and probably

the door is going to close the plot easier and open a lot easier - too funny and it's not completely funny because it's actually going to leave a bunch of holes in the front of the door but oh well a little are a little paint we're good to go by noon what other water damage way now I actually got a better door seal for this type of door I don't like this kind of got a kind that actually has a special grooves get pop in under the bottom so much better and it doesn't need to be screwed like this to the to the face okay so I went and bought a new weatherstripping for this this is a stanley type replacement weatherstripping get these grooves here that it basically pushes up into the door so there's some grooves underneath it presses up into and if that doesn't is not enough to hold it on you can either glue it on or you can take off the door by removing the pins and pull the door off and then put some screws in through the bottom of your brain but I'm going to try this sometimes a lot of times it's enough to just push it in

it's got these kerfs that basically latch up into place so give it a shot here and you can actually trim these it fit if you need to one looks like it's going to fit just right without trimming so I'm going to try it out without any training first so here goes there goes dress it up into place it looks like I may need to talk just to here on this edge everything seems to be working good there so just a little trim on this edge right here and go ahead and mark it and trim it up using some strong scissors there we go mark my line and then pull it back off just like the backsides good and just cut it down probably a little bit better to use a little bit stronger scissors than that but that was enough to do the job here we go and our water fishing or any light I've got a little bit of light there so yeah just I'll seal that up with another little piece of wet again I may need to glue this on ah there we go good to go a little bit of light on this end as well and I think I'll just copy him give it a good seal that way they're gonna fall off to me just talking under

this little spot as well that's replacing the solution good to go and this one somebody praise they took this on backwards stuff yeah that was no good so I'll have to fix this up patch the holes and clean it up make it like let's get a wet paper towel I swear called the desktop good girl let that dry let's keep it from Peke I didn't really squish much of our little bead inside there we need it to make enough contact to make a good seal otherwise it's really back in doing yeah little excess there and that should do the trick dry so I didn't have to wait too long test it out was until a night or two later stir raining outside and test that door and everything is nice and dry I think you can hear it here rain dripping outside testing it with my bare feet make sure everything is nice and dry and voila nice and dry very happy thanks for watching kung-fu minutes over now you