09 January 2019

Fun Animals Care - Makeover Bath Dress Up Hair Salon Makeup Kids Games for Girls - Baby Gameplay

Little Pony Care Kids Games Animal Horse Hair Salon Maker Up Gameplay Video By TutoTOONS Download Google Play: https://goo.gl/2LaVnU.

monie girls for scare resort to come

back every day welcome to the resort pull the tassel let's change bubble hairstyle first let's make a hair mask pour some oil please wrinkle subtitles please mix everything together wait for a few minutes apply a hair mask you're doing great use the sponge to thank Eric rinse it click on it great now brush it take the scissors and cut it great now dry your toes choose the color you like and painter when you're done click the photo button Wow her hair looks amazing choose the right accessories to complete the left oh very nice fugu very nice welcome to the resort oh I wish I had a necklace like this first awesome castle put the bowl above the fire great now we need some silver wait until its mouth now cool it down [Music] hammer hit it polish it to make it shiny let's drill the hole choose the color you like and paint it packs of shiny crystals [Music] good job it looks amazing [Music] add the feathers make the coolest

necklace thank you welcome to the resort [Music] this is crystal Prince it [Music] [Music] great now dry your clothes very good now let's use a hair dryer use the soft fresh choose the color you like and pain turns when you're done click the photo button down color the mane and the tail [Music] Chrissa looks amazing welcome to the resort hey my clothes look bad can you help first brush off the dirt [Music] [Music] puts Kengo fish in the water pour some rose oil trim access to floor polish it [Music] choose the color you like and paint it [Music] [Applause] look much better now lots of shiny crystals and some flowers my hopes look amazing thank you welcome to the resort drafts of cherry the way you like hmm very nice so pretty you you

welcome to the resort hello let's make some sweets first we need some dough [Music] good job now roll out the dough smooth [Music] cut out the cookies with cutters great put the flour shaped cookies into a baking tin now the heart shaped ones [Music] [Applause] which ones look like a star [Music] hey let's unhook them cookies are done put them on a stick top cookies with frosting [Music] good now add some sprinkles all the cookies look amazing while spray whipped cream [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] cookies taste delicious hello let's make some sweet first add some sugar or a little bit of syrup great now turn it on [Music] now shake and spray it [Music] and don't forget spring help me

[Music] well done it tastes and looks amazing hello let's mix [Music] welcome to the resort top windy to fly again oh no look at those spots [Music] great apply the plaster [Music] drop the wand and do some magic you're doing great [Music] now remove old feathers and that new ones [Music] now use your magic one very good now let's use a hairdryer now Linda can fly again choose the color Wendy wants and paint the rainbow [Music] very good [Music] now paint it with red [Music] just a few more colors but [Music] get ready for a ride tap and hold to go up release to go down

[Music] a great job it's getting harder collect apples and avoid license [Music] [Applause] welcome to the resort [Music]