19 October 2018

Fun Animals Pony Care - Girls Princess Horse Club Royal Pony Spa, Makeover Kids Game

Fun Animals Pony Care - Girls Princess Horse Club Royal Pony Spa, Makeover Kids Game. Princess Horse Club - Royal Pony Spa, Makeover and Carriage ...

and hello everybody today those knees

with you and today we are going to play as a mobile game princess horse club about houses of course okay let's come in mm-hmm Anderson guys soon as it's so stable you have 200 coins everybody knows this fact and even you mm-hmm I think we must choose the horse now it seems to me that you want the most beautiful horse guys let's visit this horse Wow there are so many coins here 5500 now we have 50 coins now for these I think that we must clean this horse yeah it is darting she was flying for a long time and then she became very dirty and she must be very beautiful and pink mm-hmm yeah we could clean the horse that's why we are great guys and guys now let's wash your body and Terence alone AHA now let's take the soul do it very fast that's all our horse must be clean now let's take the water and watch your yeah everything is ready now let's take the towel and wipe the horse look at her she's so fluffy now yeah you has so beautiful and you hey sign in and guys tell me would you like to have horse I would like to have one too but the guys can you imagine the horse is so big Shirley its seems to me that will be very small for

this horse the flat now maybe this no no no this variant is bad Tom but I would like to choose two cries power and here we will choose the last position tone it seems to me that the last variants are the most interesting I think it is clear guys yeah they oh they're looking a little beautiful together do you agree with me mm-hmm what can we don't hear we can do a lot of things here let's decorate the carriage look it is so dirty you first of all we must clean it yeah I'm sure it is a soft step oh no guys let's take some water and wash it yeah don't look here there is no soul hmm aha look we must clean inside of it yeah you can only click and everything is ready yeah now let's clean ourself of course it is so dirty and we must clean the floor horse it was so dirty tool and now guys let's call this carriage let's take my favorite color it is pink solely by the way how did they can state my favorite color is pink hmm I don't understand this fact come on guys you can change the cow of course you must don't you come too it is not your favorite car yeah

can be or intend to choirs as you want I didn't want to choose this column oh gosh you can take it away great result cause I want to take tuck wise he'll go away aha I can do this uh and this ver and this valent we can't take away and let's take this beautiful pin car but you can change the colors you understood you can take your favorite car now let's take the crowd all the top let's put it on the top let's put here some different and very beautiful Saints really decorate it aha let's take the heart hello it will be here don't 1 heart will be there that's all and now the right let's take the land time today will be on your show then you will be very long and let's take one more Lantern charities and now we finished I decorated the courage with you guys ok what do you think yeah have you choose this horse it is so beautiful and white and the brown horse is also very beautiful but we will take it a little bit later will you take care about you now we are cleaning this white horse here we must clean Jocasta trees she's so dirty

what did you think oh no it was be very clean yeah it was a good job with you guys as usual we have great result and now guys let's take some water as usual we must wash here now let's take the soap and now let's take water one more time you must watch out so pure very funny okay now let's take the towel and wipe the horse yeah cause she is clean now let's take the brush and brush your hair and look your hair is so long and beautiful then she's not dirty now bread without guys and what do you think how many calls do we have Wow we have 90 called sound is leo great resolved it seems to me that we'll take this parent cause she's so beautiful that you can sit very comfortable on here and we are on the first level now and they give our son com1 oh that old at all let's put it on to its place Wow there are a lot of medals and cups here but this is our first car guys look here we have these and and very usual but it is so beautiful there is a cup with heart this horse others animal the cup with a no island there's the compass two horses with means wow if there's a crime on this cop

tool [Music] okay we client are a beautiful white horse it is clean now let's go here what is it guys okay let's help this girl I don't know what she's going to do okay let's take away all hope nails aah tell me what is it and guys surely you are right oh here we are doing something interesting now I know we must clean it very well yeah let's go to it it will be very beautiful gold I'm not going to tell you what is it guys you must guess it by yourself let's take away everything everything nothing this is damned no now let's take this they hast built the Nook mm-hmm let's put it here under there that's all and now let's do like these look it is so beautiful now let's polish it cause you can't see the edges Wow your hoofs as gold they are sign-in and look you have so beautiful blue eyes Wow and that yo has blue eyes tall wow we have 225 coins it is enough what else can we do here oh it seems to me the time now what are we going to do bitch whores do that master for hmm can be brown white or pink first of all

I like pink cause cause my favorite color is pink and she has gold hooves oh and we can see so beautiful rainbow about this horse what is it okay let's come here is the sauce horse well she has 400 says Wow it's enough guys would you like to have four horses can you imagine that you must take how about all of them is difficult is that all you are so fast what oh no I was joking it was the horse and now she's ready