10 January 2019

Fun Baby Animal Pet Care Game - Cute & Tiny Pets - Kids Build & Decorate Baby Animal Houses

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now decorate it the way you like so sparkly [Music] so pretty [Music] some decorations inside is gorgeous thank you very much blue build a house for his kid can't wait to try it choose the color you like [Music] now choose a pattern you did a great job now decorate in the way you like [Music] the hamster [Music] [Music] gorgeous [Music] I'll soon fill the house for her puppy [Music] some finishing touches your hero [Music] little mousy is hurt can super-boo help it put it safe in the basket [Music] let doctor couch check it out we need a bandage little mousey needs a home where does the mouse live help super boot to find the right clothes we need to fix this who wants a little bit of this

delicious team choose your hero [Music] oh no little kitten is stuck in a tree supersu is ready for the rescue which one of these items might be useful [Music] can you help zoom climb a tree oh it is hurt [Music] we need a bandage choose your hero Oh [Music] birdies fall from the master got lost super blue to the rescue blue needs to search all of the part helping to make a secret map nicely done choose the first destination let's clean that up put it into the safe basket you know what to do baby [Music] choose your hero [Music]